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    Axel and Saix

    Days also revealed some information about Saix where he came into Axel's room asking if he found the chamber. I know they were looking for the chamber to get leverage over Xemnas. How would the chamber of helped them though? I am also curious as to how the Organization functioned and came to be between BBS and KH1. Was it formed shortly after the fall of Radiant Gardens? When did Saix become second command and what was his purpose prior to Roxas showing up? Did he become second in command after Zexion, Lexaeus and Vexen were wiped out? I mean, what does it even mean to be second in command in the Organization? All Saix did throughout Days was hand out missions in the Gray Area yet his throne was higher than 4-6. Wasn't the Organization hierarchy based on high the thrones in Where Nothing Gathers were? How is Saix's throne so tall if we never seen him go on any missions? Why should he concern himself with Zexion being killed off indirectly by Axel? The guy's throne was lower than his.
  2. So, you're doing artwork until KH3 comes out?
  3. ienzo628

    Axel and Saix

    Do the Novels actually give any insight as to what Axel and Saix's motives were towards Roxas? He had to play a part. It's kind of funny that Roxas was the one that pretty much unraveled their plans in a manner of speaking. I remember Saix saying to Axel, "Which would you prefer the loss of; some make-believe friendship or a real one?" I do think they planned on using Roxas to help them take over the Organization. I skimmed through the Novel and Axel seemed to be made aware of Roxas's connection to Sora through Marluxia and this was either after Roxas's mission with Axel to find the chest in Twilight Town or when Roxas went with Zexion to do some recon. It's kind of funny that Roxas wasn't sent to CO but I think that has more to do with Xemnas. It would be too risky for Xemnas to send Roxas there since he would collapse right after entering the castle due to Ven's influence or would be at a huge disadvantage and possibly life threatening situation if he were to be both there and facing off against his other.
  4. ienzo628

    Axel and Saix

    I didn't think Axel knew much about Xion coming from CO at first until Saix mentioned to him about her coming from the same place as Namine. Axel seemed to be pretty ignorant about Xion until he came back from his mission and rescued her with Roxas's help in Twilight Town. Axel agreed to be Xion's friend and that was when he noted the similarities between Xion and Namine. I apologize for sounding incoherent. I do think Saix was keeping some things from Axel just like Axel was called out by Saix for keeping secrets from him.
  5. ienzo628

    Axel and Saix

    But, they knew of Roxas; well Saix did anyways. He was the keybearer's nobody. I would think they would have had some strategy that involved Roxas helping them take over the Organization, especially with how significant he was to heart collection. I wish there was more elaboration of their plan and how they planned to take over the Organization.
  6. Is there a deal that is going on where this song is included with Sanctuary?
  7. ienzo628

    Axel and Saix

    What were Axel and Saix planning on doing with Xion and Roxas? Is their plan still in effect, whatever it was/is?
  8. When is the next competition and what's the prize?
  9. ienzo628

    These Spoilers are annoying. :[

    Right now, it's best to remain in the dark. I don't want to be spoiled.
  10. ienzo628

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 21

    Sorry if I am late but I love the Dragoons as my favorite Nobody.
  11. They should just give us these metals for cheap or reduce their VIP price. $14.99 is too much for just one week.
  12. ienzo628

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Excitement

    What? If this is true. I think this deserves another thread to be made.
  13. ienzo628

    Aidan's Art Thread

  14. I got a PS4 today and also been going live on Twitch.  However, I don't have a camera or a microphone.

  15. I never got much into racing games. Sure, I had some of them growing up but they were just there and not really worth my interest.
  16. ienzo628

    Riku/Xehanort Parallels

    Yeah but the way he went about it is what makes him evil. Everything was fine until MX started experimenting with his ideals.
  17. I hope we can get all of the keyblades with the normal physical game.