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  1. Sleeping Lion lvl 50, max subslots, killed it in one turn on very last attack
  2. i have to disagree with the soul tweet
  3. resident evil event start in 2 hours (if my timezones are in order)
  4. well if you wanna post more another day i'll watch, good content
  5. it's funny considering where we're at now everyone also acting like they are friends, from google it seems this cartoon is around WWII era so...
  6. uh about that i think it's fine, should be able to laugh at anything, even tho i felt more cynism from that cartoon than plain mockery everyone happy about all these useless inventions
  7. never heard of scrappy but i love this kind of old animation feels like i missed lot of references tho, probably too young
  8. i personally don't care about sports so can't help much on that
  9. we had football talks i think when quid was around
  10. i really want to see new godzilla in theater but they are all still closed... it's to start discussions
  11. my dad watched new muppet show and said it's trash, not at all like the old ones
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