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  1. People jealous af of the new abilities, boss fights and Limit Form in KH2FM, I remember desperately trying to figure out how to get Magnet Splash on vanilla KH2 Seeing Ventus in the secret trailer and thinking to myself "Why is Roxas there?", and trying to understand what was happening in the non-voiced cutscenes are also good ones And last, but not least, "Something Funny Happened On The Way To Kingdom Hearts" and "Kingdom Hearts: The Stupid Files" were the best shitposting we had back then
  2. 2010 myself, pretty sure that people still remember me (Not my old username, for sure) The trailer was interesting, but I'll stick to speedrunning KH1 and KH2, thank you very much x)
  3. So, this will either look dumb, or you get to be a weed today Pick your poison ?
  4. Oh jeez, this thread is still here This is memory lane for me alright x)
  5. And now, for the absolute mind game IT'S MEEEEEE
  6. u w0t Don't diss my favourite game
  7. That would be a terrable decision
  8. Suddenly I feel 10 years younger watching those videos, hot damn
  9. People know how to study? W I T C H C R A F T
  10. Super Butter Buns or Stickman Sham would be great options, but I guess those 2 aren't popular enough
  11. Damn kids and their emotes nowadays Back in my days, we used symbols, not pictures, reeeeeeeeeee
  12. Pretty much the "Talk No Jutsu" right there
  13. That's coffee with milk though Real coffee is expresso x)
  14. Good luck to everyone who applies, you'll have a blast with us
  15. Welcome, enjoy your stay around here, looking forward to work with you as a fellow Moderator x)
  16. Definitely interested, but why no Number 86 and Gumblar?
  17. Good luck to everyone who applies, we'll be glad to have whoever joins on board
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