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  1. ansem is the same person as terranort, who is the same person as MX hence why they have the same voice (although ansem tries to sound like Myotismon for some reason).
  2. the guy kidnapped Kairi, was going to kill Axel, fought Sora to the death, then he suddeny became another edgelord in his final moments. "Im just a lonely guy, all i wanted was friends" wtf was that shit?
  3. BBS is bad, even top players like bloodybizkitz hav admitted this
  4. Nomura tries to balance things but it gets harder and harder as the plot thickens
  5. Riku's fighting pose in Destiny Islands is different than the one in Hollow Bastion. My take, is that Ansem SOD trained Riku between Monstro and HB, giving him similar training to Vanitas (Ansem is essentialy Master Xehanort) which is why Riku and Vanitas have similar fighting poses.
  6. He manipulated Zack to kill Hercules and then manipulated Terra to stop Zack? Also, was Zack written out of continuity?
  7. I was expecting xehanort to transform into an angel with 20 wings (13+7) telepathetically wielding 13 x-blades
  8. ReCom was pretty fun tbh ngl. Deck building, grinding cards and exp, cool story, strategic gameplay. I really like how they went with a traditional FF encounter formula where engaging in a battle transports Sora to a different room. Also, the worlds, although not as good as KH1, still were more interesting than BBS ones. The card system was fascinating. Now, BBS, its pretyc clear that this game was made to be handheld. The simplicity of the worlds, the slow animations, the really basic facial expressions, it was intented for the PSP and the hd remake is just a port. Recom, is a full fledged ps2 game, more detail in the worlds, better movements, polished character designs. But what i dont ike about BBS is the gameplay. You have all these abilities but when doing boss fights using most of them is suicide lmao. Also, leveling up is kinda weird because even with lots of grinding you are stil not gonna be more than 40 by the end game. Makes me wonder why the max lvl is 99 tbh ngl.
  9. 1."Down with SquareEnix, Hail Disney" 2."Xemnas is Terra" 3."Kairi and Sora are just friends, nothing romantic about em at all" 4."Kingdom Hearts is 100% unique, its in no way influenced by Final Fantasy and other jrpgs"
  10. would be interesting if DiZ also gave him a virtual gf tbh ngl. that would have hurt him even more though i think namine sympathizs with roxas because she too is being used by DiZ. she feels he is a vitcim like her Roxas didnt seem to feel the same way though well riku and namine spent a lot more time together than namime spent with roxas or sora so i cant kinda visualize them developing a closer relationship during sora's slumber i dont mind roxas and xion tbh ngl. but i needs some work imho, the basis is there though. xion is kinda hard to ship tbh ngl considering her nature. but at no point did riu seem to have feelings for her anwyay you know, Riku in KH2, if he dies in battle he says "Kairi...". Now, i doubt that in his final moments he would mentin her if he only saw her as a friend or younger sister. I always feel riku has some feelings for her but he puts her happiness with Sora above them and despite this he still stays close to them. i think riku is gentle with girls in general tbh ngl
  11. the roxas namine is too forced for me because their original person's are together. also, i tend to ship namine with riku. in the mange the later had a more closer relationship than in the games
  12. yeah but in kh1 they still gave him some goofy shoes and clothes to look a bit silly like a dinsey character actually, ansem SOD, used riku's body as a base so he looks like an aged up riku albeit with xehanort's haircut. notice how SOD looks different than apprentice xehanort and xemnas because of that sora and kairi are a bit like younger version's of tidus and yuna albeit a bit goofier (at least in kh1). but true, riku is the most jrpg out of the three
  13. and here i am shipping these two i know it has no basis but it feels more natural.
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