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  1. i personally expect nothing this year
  2. roxas and xion are friends, not lovers, they are almost the same person
  3. not every character need to be in love with another one
  4. Lauriam may have a little sister issue at hand
  5. I think Elrena clearly love Lauriam, that's why Larxene was drawn to Marluxia, not sure about Lauriam
  6. yeah 12/13 is the max i can do but once they start mixing 3 and 4 button and other thing not present in the orange levels i kinda get lost
  7. it seems i couldn't pass half the song despite getting SSS at lvl 10... no idea how this is possible even if my brain understand some passage my fingers cant follow Have you tried Fortnite Festival ? might be too easy, i'm still trying to get used to the 5 lanes style
  8. if you like flower lore Marluxia's scythe kinda looks like a strelitzia flower, and Strelitzia herself shares some design elements with his nobody guardian too
  9. well he's not going to say "this guy sucks i wish it was someone else" shangshi was super basic but i havent seen his other works
  10. because one piece did very good so naruto will too they are both chinese cartoons
  11. what can they even do in one movie
  12. it doesnt matter in the end, the character is still the same
  13. i dont think they changed anything
  14. planned for 2025, ps5, xbox and pc
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