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  1. I think I've had enough time to gather up all my thoughts on the monster game called Kingdom Hearts 3. So here's my little review on it. I did have lots of fun. I think the positives of the game due outweigh the negatives and the worlds are beautiful. Especially when you can dive into the water. My favorite worlds probably look like this. 1. Toy Box 2. Monstropolis 3. Olympus 4. San Fransokyo 5. Kingdom of Cornoa 6. The Caribbean 7. Arendelle I didn't count Twilight Town and Keyblade Graveyard. Otherwise Graveyard wins. The gameplay was fun, though a bit easy. I thought I would be dying left and right on Proud Mode. The hardest sections of the game is when the introduced new minigames or battle mechanics that you have to learn to progress (Caribbean) and on those portions I failed a lot before I got the hang of it. But it's good learning curve. Honestly the only world I wasn't a big fan of was Arendelle. Love Frozen, but I don't love lazy retellings, so that's a big strike against it. I really loved the Keyblade transformations. They made combat really fun for me, and I experimented with every Keyblade I won. Wasn't a big fan of the attraction flows. They seemed to pop up every time I wanted to transform my Keyblade, so then I would have to cancel that and get back to my Keyblade transformation. I think I prefer reaction commands over them, but I'm not sure if I prefer Drive Forms or Keyblade transfomations. The next stuff I should put in spoilers. So that's my review on the game. It's longer then I expected and probably some spelling errors. Feel free to share your thoughts on the game too.
  2. That portion of the game has certainly raised some questions and even some theories on youtube, but your analysis pretty much cleared that up. But if they do a Final Mix, I think a additional cutscene or two would help clear the confusion for everyone.
  3. Fighting the other ships is probably the best way. Not only will you sometimes get crabs while doing it, your party also levels up doing it too. The pirate ships give big experience points. I was in my 40's by the time I left the Caribbean.
  4. LOL! It's funny that a game based on friendships, pure hearts, and light has generated so much hatred and darkness. Maybe this was Xehanort's plan all along XD In all seriousness I've said in another post that I have my share of problems with KH3. This was not a masterpiece, but I also really loved some of the things they did in the game too. I think the reason I'm not raging or ranting is because most of my issues can be fixed with either a Final Mix or some patches showing additional cutscenes. Perhaps the days of KH explaining some of it's lore in report notes are over and they should verbally explain from now on. That would fix one of the complaints I've heard some are confused about. Again I have some issues with the game myself and somethings I wished were handled better. But this certainly doesn't taint my love for Kingdom Hearts. I'm already dreaming of KH4. I'm in this for the long run!
  5. I've seen so many rants on KH3 since I finished the game. The hype was simply too strong and it seems like people were expecting much more. I think it's just that negative rants get more attention then positive stuff. At least to me. I have my share of problems with KH3 but overall I quite loved the experience and would certainly play the game again.
  6. The music was all fine for me. Can't think of a track that I didn't like. It's rare that I dislike a Kingdom Hearts track.
  7. Nice review! I just finished the game myself. Once I gather all my thoughts I'll do a mini review myself!
  8. Merida, Tiana, Moana, and maybe Pocahontas? I suppose Vanellope could be one too, but she doesn't strike me as someone with a pure heart. Still she's a better option then the Elizabeth Swan early theories. She left a man for dead to save herself. If anything she's a Princess of Darkness XD
  9. I'm just along for the ride. To be honest I never thought Kingdom Hearts was a well told story. I love it for the characters really. They were the main reason I got hyped for this game. Now that doesn't mean I accept bad storytelling, as I'll call out something if it doesn't fit. But I am use to KH changing it's plots around. Nothing they have done so far has offended me in terms of these retconnings. I'm just playing to see the characters and their cheesy and corny power of friendship
  10. Hey everyone! I just finished all the Disney Worlds in KH3 as well as certain story events. And now the next available world to me has appeared with no Battle LV on it. I think I know what this world is, but I was curious on what you guys think on the level a player should be at for this place. I'm currently at level 43 on Proud Mode. Is that enough for this world or should I go a little higher? Proud Mode hasn't been tough in this game, but still I just want to be careful. So what level do you guys suggest I be at or is level 43 perfectly fine? Thanks.
  11. Yes, I would greatly love a main story style of 358/2 Feels. I crave that so much. The movie is okay but it doesn't capture the true magic of the Seasalt Trio like the game (and manga) do.
  12. LOL, that is totally what I do as well. I love running around and exploring the worlds and running up stuff and finding new secrets. I sometimes get lost in the world because they are so big and it's just a adventure to remember where I've been. It's been very enjoyable I will. It's actually going to be quite a while before I finish the game because I always do deep exploring into each world. And since I'm on Proud Mode I always set myself at a certain level before heading out to new worlds so there is level grinding and finding the best spots for level grinding too
  13. Personally for me, I've really enjoyed Sora so far in KHIII. His interactions with Donald and Goofy are extra entertaining this time around, and I love it. I also like when he stands up to the current Organization member he's currently dealing with. His dialogue's been great.
  14. Congrats on finishing the game already! And on Proud Mode too.I gotta catch up and finish the game myself! Seems like everyone's near done but me. I still have like two more Disney Worlds to do before I even get to the endgame goodies XD
  15. I haven't been to Frozen, Big Hero 6, or Pirates worlds yet. From the ones I have played I really like Toy Box and Monstropolis. But all the worlds have been beautiful. Tangled's world was candy to the eyes when exploring. I'm looking forward to going through the rest of the worlds.
  16. Sweet! If that's true I'm just about there on my Proud Mode run :D
  17. LOL. Funny story there. But it's understandable to get things incorrect in the Kingdom Hearts series the first time you play. When I first played 358/2 I thought Xion was going to be Kairi's missing darkness and she would have to merge with her or Namine at the end.
  18. I just got the game, but I'm actually waiting for the 31 to play it so all the upgrades can go in it.
  19. It's between Kingdom Hearts 1 and Days. I play those two the most. Normally when I play one KH game I play all of them to keep the momentum going. But I seem to play KH1 and Days the most in general. Still I go right to playing KH2 and BBS right after.
  20. Day 30, favorite character. My boi Roxas! It's funny, I actually didn't like Roxas very much at all the first time I played KH2. Then I slowly warmed up to him over time and when 358/2 Feels came out he became my favorite character in the series. Roxas embodies the same "my friends are my power" thing that Sora has but it's shown in a different way. He doesn't announce it, it's shown through his friendships. Be it Axel and Xion or Hayner, Pence, and Olette. Roxas is also confident in himself. He didn't care about being a Nobody or even getting a heart. He just wants to spend time with those he cares about and doesn't feel he needs a heart to have that. His loyalty to his friends keeps him going. He'll stand up to his superiors to defend what he cares about and was willing to fight Xemnas over a friend he couldn't remember just to save her. Despite learning that the Twilight Town trio were fakes he still made emotional connections with them. Just seeing the evolution of his character has been a treat. This is why I wasn't shocked at the "Nobodies can grow hearts" reveal. Roxas's story already showed me they can. Also Roxas is a amazing Keyblade wielder and the first dual wielder. I could go on about why I love Roxas, but this has gone long enough. I hope he can reunite with all his friends and they can eat all the ice cream they want together in KH3.
  21. I remember wanting to freeze myself and be thawed out on the 29th. Now that it's just a day away I just want this day to end and be tomorrow already. This is going to be the longest Monday for me ever. Come on Tuesday the 29th!
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