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    Light and Dark are merely stepping stones to the Twilight.
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  1. Well it's been a while since I posted, well, anything on this site. Here's a great way to start again. A picture of myself and my sister's new kitten. Meet Ace, only nine weeks old.
  2. Okay, I barely reacted enthusiastically towards II.8; since it's just basically Square giving in to their fan's demands.

    1. KeybladeLordCheeseCurd


      If anything, they kinda had to do it, fan demand or not. Also, it's funny. Add 1.5, 2.5, 2.8, and 0.2 together and you get 7. Add KH 1, 2, and 3, with the above numbers, and you get 13. Add every game so far with the above, and you get 20. Get it? Because the X-Blade has 7 lights, 13 darknesses, and 20 pieces in total.

    2. PrinceNoctis


      @Caxkj You're saying this as if it was a bad thing x)

    3. Caxkj


      ...Well, at least Nomura shows just how much of a genius he is, as usual. xD Still, a DDD HD remix, it barely feels that much time has passed since its orginal release.

  3. Pokemon Z. It's gonna happen; I can feel it in my bones.

  4. Okay, I don't like Chi, but I can't deny the quality of its version of Dearly Beloved.

    1. Gwynbleidd


      I've yet to play Chi, but as always Dearly Beloved sounds awesome.

  5. After, of course, her recovery from extensive shock and several heart attacks.
  6. So III will have no maps. That'll prove to be disadvantageous or not depending on the areas.

    1. Ninkoro


      Lol they arent talking about "Minimaps", maps in game development mean areas.

  7. My main issue with Chi; ruining the mythos of the story. I'm totally fine with not learning the true origins of the Keyblade, or how the war began. The game just looks like a childish parody of great events that happened in the past. I watched about three minuts of gameplay before turning it off; couldn't stand it. xD

  8. To be honest I'm a little disappointed by all the information being revealed to us; I'd rather be pleasantly surprised by the new worlds, items, characters etc while playing the game.

    1. Veemon


      Yeah, I felt the same with SSB4 as well. Could've hid some characters to make things interesting. But oh well! :)

    2. lostmemory123


      Well on the internet nothing is sacred so odds are every world will be revealed(officialy or not) by the games release.Sad but true.

  9. Kingdom of Corona; fitting but generic.

    1. Isamu Kuno

      Isamu Kuno

      Well Corona is the official name of the kingdom in the Disney archives.

    2. Caxkj


      I know, I'm just commenting over the simpleness of the world's name.

  10. Oh God no! I mean, Disney's already spamming those movies as it is, why include it within the game?
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