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  1. https://tenor.com/view/dentist-teeth-john-finlay-tiger-king-hartz-iv-gif-16813299
  2. Dairy, Dairy, quite contrary, where hath thine snail doth go
  3. https://tenor.com/view/shook-cant-ne-not-me-who-oop-gif-13118919
  4. Queen of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix +
  5. https://tenor.com/view/judgement-cat-cat-angry-cat-cat-face-cat-forehead-gif-4731341898773190051
  6. I find it funnier that you’d make raw jokes about chickens with that username
  7. Yeah that’s way too smart for our own good
  8. That’s crazy dude I’m digging it hahaha
  9. Wait so the thread and the discord conversation are connected? How does that work that’s so cool
  10. Hey Wakeless! Thanks for saying hi! I could have sworn I’ve been on this site before but thanks for the warm welcome. My stomping grounds was KH-Vids but they’ve died out a few years ago… how’s things been here? 

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    2. WakelessDream


      Ah that makes sense! Also that's cool that you guys had a currency system on your forums! I've never heard of something like that before, but I'm sure it encouraged engagement nicely!

      Glad to have made a friend too haha xD You'll find people are pretty welcoming here, though the activity is so-so most people will be happy to chat with you! :) 

    3. Llave


      Yeah it's always been something I've enjoyed, making things for people to enjoy and create memories. 

      I've been big chillin' in the kh13 discord with the general thread so it's been good so far hahah! Feel free to add me there in case you ever need to get a hold of me! I'm Llaverion on there or Llaverion#5718 (idk how the system works with that but whatever hahah)

    4. WakelessDream


      For sure! I’ll admit I don’t frequent the discord chats much but if you need to contact me there I go by Wakeless! I do hope you’re enjoying your time on the server as well! :) 

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