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    Hey guys!

    Hiya! It's nice to meet you, and welcome to the community!
  2. I was brought into it by my cousins. I went to visit them for my birthday the year it released in the US (they live in FL so... warmer climate for Winter is never something I get upset about! ) and they mentioned this Final Fantasy Disney game and I just had to see what in the heck they were talking about. Wound up getting hooked essentially instantly. They then tried to spoil some parts of it (INCLUDING THE ENDING D:<) and I just blew them off cus no way that RIKU could be the person the Keyblade was meant to go to! At least that's what I thought. They also tried to tell me that Riku was playable and I actually bought that one cus this was the heyday of secrets and unlockable characters using codes or other methods.
  3. That's pretty much why I say "apparently" they can and feel that even if Nomura were to say the replicas can't.. I'd be wholly skeptical lol Cus I don't think that they grew that much in a year, especially not Zexion, the youngest of them all. But those could also be the results of Ansem experimenting prior to being removed. Maybe we'll find out the truth eventually.
  4. Oh gosh, that's right @_@ My brain farted for a second. I would say that it still works, though, just due to how it was mentioned that they did say the Replicas would be essentially humans in their entirety, as you said as well. I was just thinking with them having been Nobodies it would be kind of a similar thing since Nobodies age still (apparently) at least to some extent.
  5. Honestly it was tough because Riku was actually one of my fave characters when they developed him more in CoM.... UNFORTUNATELY they also introduced the firey red head Axel at the same time and by the gods of his mystery and overall personality didn’t just intrigue me and make him the character I focused on most during that game and KHII
  6. It is also hinted that Naminé does age between CoM and KHII as in the year+ between time you see her dress fit a little shorter on her. This is going off the PS2 models so it’s something that was changed deliberately if anything.
  7. To answer, or rather theorize as there are no "official" answers really: Those are my interpretations of things so far. Obviously, as I said, we don't really have anything official that I was able to find, but I hope those help or possibly provide other angles from which possibilities might exist for your own theories.
  8. I have no idea who I think could be best girl. Nope. Not a single clue. Nadda. Couldn’t possibly be a Nobody with short black hair. NOPE! (Xion is best girl. Always will be)
  9. I was most excited for the LttP remake reveal! It looks like a nice mixture of Link Between Worlds and the original LttP style, so I'm super excited to see how they pull it off and what (if anything) has changed! Even though I've NEVER played the Original Link to the Past (dives behind cover Q~Q) EDIT: Uhhhh. I think I was tired when I posted this cus I just realized I said Link to the Past and not Link's Awakening (which I have played just not beaten Q~Q) .....
  10. I said it before and I say it again: Everyone can and will have their own opinion of the game. I'm in the camp that loved it. The gameplay felt amazing, the worlds were well composed, the story itself (while lacking in many aspects) is one that left me feeling happy, satisfied and entirely out of tears by the end. The music was good, with a few exceptions to me. But that's the thing, these are all subjective. Everyone is going to be different and this game, while far more polarizing than previous entries, is good for me. It's great. Personally I'd rate it a 9/10 if I gave two craps about ratings. As long as that polarity doesn't lead to negativity, insults, harassment, etc. it is actually a good thing to have and a good thing overall. You'll never have a game everybody likes. As said above, the balance of constructive discussion between those that like and criticize the game is what's important, because once you get into a field of negativity, then it just brings everyone down.
  11. They go to a game store and Yozora is on display But, seriously, I could see a cameo. Maybe not a big one, but I could definitely see it. Especially since they worked with the Pixar teams to make the world.
  12. Loveeeeeeeeed Goofy Bombadier! It was so satisfying to me. Donald Meteor is a close second though, even if it feels less accurate than the Flare Force.
  13. From everything I was able to find just going through the shipping process: no. There are some services that allow you to have something shipped to them and then they ship it to you (for a fee) from Japan. The big issue would be, from what I can read, that you need a JP Credit Card or another form of accepted JP Electronic transaction funding. My Japanese is a bit rusty, so I might have missed something, but that's what I was able to discern from going through the ordering process.
  14. Honestly, I would say that returning the variation of Criticle from 0.2 would be enough. While having a truly truly difficult game would not be terrible in my opinion, it does not fit the series itself to bring it to that level. Regular Crit modes have made bosses and optional bosses gatekeeps for many in the playerbase as is. There’s a reason the Gold Crown in KH2:FM on Crit is a big achievement for much of the community. Making this game receive a version of Critical mode that’s far beyond even what 0.2 was, especially as it was UNIQUE in its difficulty for KH games as is when it come to critical, would be taking it too far. Personally, I would play the variant you’re describing. I love dying repeatedly to try and learn new things instead of just letting me brute force fights, but that specific and detailed level of difficulty is not a good fit for this series in my opinion.
  15. Personally, I loved it. I have my own reasons for loving it and I will continue to do so. But I know that doesn't mean everyone does and I know everyone has their reasons why they do and do not. I will never say it has no flaws, no game does. No game ever will. You will never be able to be 100% perfect in every aspect. There are lots of things that KH3 does REALLY good. There are lots of things that are so-so. There are things that are meh. And there are things that are OH GOD WHY. As it should be. Reacting to their own expectations is entirely valid regardless of there being such a long wait and a lot of build up for it. Everyone has their own views of what the series is and should be. That's the way humans are. That doesn't mean others should view it a different way. If you loved the game, love it. If you were simply middle ground, then live in the middle ground. If you hated it, then hate it. Games are subjective when it comes to their enjoyment, and that opinion can change over time. The game is still new, and there will be additions to it over time. Even if for some reason it winds up not getting DLC, it will likely get some patches that fix gameplay in some aspects.
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