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  1. yeah like guns really kill people and make them bleed, not very kh i feel like shinra guards coming at sora with assault rifles would be weird
  2. i think the "violence" would be too real in FF games with guns You would need to chose a location without the usual empire enemy, like the Crater for FFVII
  3. i think around 20 songs next time i wish to see an orchestra but, it's always too far and probably too expensive for me maybe one day
  4. only pic i could get before it started the light's colors matched the logo of the game for each song, and it was a mix of cinematics, gameplay and pianist hands on the screen FF2 and FF3 had no song all other up to 15 had atleast one
  5. I think the experience will be very different in bigger venue but wasn't disappointed Oh and there was no One Winged Angel, maybe the pianist wasnt confident enough or the description is wrong, idk
  6. https://www.square-enix-games.com/en_GB/home/celebrate-final-fantasy-35th-anniversary-piano-performance-crystalline-resonance I went to see this in Geneva, Switzerland, it was pretty comfy, Heavensward gave me goosebumps and the chocobo theme was super catchy
  7. people were talking about starcraft yesterday like he specifically mentioned it i think but it's so old and the genre so unpopular idk
  8. yeah but it's a zoomer multiplayer game
  9. i'm more worried about bethesda
  10. after checking, the only thing i care about from them is crash and spyro, and nothing interesting seems to be planned for them so...
  11. isn't there a right issue with most games maybe ?
  12. i mean, they get away with remastering a remaster from 1 gen ago maybe it's on purpose
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