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  1. Yes I know, but I wasn’t referring to any of those six. We learned at the end of Union Cross that he’d left his six apprentices in the reality, and he disappeared to the unreality. I believe that’s where he trained Demyx. I don’t think Demyx is any of the Foretellers, I think the Master of Masters just took him in as a new apprentice. Which would explain why we never saw anything related to Demyx’s origins in this saga, because his origins are in the unreality, which we’ll be learning more about soon enough.
  2. Trying to navigate this website, I’m so lost rn :’D

  3. Okay so, I’ve only gotten into Kingdom Hearts very recently, but I’ve heard the theories about how Demyx could be the MoM, and then I’ve also seen people disproving it. But maybe, he’s just an apprentice to the MoM. Remember how Xemnas talked about the ancient keyblade legacy in Demyx and Luxord? Originally, it was believed that they’d show up in Union Cross, but they didn’t and so imo they’re probably connected to the unreality, and that’s how we’ll see more from them. We know that the Master of Masters is in Quadratum/unreality, and so maybe, he met Demyx there and trained him to use a keyblade. This would raise a lot of questions, like how did Demyx wind up in the reality, with no memory of having a keyblade? How was he recruited to the Organization, how did he become a nobody? And I believe these questions will be answered in the next saga. The main reasons for why I believe Demyx was his apprentice stem from the same evidence people used for the ‘Demyx is MoM’ theory. A lot of people pointed out how their mannerisms are similar, but the thing is, in the final mix version of Kingdom Hearts 2(I could be remembering it wrong, and it could be from elsewhere, like I said, I’m pretty new), there is a conversation between Zexion and Xigbar, the one where we found out that Xigbar was the one to recruit Marluxia. When watching the scene after the Luxu reveal, all I could notice was how similar his mannerisms are to the MoM, which is probably because he picked them up from him. So what if the same could be applied to Demyx, and the reason his mannerisms are similar to the MoM is because he trained under him as a Keyblade Wielder in the unreality? This would also explain the ‘ancient keyblade legacy’ within him, since he trained under the first ever Keyblade Master. And the other hints people used for the ‘Demyx is MoM’ theory, like him saying ‘you shouldn’t judge someone based on their appearance’ and other suspicious things, all of these things could be explained by this. I haven’t really seen any theories about this and so I don’t really have a lot of other evidence to offer, but I feel like this is one possibility for what lies ahead. I’m just curious to see where this next saga is going to take everything.
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