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  1. {Jerod: The Tumula Village} Jerod has a sad little smile when the rakshasa made their move. It was always a disappointment when anyone gave into their base natures. Jerod dances out of the way of their first strikes, moving away from the others to divide the attention of their opponents’. While the others moved to attack, Jerod hung back to study the raks, getting a feel for how they moved and acted. Finding weakness and opportunity. “There we go.” He said with a smile as Galla’s summon formed. Springing into action, the Blind Sage pulled the sword from his cane in a flash. Closing on the Elder Rak, he sliced at the legs, looking to sever tendons in the legs. If everything worked out, the elder Rak would fall forward into the King of Skeletons’ attack.
  2. {Jerod: Near Tumula Village} Jerod opted for silence as the group of hunters headed for the village, focusing on the area around them for trouble. He listened to the discussion on the dragon they were after. It was not a variant he was familiar with. He had been pretty sure he would need Lexa's help when facing the creature, now it seemed certain. He had hoped for a little more time to get to know these people before introducing them to Lexa, but the Call had its own timetable. And it still might come to pass that the Lady of Light would not be needed this time. Fate's dice were still rolling. The appearance of the rakshasa caused a subtle change of grip from Jerod on his cane. He liked to assume the best about people, but he had walked the winding path the Call led him down for too long to not take precautions. Especially when Pang lent his knowledge of the creatures to the rest of the party. "Let's hope they've already breakfasted." He said, breaking his silence with a little smile. The arrival of the elder gave Jerod a feeling of...something. He wasn't quite sure what. That was the problem with the Call. It seemed to delight in being vague at times. You just had to play its game. "Thank you for your hospitality, kind one." Jerod said politely, removing his glasses. He carefully folded them and placed them in a jacket pocket. "We have much to discuss." Now carrying his cane rather than using it to walk with, Jerod strode towards where the elder rakshasa indicated. He paused briefly to turn to his not comrades and wink a sightless eye at them. He would give these people a chance to be helpful and be helped, but he was more than ready if they lived up to their reputation.
  3. {Jerod: the Haven Gate} Jerod followed the party heading out to deal with a dragon, eager to prove himself a valuable asset to Haven. The condition of one of the others concerned him. He sadly lacked the ability to heal others, though perhaps... No. Lexa wouldn’t help. Not yet, anyway. “I rather agree.” Jerod added in to the conversation. He strode a little further into this new world, getting a feel for its flow, smells, and sounds. “The village has opportunities, not just for information, but to aid these people.” He turned so that he was somewhat facing Uzumeashy. “While reward enough on its own, helping others have additional benefits that might come in handy when taking something like a dragon on.”
  4. Ah ha! A Somnum character, as advertised. Name: Mako Koyle Age: 20 Gender: Female Appearance: Court affiliation (if any): Somnum Weapons: Magic: Lightning, teleportation (includes short range personal teleportation, and portals), affinity for enchantment Personality: Mako has always been talkative and funny, but since discovering her magic and joining Somnum, her tendencies have skyrocketed to hide insecurities. She never expected to be anything more than a shop keeper, a nobody left alone by history. With her magic and membership in a court, she feels like a fraud, faking her way through a life she neither deserved or was intended for. She also has no real feeling of belonging or loyal to her Court, which makes her feel even more out of place. So, she covers this all up with humor and a bit of a motor mouth, expressing bravado she doesn’t feel. In aid of her dealing with her anxiety of not measuring up his some hobbies, such as playing a rauschpfeife, tai chi, and her work as an enchanter. Background: The Koyl family have run a success grocery store for several generations. The led quiet and out of the way lives, living comfortably off their work, and leaving the fate of the world in more qualified hands. This was a fact of life Mako Koyl had accepted and found rather comforting. That simpler life was rather rudely taken away when her latent magic abilities flared up, opening a portal to deep in the ocean. It was only with the help of a Somnum customer that she managed to close it, leaving part of the store flooded, and some very weird looking fish dead. Overwhelmed by this revelation, she was quickly ushered to the Somnum court for training. She wasn’t particularly wild about the idea of joining a court, but that’s what you did if you had magic, right? Over the next two or so years, she developed her magic, clinging to her aptitude for enchantment as something vaguely normal in this crazy new life. Though she projects a confident if talkative air, she is terrified that she is out of her depth and sinking fast. And with the recent news about the Vivifica Court, she wonders if she’s approaching the bottom...
  5. Oh, nothing like that. Though the idea of it having kleptomaniac tendencies has crossed my mind.
  6. Plenty would be fun to hang with, but the option I voted for was Roxas. I think he brings Sora’s friendliness without as much of naivety (not that hanging out with Sora would be bad, mind you).
  7. @Mystics Apprentice adding a parrot familiar to Valery to aid in her communication, along with some scouting and fetching duties. Might have been a pirate in a previous life.
  8. @Mystics Apprentice Gerik has no Lineage in Umbra. Or at least, that he knows of. His family tree wasn’t believed illustrious enough to be kept track of, so he can’t say for certain. Not that he cares. Might go with the NPC option for Valery’s interpreter, but haven’t decided yet.
  9. Alrighty, finally finished my second character. Due to a verbal impediment,I’m trying to decide if I’m going to make a partner/interpreter for her, or have a magic item do that. Name: Valery Age: 26 Gender: female Appearance: Court affiliation (if any): Vivifica Weapons: Polearm Shotgun Magic: earth magic and limited light magic (focused lasers). “Gifted” with unnatural strength, stamina, durability, and regeneration. Familiar; a magical parrot who can act as scout, fetch small items, and translate her sign language for Valery. Personality: Valery tends to be blunt and to the point. While she is not tactless, she does sometimes view it as a waste of time. If she likes you, she'll hug you. If she doesn't like you, she'll not keep that dislike on the inside. While blunt, she is not unkind. When it comes to friends and colleagues, Valery is generally quite friendly with an odd sense of humor that pops up from time to time. She has little patience for trickery and deception. She is devoted to her Court, lending her indomitable will and strength to seeing the Courts goal of bettering the world done. She harbors a deep distrust and hatred for the Umbra Court. Due to her “condition”, she is constantly cold, especially to the touch. While she’s use to it, she does prefer warm drinks year round. In her off time, sun bathing (despite not tanning) and warm baths are her favorite indulgences. Because of her lack of ability to speak, she remains mostly silent. She will sometime uses grunts and simple shouts to communicate, but she primarily signs. (Translator likely coming). Background: Valery doesn’t remember much of her childhood. She remembers living on the street with her older brother Davide. It was hard, but Davide would always provide and keep her spirits up. Then, when she was 8, she remembers a dark night when a dark man came and took her, Davide screaming her name helplessly as she was taken away. The next thing is waking up in a lab, inside a cage. Someone was trying to speak to her, but she was so hurt and frightened, she couldn’t process the words. Acting on instincts, she broke out of the cell with her bare hands and ran into the night. She tried to find Davide, but he was no where to be found. A few day laters and giving up hope, Valery was found by members of the Vivifica court and taken in. It was discovered by Vivifica healers that she had been infused with dark magic, augmenting her physical attributes. The cost seemed to be her ability to speak, though she could still make sounds, and an unnaturally low body temperature. Despite this tampering, Valery was more of a frightened child than monster, so the Court took her in to keep an eye on her. Eventually learning sign language, she was discovered to have some magical talent. She was fully accepted into the court, despite the misgivings of some, given training in Earth and Light Magic. As she grew over the next 18 years, she would work as muscle for the court, sometimes working with members of the Ignis court towards common goals. In her off time, she still tries to piece together what happened to her and, more importantly, what happened to Davide.
  10. Thanks! I’ve been wanting to play a “lawful evil” kind of character who’s code and goals are actually admirable, but it’s the lengths he goes to that mark him as “evil”. Gerik (hard g) promises to be fun and I’m looking forward to playing as him. I’ve got most of a Vivifica character plotted out and the start of Somnum (no preference to name) that might pan out.
  11. First character. Still working on some other ideas, but this felt good. Though I apparently have FFXV on the brain when it comes to visuals, heh. Name: Gerik Lockford Age: 43 Gender: Male Appearance: Court affiliation (if any): Umbra Weapons: Sword and dagger Revolver Magic: Dark magic and necromancy. Specializes in Dark Matter manipulation. Personality: Gerik is usually pleasant and polite to those he meets. He’s well read, has a quirky sense of humor, and a love of art. This hides a manipulative mind who will use anything to achieve his goals. While he isn’t above using crude methods such as murder and blackmail to get what he wants, he prefers to engineer situations where people do his bidding unaware and of their own perceived volition. It is hard to tell if he derives pleasure from his work and dark whispers of his own vices chill even those of the Umbral court. What is perhaps most interesting about him is his atypical interest in society at large beyond the Umbral court. A truly keen mind could notice a pattern in his webs, in that many seemed designed to prevent order from being lost. Background: Not much is known about Gerik Lockford’s early life. Just that in his late teens, he was discovered with a talent for dark magic. He gained entry into the Umbral Court and then vanished from the public spotlight. Recognized for his talents, Gerik was made a fixer, an agent of the court intended to curb and manage the excesses of the self-centered organization. As the years past, he became more of a fixture for the Umbral Court, easing tensions, and making sure everyone had a place at the table. A few recognized the influence he was garnering, with access to many secrets and many people in his debt. Some tried to move against him, but his webs made most attempts useless. While many didn’t like him, his continued good health and work made everyone’s life more convenient and safe. What most don’t know is that Gerik’s influence extends to the other courts as well. He uses this influence to ensure that the balance of power remains intact and life proceeds as it always has. This business with Vivifica is just another mess to fix...
  12. Thanks! He’s been bouncing around in my head for awhile. I’m very excited to get this version with Lexa off the ground. @Vaude I’m just doing some light introductions, so skipping ahead wouldn’t be a problem.
  13. {Jerod: Haven; Shops} Jerod smiled a little at Hektor and Rhiannon’s greetings. The sound of Hektor’s cane and his greeting completed Jerod’s mental picture of the man. He was still a little fuzzy, but up close it wasn’t a problem. Rhiannon’s reaction to Jerod seemed guarded. He wondered if she had recognized him. He and Lexa were something of urban legends in their current form back home, and merely stories now for their lives before. “Oh, I’m sorry.” He replied to Rhiannon’s question. “Forgot my manners. My name is Jerod Montrachet. I am new here, though I have heard stories of Haven. Do I wait for someone to tell me about lodgings and duties, or should I go someplace?”
  14. It is! I really liked that look for Noct and it matched up with some ideas I had for the early draft of Jerod. I also ended up borrowing from Ignis for the scar pattern, again because it was the closest I could find to what I had in mind.
  15. {Jerod: Haven; Shops} Jerod leaned against the wall next to the gate room, silently completing a count down. Nothing. No signs. No tremor in the Call. So, it seemed coming to Haven was going to work out. For now, at least. The Blind Wanderer let out a deep breath before pushing off the wall. Unhooking his cane from the crook of his arm, he made his way into Haven’s shopping section. His cane would tap ahead of him as he maneuvered between shops and shoppers, sampling the sounds and smells of this new place. He paused by some escalators, the sound of a conversation filtering through. “...for our next mission...” The voice was female and seemed to be accompanied by one other. As Jerod stretches out with his senses, the woman seemed to...fit the surroundings, more than others. And her companion seemed slightly “blurred” to his blind sight, an effect Jerod had encountered in those who weren’t as confined by things such as “here” or “now”, even both, as most people. “Interesting.” He murmured before following after the the two anomalies. After an escalator ride, Jerod approached Hektor and Rhiannon. “Sorry to interrupt.” He said in a clear voice, coming to a stop a respectful distance from the two, both hands resting on the handle of his cane, planted squarely before him. “I’m new to Haven and still trying to get my bearings. Would I be intruding too much to ask both of you a few questions?” As he spoke, Jerod didn’t really attempt to give the impression he was looking at them. His dark sunglasses hid his sightless eyes well enough, though moving a little to his sides could get an observer a peek around them.
  16. Oh, no. I got suddenly buried in work and didn’t have the fuel to get started. I’ll post later today, likely following @Scrapmaster‘s suggestion. I think I have a good line on why Jerod brought them to Haven, though I’ll probably need to double check something with you in a PM. (Sadly, no kudos for me).
  17. Character Sheet: Name: Alexandra "Lexa" Yoko Age (optional): forgotten Race (optional): Once human Appearance: Personality: While always forceful and stubborn, isolation and near constant dreaming has made Lexa a chaotic power storm. The only time she appears happy to be out is when there’s a fight. To her perception, no one sticks around, so forming connections is pointless. She is generally sarcastic and dismissive of others. She plots on how to escape this penance, but something holds her back. Her relationship with Jerod is...odd. She will often curse at Husk Jerod and actively avoids looking at him most of the time. Yet, in cases where he has been injured, she will grow frantic in trying to heal him, then beeline to whoever seems to have caused the harm for bloody vengeance. The few times she has been asked, she dismisses this as merely insuring her ride doesn’t leave her to fade away.* What else has survived her long slumber remains to be seen... Biography: (See Jerod’s) <Powers Concept>: Within Alexandra is a spark of the Light of Creation. Though not even a fraction of the power that Light contains, it still provides her with formidable powers of light, including the ability to create solid objects from light. They require focus and concentration to manifest, and are not invincible. Most of the time, she uses them for flight, creating weapons (simple and complex), and creating shields. Attributes: Flight and double speed Abilities: Hard Light Constructs, Light Magic, shield, and healing. Weapon: Armor gauntlets and boots reinforced for extra damage when using unarmed strikes. Signature Move: WIP *
  18. Character Sheet: Name: Jerod "Jer" Montrachet Age (optional): forgotten Race (optional): Was human. Not sure anymore Appearance: General; Scars; Sunglasses; Personality: Jerod’s years of service has taught him humility. He regrets his crimes and truly wishes to make amends. Most know him as a kind, easy going man. He enjoys the company of others, and will sometimes simply sit alone in a busy place to soak up the bustle around him. He is hopeful and likes to share it where he can. While it takes a lot to ruffle his feathers, some of his old malice and anger surfaces when pushed too far. He can be humorous, though a few hidden barns in his comments can be detected, if one is bright enough. Though generally level headed, Jerod has a blind spot when it comes to Lexa. His devotion to her is unquestioning, and he wouldn’t abandon her, even if he could leave his penance behind. Biography: Jerod Montrachet and Alexandra Yoko were both born in privilege and power as heirs to prestigious families. They were brought together at a young age in the first steps of arranging a marriage. Despite some false starts, the two became friends and more as they grew up together. Spoiled by their parents, the duo wanted for nothing, but this bred boredom. The two wanted more. They began experimented with many vices, but soon were entranced by the arcane and occult. After years of collecting and using magical artifacts, Jerod and Alexandra found one that promised them the ultimate power: the Light of Creation. Stopping at nothing to posses this power, the duo went on a villainous quest across the world to collect what they needed. They even had a band of do-gooders try to stop them, which added to the fun. It was all a game until they reached their goal. In their attempt to seize the Light of Creation, they through their world into chaos, bringing destruction upon the people. While they managed to control the divine Light briefly, Jerod was badly burned and blinded by it, leaving Alexandra to be consumed by it. From the heroes’ point of view, the duo vanished into the Light of Creation, never to be seen again. The truth was they had been taken by an ancient caretaker of the Light who sought Justice for their crimes. Tasked with spending an eon in the defense of others, the still rebellious Lexa was placed in sleep inside the more repentant Jerod. While Lexa dreams, Jerod is in his right mind, but when she awakes, he is a husk of himself. He knows little to nothing of what happens in this state, as Alexa in her slumber only gets dim glimpses of what is happening to Jerod in her dreams. Though she can remain outside Jerod for some time, she can’t leave him for too long without fading away to oblivion.* They are properly aware of each other for only an instant when Alexandra is awakened, as part of their punishment. For nearly longer than he can remember, Jerod has walked the world, helping others in small and big ways. He follows “the Call”, an extension of his senses that always led him where he was needed most. He has tried to let Lexa out as often as he can, but she has grown even more erratic and angry, from what he can glean from others. Though he has grown past the selfish child he was before, he fears she has not been given the chance. Still following the Call, the duo find themselves entering Safe Haven. <Powers Concept:> The central idea behind Jer's attributes and abilities is a form of spiritual connection to the world around him. Though physically blind, he can sense the ebb and flow of energy around him. This allows him uncanny reflexes, and a knack for hitting enemies in weak spots. Attributes: Blind (permanent "status effect"), ESP, status debuff immunity Abilities: Piercing Weapon, Shattering Weapon, Regeneration, dexterity/maneuverability up Weapon: Signature Move: Call on the Lady Of Light; Within Jerod sleeps Alexandra. When called she comes out as a spark of light before regaining human form. When Alexandra is not within him, Jerod is a mute automaton with a more monstrous appearance. There is still skill and purpose to him, but it is not fully him. The duo fight together in near perfect harmony, though Husk Jerod will act to prevent Lexa from harming innocents. Husk Jerod;
  19. Heh, while I can’t promise that, it does look like Hektor will get a cane buddy.
  20. Jump in. Hopping into a game after it's started is starting to be a habit. Heh, well, it looks like the "ayes" have it. I'll get to work. I've been reviewing the first post and making plans. There is a duo I've been considering for a little bit and I want to see if I can make them work in this rp. If they don't work out, I've got a couple of back up ideas.
  21. Even as a late comer, this has been something special. Thanks for letting me jump in.
  22. "I'll be fine for a bit." Malac answered Mirai, gesturing the coat towards her again. He listened carefully to Ravia's report on other threats in the area. Nothing spectacular, but there was enough there to play up to use the fears of the locals to bluff their way through. But it seemed like the others weren't comfortable with that. Malac made a face, but it was gone quickly. Made it was something he had to leave behind too. Plus, he wasn't that interested in getting entangled with local politics. Things were rarely as black and white as some believed. Continuing in silence, Malac's mind started racing when he saw the mine. It was important to sell the lie. More battle wounds might be good, but that might be too obvious. As the party drew closer, Malac gave himself a nervous tick, looking back over his shoulder a lot, like he was afraid something was coming up behind them. "We just managed to give them the slip!" he squeaked in a voice pitched a little higher than his natural speaking voice. "Had to abandon some supplies to get here in time." That last bit gave Malac a twinge of guilt. It was a tactic to pray upon the generous. But the truth was, they needed to explain lack of certain gears and possibly weapons. And if they could get some of both to better blend in, then might as well take it.
  23. Malac listened to the discussion of the situation in silence, digesting what new information there was. Limiting magic wasn’t a great loss for him, as he preferred his own strength and steel. This Empire was interesting, something hated you could divert attention to when dealing with locals. “The old enemy of my enemy trick.” He said, nodding to Chikao’s idea. “A classic. Should be enough to get us partially in there good graces, but they might still be wary.” He switched his gaze to Ravia. “You hear of any other threats in the area?” Malac asked. He noticed Mirai’s problem in the cold, causing him to weigh his options. His coat was good, so could keep her harm, but that would leave him with bare arms. Time in extreme environments had touched him up, so he figured he would be fine without his coat for a little bit. But this could slow him down, cost him his edge. His instincts were to keep the coat, thus keeping himself at peak condition. But that’s not what Eli would do. Grunting something, he shrugged off his coat and offered it to Mirai.
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