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  1. Salutes, is the Manga canon? I have read a lot that the manga has details that are not in the games, but is it canon? Thanks for commenting
  2. Salutes, is Character Files book canon? If it is its a sequel of KH3 because it says details after what happens in KH3 (Marluxia one for example)
  3. Talking about Vanitas, so, 100% sure he is that one of the 13 Darknesses that Ventus fought and trapped? I mean he behaves not like it or the things he says its not like one of the 13 Darknesses would say But as Ventus has a pure heart, even the Darkling wanted to get him, yes Vanitas can be that Darkness
  4. The experiments maybe were not like the others that AX says because she was treated specially from him, because he said she makes him remember himself. Then also he says its the experiments that went on him, and he wants to continue on himself, so maybe they are not harmful. About ''reincarnation'', Xehanort being the Player, or if you want to say reincarnation. Everyone has their theories, but well, Xehanort is Xehanort a genocide that ruins lifes of lot of people, nothign to do with Player whatsoever. What point to turn into that mad man, genocide only focused in darkness? instead of sleeping being protected by a Spirit? There is no point. I think after MX death Player can awake or something, maybe in the Final World. There is no point in turning into Xehanort And Subject X being in the mansion because Ansem guided Ansem SoD to that place when Ansem SoD asked him about her.
  5. Yes its sad and what becomes of them, but they are not doomed to a sad and hard life forever and lost for good death: Altho the baddest moment to Ephemer and Brain, because the rest does not have memories. Very hard lives, well, Ventus yes before BBS, then he is in LoD good, and then bad life again after BBS, but about Lauriam and Elrena, Luxu found them and they got into the darkness (why Luxu did it Idk yet), Skuld got to Radiant Garden castle, and then made free by Luxu to the Mansion of TT, no memories she neither. I think the worse is for Ephemer altho he has the BoP and he reads everything that happens to him and the rest, and about Brain I think he has a plan with Luxu. I dont think they are cursed in fate and they all just had very hard lives as you say. Very difficult moments for Ephemer and Brain and Skuld the most, but not like they are forever doomed. Also Ephemer in the BoP can read the safety plan of Mom so no one is death
  6. Yeah thats what I meant, its sad? Yes of course without question, but not that everyone is death and lost for good forever. Im not going to theorise why they are all alive, exactly everyone of them, even the keykids nonDandelions, yeah even them. Its all sad yes but no deaths and no lost forever
  7. Ok maybe I mispelled, I mean its sad yes, but people go crazy saying everyone is lost and that no one will know what Player did and so, and not: Dandelions are in the realm of sleep being protected as Dream Eaters. Ephemer appears in KH 3 along the Dandelions (and also data world has their data, it is stated that data DT has the data of the real DT habitants) Brain, he has a plan for sure with Luxu, look at Luxu's face, and that Luxu says to him about having more timelines of his life (and again the data) Player is within Xehanort sleeping, and so his Chirity too, its not a reincarnation, a fansub said so but official jp and global state is like what happened with Ventus and Sora. There is still a lifeboat also. Ventus, Lauriam and Elrena appeared in the same timeline. Skuld after them (most likely Subject X) They get separated and stranded all alone, and data world collapses, yes its so sad, but I mean, they are not lost and dead like people likes to comment
  8. SPOILERS of UX Why so sadness about the ending? The ending is not sad, emotional yes of course, there is little of sadness but people is just saying everyone is dead, and the contrary, they are all alive: All the Dendalions are alive, the Spirits protrct them while they sleep Data world is not destroyed, there was one lifeboat still. Only real one was destroyed, but then rebuilt. They are just sleeping Also, the data of everyone is there in the data world, thats why they appear to help Sora in a future Ephemer on the contrary, he's dead but no, he appears also in the future I mean, no one is dead (Player's Chirithy is alive as Player's heart still exists) (the Keyblade wielders of real world before KW they can be alive, they have their data in the data Daybreak Town.) Player is Xehanort, and the heart of the Player is within Xehanort Or did I not understand? But its not sad, they are all alive
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