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  1. would need to be very new/innovative to make players leave the big ones maybe they will keep the rpg side like destiny, make a better Anthem or something
  2. i just look at outriders to gauge how a new fps would be received
  3. so another fps with a gimmick ? the market is already saturated not sure it's a good idea
  4. https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/olympics-sponsor-virtual-sports-with-olympic-virtual-series
  5. almost 4 years since announcement
  6. well it's interesting that they cite 2 times/places that were featured in past games in addition to japan, could be introductory or something i'm sure ubisoft is aware of the weeb market and the success of GoT for example, there is still a chance
  7. UFO just means "can't see shit on this photo video i don't know what it is"
  8. it's kinda misleading, they didn't say they stopped making games it's just expanding universe to other medias
  9. why make an ad for something you can't buy
  10. don't forget the mandatory delay
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