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  1. I'd go with Yen-Sid, simply for the idea that (so far) he hasn't ballsed anything up either himself or with his pupils.
  2. Only the good die young. All the evil seems to live forever.

  3. No prob on the waiting. I'm sorting out school issues myself, so I've been freaking out about missing something here. Glad to see the delay, funnily enough.
  4. Gotta love service animals. My dog allergy has me listening to the lectures outside of the classroom with headphones.

    1. Xiro


      So they're service animals AND they give lectures? Amazing

  5. Even just in casual play, I tend to sidetrack for items or new weapons, leveling Drives, etc. I'm usually in the mid-40's by the time I reach the end of the game.
  6. I am so lost in regards to the story that I'll be able to accurately portray confusion, just like in D&D! (Pics emailed to myself from phone, so bad quality) Name: Alma Serris Age: 27 Previous Background: Alma was the caretaker of her younger sister, Juliet, as well as a prominent member of Ragareco (the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee) in her own World. She was also a member of an elite monster eradication unit, which later became known as the "B'nai Elohim". Little did Alma know that the organization was corrupted to its core; the resulting fall-out resulted in the death of her fiance and her own capture. For the next six years, Alma served as the leader of the new Elohim as Alma Sec, harvesting worlds in an attempt to summon a Kingdom Hearts. Her sister stepped up, however, and destroyed not only the new Elohim, but the organization which pulled their strings: a group of dark Keyblade-wielders called "ha-Qodeshim" led by their "archangel", Michael. It was in this battle that Alma sacrificed herself to save Juliet, and was banished to the Void. With the last of a friend's power, Alma escaped the Void, completely unaware of the world (or even universe) she has been dumped into. Weapon: Keyblade - "Ragnarokkr" A Keyblade in the form of a gunblade, it is unable to fire ammunition (similar to Squall's). [image w/ "Personal Appearance"] Sub Weapon: Caliburn - Golden Sword of the Victorious "Whoso Pulleth Out This Sword of this Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of all England" The sword that King Arthur pulled from the stone, under the guidance of Merlin. Caliburn represents the Divine Right: the right to rule. While Alma herself did not pull the sword from the stone, it made itself manifest as a type of pseudo-Keyblade. As such, Alma does not possess the privilege required to utilized Caliburn's full power. Alma is only able to use Caliburn in her Elohim form. Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Purple Height: ~170cm (a bit over 5' 6") Weight: 135 lbs Personal Appearance: Normal Elohim Form Alignment: Good Theme Song: Criss-Cross!!! Shataaa!
  7. This is still going? It's even the same thread!
  8. Since KH came out... - Graduated high school - Graduated nursing school - Had major surgery - Moved into my own place - Went to Japan twice And now I'm finishing community college again. Not much of a list but the meat of it's in the actions, I believe.
  9. I'm gone for 3 years, and I had... ONE pending notification. Yay...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AnsemTheWise


      Then it's a good thing I made it back to this Realm of Light!

    3. Felixx


      Indeed. Anyway welcome back! xD

    4. Xiro


      Also iirc notifs were flushed once or twice

  10. I've still got that Days one somewhere. Bought it just to read that article at a McD's.
  11. It just occurred to me (as I'm doing it, naturally) that I can't post a screenshot of the problem, as that IS one of the problems. Once again, the site froze. It's also probably of importance to note that I had to try to get a screenshot a few times, as the freezing totally tripped out Paint and the rest of my system. EDIT: And I tried to quote you in that last post. Apparently that doesn't work for me either. (And I'm afraid to click Edit again. Hopefully this merges.)
  12. Got my SNES back in... probably '93. Still plugged into the tv in my room. First handheld was a Game Boy Pocket I won in... 4th grade?
  13. I should review games again. It was pretty fun. I miss it... I'll probably do Amazing SM 2 a bit after it comes out.

  14. I like all of the different kinds of polls. I just don't like how I instinctively choose Final Fantasy as the answer without reading the question...
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