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  1. drone performance, love these also forget the announcement, it was just a song
  2. square enix is 10 minutes away too
  3. the stadium is between shibuya and shinjuku
  4. there could be an announcement during the ceremony, something they kept hidden during rehearsal apparently, surely sport related but...
  5. nier song starting with vocal and trumpets ! wish i could hear better that's a unique arrangement
  6. ff ending theme the orchestra leader is a very young girl another KH song, kh3 battle theme but not sure which olympus i guess
  7. Dragon quest and FF music during the olympic opening ceremony lol some other video games too but can't recognize monster hunter man these french boomer commentary are awful KINGDOM HEARTS olympus theme haha i can't it's french tv
  8. do you think xehanort got to choose if he wanted to become a dreameater or reincarnate when sora murdered him ? or is the kingdom key able to straight kill people ? and what about his heartless/nobody i mean the new ones that should appear when he dies
  9. Can someone knowledgeable make a schedule for MCU medias and pin it ? it's hard to keep track of everything coming up
  10. eh is this considered highly anticipated
  11. in a few minutes, apparently ww related
  12. ???> Join IGN as we announce a highly anticipated new game. There will be tons of news, gameplay, interviews, and a developer Q&A while playing the game live.
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