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  1. I think it could possibly be Eraqus's grandfather and/or Brain. We know Eraqus's grandfather fought the darkness and disappeared but Eraqus actually says he doesn't know what exactly happened to him so I could imagine that he exiled himself with Xehanort to help avert his destiny as the Seeker of Darkness maybe. A long shot, I know. I can't wait until the 26th 😃
  2. From the Famitsu interview, I think it's just the two flash animators working on the event scenes now. And it seems the long delays have been partly due to the team's initial decision to strip back the story to focus on the basics of Xehanort's story for the offline version and cut out planned stories about the other classmates and upperclassmen , but then at some point deciding to add some of the plot points back in, giving the animators a lot more to do, I guess. Anyway, I am pretty optimistic about the update when it does come, which I really hope will be August, though wouldn't bet against one more delay to September. I'm glad that it won't just be rushing to the end of the story and from what we've seen it should bring the feels.
  3. I think I prefer the Ethereal Blades as weapons in themselves but the weird combination of Marluxia's floral motifs and deathly scythe is a strong one.
  4. After playing KH2 I probably would have gone for the ethereal blades or Xaldin's lances but over the course of the games since then I think Xigbar's sniper-like arrowguns have really helped him stand out, especially in DDD when he makes his entrance.
  5. I'm really not keen on getting into arguments but I think if someone has the grace to apologize it's not good to mock them for it.
  6. Well I guess in Kingdom Hearts parlance I was suggesting the Dark Road update may have crossed over into the realm of unreality.
  7. I think the darknesses could only be destroyed while in possession of someone, but even in their formless state they could be trapped. So Ephemer sends the 4 darknesses and player into a' portal cable' between data worlds and then Player seals the exit to it so the darknesses are trapped there, unable to harm anyone (for now at least). And yeah, Player's possession was definitely a ruse. The darkness they encountered before is inside Ventus. Well Ventus didn't die so Chrithy didn't disappear or change form but it is still a dream eater and I think this is why it could reach the Final World as 'the edges of sleep and death touch'. As for the others' Chirithys, some of the wielders seem to have expired and Lauriam and Elrena lost their hearts to darkness so perhaps they disappeared. No, the game released a few chapters of its story before both UX and DR were taken offline with DR's story far from finished. The offline app is supposed to get an update with a playable version of Dark Road which features the whole story. The update is now supposed to launch this Winter (so sometime between now and March 20th) but we haven't heard anything about it so I wouldn't rule out another delay or even the project being cancelled.
  8. I'm pretty annoyed about it too. I think technically it's winter until March 20th but there being no mention of Dark Road alongside the announcements about the Switch versions and the event is making me pessimistic about even that. I really hope it does come out as I thought it was telling a really interesting story but am not that confident now.
  9. I really can't see this being worth the price. It's obviously an inferior way to play the games compared with the experience on any other platform which doesn't require a stable internet connection and yet it's also one of the priciest way to play the games. I do really love the series but more and more the series is feeling like a hollow cash-grab.
  10. My guess is that the key details of the UX story will be related during Mickey's visit to Scala ad Caelum which was teased at the very end of Melody of Memory (whatever form that takes), maybe through some record Ephemer had left. That's just a hunch though.
  11. I have learned to expect frustration and disappointment from the mobile games so I am guessing the day after my phone breaks and I lose all my progress. Aside from that, sometime in March maybe.
  12. Very tough choice but went with Hauer, mainly for his delivery of Xehanort's 'The world began in darkness...' speech. It's one of my favourite cutscenes from the series and that's largely due to Hauer's delivery, rasping like an old man close to death but also with clear determination and bitterness.
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