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  1. Future sight I wanna know what's about to happen to so I can act depending on the situtation.
  2. https://youtu.be/PO9Yf5QRBD0 Everything here is WIP, but this is so well done! Makes me wish we got something like this with the Re:Mind DLC.
  3. He’s pretty fun! That being said, I do kinda wish it was more like this.
  4. Wow, wasn’t expecting that! If KH is big enough for the Olympics, then it’s certainly…becoming more mainstream, but also it’s certainly big enough for Smash (not that I expect it, but still).
  5. https://youtu.be/FfFmXoZUtcg I can’t believe I never knew this existed
  6. I meant expression wise. For the manga specifically.
  7. Like everyone else said, only the games are canon. Which is a shame, because the manga is where Sora’s at his best.
  8. I still remember when I got this day 1, when it was still Unchained χ. R.I.P. χ saga, 2013-2021 Gone, but not forgotten (for better or worse)
  9. Speaking as someone who's had the game since Day 1 when it was just Unchained X, I'm both happy and sad that the entire X saga has come to an end after 8 years (not to say that characters from the X era won't be relevant in the future).
  10. I made a hypothetical Challenger Pack for Sora.
  11. I made a hypothetical Smash Ultimate Challenger Pack for Sora
  12. Sora's possibilities for Smash Ultimate are...up in the air at the moment, so I decided to do a hypothetical Challenger Pack for the Keyblade wielder. My only limitations was to not use any Disney characters other than Donald and Goofy. Moveset Stage: Station of Awakening Music Spirit Board Classic Mode: World Tour Mii Costumes Just to reiterate; this is purely hypothetical. I don't expect Sora in Ultimate, this is just something I did for fun.
  13. Interesting. Kinda sad that this was more delayed than Balan Wonderworld, though
  14. Basically this. Closest we got was the 1.5 and 2.5 games. That said, on a side note, I think Re:Chain of Memories should’ve been on the Wii (as well as PS2).
  15. Pretty weird that this wasn’t in the game to begin with (or at the very least, wasn’t added in sooner).
  16. Well, it’s been a hit minute yet again. Both since I’ve been in here and since the last new Smash character (that being Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade 2).
  17. KINGDOM HEARTS The Deep End Night on the Bald Mountain Forze del Male KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix Disappeared KINGDOM HEARTS Chain of Memories The Fight for My Friends Graceful Assassin Scythe of Petals Revenge of Chaos KINGDOM HEARTS II The Encounter ~KINGDOM HEARTS II.5 version~ A Fight to the Death KINGDOM HEARTS II Final Mix Deep Anxiety KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Unforgettable Unbreakable Chains It’s a Small World KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Final Mix Master, Tell Me the Truth Forze dell Oscurita Night of Tragedy Hunter of the Dark KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Dream Eaters UNTAMABLE Rinzler Recompiled Gigabyte Mantis Ice-Hot Lobster Dread of Night L’Eminenza Oscura KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- Simple and Clean ~Ray of Hope Mix~ The World Within Aqua ~Mirror Illusion~ The Forest of Thorns KINGDOM HEARTS III Hero’s Fanfare The Deep End ~Rock Titan’s Rage~ Titanic Clash Toy Box Jam Skyward Striker Swinging Free ~Into the Forest Deep~ Zero Hour ~The Chase~ Monstropolis Now ~Code 72-16~ Miracle on Ice Flags of Fury Winds of Fate Eye of the Storm Dawn of Hope Forza Finale KINGDOM HEARTS III Re:Mind Cavern of Remembrance ~KINGDOM HEARTS III version~ The 13th Struggle ~Data Luxord~ Others He’s a Pirate L’Apprenti Sorcier
  18. I only really completed the Lucky Emblems by consulting the internet. I’m at the last Battlegate, but have yet to complete it.
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