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  1. I see you there a few ranks ahead of me in the top 100. I WILL FIND YOU.

  2. Not getting this VIP as I don't think the medal is that great. I wish we had more events going on. Or even having new story quests would be nice. I feel that the pace at which we get content updates has slowed down quite a bit.
  3. I bought the VIP again this week for the KDG medals. This is my very first tier 5 medal guilted and it hits like a truck! And ofc more jewels are always welcome.
  4. Well now that 1.5+2.5 is out, there's nothing left but KH3(atleast I really hope so). Pretty sure they will release a brand new trailer at E3 and tell us the release year if not release date.
  5. Argh! Got so many games to finish. KH3D HD, FFXV, Battlefield 1, Persona 5. Where do I start? xD

    1. BlankShell


      FFXV, DDDHD, then Persona 5. Word.

    2. AaySquare


      So that's in order of release. Good idea. Ive been holding off FFXV for way too long. :P

    3. BlankShell


      Basically =P. I'm sort of in the same boat; I finished FFXV, thankfully (although I need to get back into it) but I never even touched DDDHD, and now there's Persona 5... oof.

  6. I'm pretty much excited for everything. I played Persona 4 Golden on Vita without any knowledge of Persona games and I absolutely loved playing it. Now I can't wait to dive into the 5th entry!
  7. Am I the only one who is not all that excited for KH1.5+2.5?

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    2. Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      At the end of the day it's just another rerelease of games most of us already have and no the whole "All games on one console" isn't enough

    3. MythrilMagician


      As someone who doesn't have a PS3, I'm pretty excited. For those that do, I can understand why you're all bleh about it.

      @Dio "another release of games most of us already have" #JustSquareEnixThings xD

    4. KairiKeybasH


      The reason why people want to play it on PS4, because how flawed the PS3 ports were...

  8. I've only been to one so far and it was yesterday's KH Orchestra. Such an amazing experience!
  9. Going on 25th March. I got the Category 1 ticket. Pretty excited for the Orchestra.
  10. Just a week left for KH Orchestra in London! Can't wait! :D

  11. I think so but I'm not sure. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. For now I'll just get the wallpapers currently available on Japanese website.
  12. You're right. Their exact words: "Upon preregistration, we will send a URL via separate e-mail which will include a download link for a Kingdom Hearts original wallpaper." Haven't received an email for it yet.
  13. This is great! It came outta nowhere. As we only got one for now, I am definitely saving it until we get more of them.
  14. I'll be entering. Though the chances of me winning are so slim.
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