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  1. So, the only way i can watch these scenes in all its gloriousness is just to buy a ps4 pro? I read that the ps4 pro renders the game at 4k so... Anyway, this still bugs me because all of the other games look fantastic. What a shame.
  2. I recently bought 'The story so far' and I'm so happy to relive all of KH's story but there's a small problem: I was going to watch 358/2 Days' cutscenes but i noticed a drop in quality compared to kh1, kh2 and bbs (I already know about the chain of memories cutscenes so i didn't include them here). The cutscenes seem somewhat pixelated or, to be more precise, the cutscenes have jagged edges meaning some lack of antialiasing. The only one that looks fantastic is the new one where there's a fight between Same goes for Re: Coded, the cutscenes look bad on my 4k tv but kh1, 2 and bbs look all fantastic. I already checked the PS4 (which is the basic one, not the pro) video settings, set my resolution to 1080p and checked the tv video settings as well. Those two 'games' are the only problem i have so far with this collection. The first 3 images are cutscenes from the game (They look even worse on my 4k tv) and the one where Roxas is sitting alone eating ice cream is one of those scenes with text (That one looks ok on my tv). Last one is just to show how good kh1 looks on the same TV.
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