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  1. the scene where she kills the 4 illuminati was dumb, like they all watch her killing 2 of them then somehow it's the one with no superpower that manage the best against her... i also wish they'd have been thrown into more alternate universes, and especially more interesting ones, not just the same but the future or the same but red signals is go... like the battle in spiderman vs strange was super cool with all the reality bending and here we just have flying and explosions
  2. maybe a thread is enough ? idk how they work
  3. i think it's the best way to not have unintentional spoiler or whatever and not flood this one
  4. no special channel ?
  5. they generally just remove the scene
  6. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NuWvq1bng7pKIHOuzcnPuJwjD9wJIOJ_4WTlnQR-HzE/edit French translation of the full famitsu interview by KHIsland
  7. it's going to be 3d khux, go through arendelle 150 times between each story scenes, and these trophies will be random gacha drops
  8. Missing Link has a story mode and a pokemon GO mode, but you don't need to move around
  9. interesting thread about games infos, understandable with google traduction
  10. ok but when is Gex in UE5 ? 🦎
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