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  1. Chikao let his flames die out, feeling personally fine in the cold weather and he could tell Mirai gave Malac's offer more attention than his. "Well we're not exactly going beyond the bounds of the code if we just give the miners a little early warning, now are we? We have a source of darkness to seek out, a heart of the world to find and we gotta go along with any leads we happen to come across." Chikao said, meaning to make the whole ordeal sound more justifiable than it actually was. Then again, he supposed he could help Ravia improve her wording some so that their more uptight comrades wouldn't be so resistant to following along with their plans and doing what was needed. "Nevertheless, I agree. We don't want to get more caught up in anything we don't have to be when we have no personal stakes in them." he said, agreeing with Mirai. Given what Ravia had learned, Chikao was more cautious about threats around them and looked around keeping an eye out for anything she had mentioned to them. It was something of a relief when they had made it to the mine, approaching the group he called for their attention. "Everyone, we have just come from scouting the mountain path leading here. Soldiers of the Gesthalian Empire are coming here and they are armed." he warned.
  2. That's alright, Vaude and Mystic. Hope you had fun, Mystic. Depends on the Sage and Organization member really. For example, given Dow's personality, he'd likely spend most of his time positioning himself as an advisor to Gestahl so he's likely to appear once they reach the Imperial Palace. Yeah, you can use NPC's throughout the story.
  3. "The Gesthalian Empire. They're currently an impressive world power." Chikao mentioned to inform Ravia of the Empire she was thinking about. "Though very well, I'm glad you agree with the needed limitation on our magic, Mirai." he said, though in truth the need to limit the use of their magic made him nervous. He was much more of a mage than adept at his keyblade, in fact being in direct combat like that was usually more of an advantage of his enemies than anything else. "Let's hope this empire isn't too malicious then. According to those who live here they appear to act frighteningly expansionists." he said when Mirai started talking about how their motives could conflict. Seeing Mirai struggle with the cold environment he cast a small flame spell in his hands and brought it close to Mirai, offering his companion warmth especially seeing how she had handled unfolding the map. Hearing the suggestion that they'd have to come up with some kind of cover story for the miners, he paused thinking about it for a moment as to what they could say. "The people here seem to actually have quite the hostile feelings towards the Gesthalian Empire. If we tell them we're scouts who arrived to warn them about the approaching troops they might even be on guard near the entrance holding off those in the magitek armor for us." he suggested then took a pause to see what everyone else thought of the plan.
  4. Chikao reached forward to shake Mirai's hand and then listening to her question regarding the Esper he did his best to explain. "From what I've been able to understand, the Esper seems to be some kind of person with a remarkable amount of power. I've been in this world for a brief moment and already heard stories of grandeur about them I can't be sure whether they're accurate or exaggerated. At the very least, it should be possible for them to recover from an icy prison like the one they've been stuck in." Hearing the agreement that they, as a group would best serve this endeavor, made him feel quite pleased. Though he was briefly surprised by the mention of an Eli individual, a similar vague memory that came to his mind simply that of a friendly individual. For now, the group already had a clear mission and with Mirai asking who would take point, Chikao was surprised she didn't simply take that chance given that initiative was usually a good sign of someone being in such a position but in light of having such an ideal opportunity he took it. "I'll take point for the group, being on foot we can cut off those soldiers who have to lumber in their machines. They're taking that wide path up the mountain. I have a path in mind we can travel on quick that will lead to it, and later investigate the Esper itself." he said. Gesturing towards the path in question and encouraging them to follow him as he would lead the way. Feeling personally confident in his magic in the way he felt he could generally keep a team going and defending them even as that came with a price of his bladework itself. Then there was the matter of general tactics and strategy. Wanting to have the group in a good spot and well off when it came to succeeding in their mission.
  5. I like Vaude's idea best in their master's having convened and had them interact together most likely as younger individuals. Though it seems Eli kind of being in a position to draw their bond together is also good, I'd say some combination of this kind of scenario is good.
  6. Chikao looked upon the group that was now before him, familiarity dawning upon him now that he was getting a good look at them. His thoughts focusing on how Mirai and Malac seemed to so casually converse with one another despite the dangers around them, something he felt not used to though rather because of lack of company as he was skilled enough as the rest of the group to focus on a potential conversation and combat. Though he continued on the fight until all the Heartless had disappeared, once that had happened he looked over at the three other Keyblade Wielders around him. "Now that she mentions it." Chikao started his statement, focusing his attention on Mirai to indicate who he meant by that. "You all do look familiar to some extent." his attention then was directed at Rabia. "Actually you I even remember by name, Rabia." he said to the red-haired girl. Looking between Mirai and Malac, however, he continued questioning what was going on, they seemed to be at the edge of his memories but not in clear focus. For the moment he simply wondered what had happened that Rabia had made such a much better impression with him than the other pair did. Then again he did consider himself just being in the possibility as Malac that traveling around several worlds and meeting many people made it difficult to remember all of them even if they seemed familiar. "Well I'm sure we'll have the chance to get to know each other or reknow each other well on our journey. For now, I'm sure we all have the same responsibilities as Keyblade Wielders and I actually think it's imperative we find this Esper trapped in ice I heard the villagers talking about when I got here up that mountain. Especially considering a small though what seems to be an elite force of the ruling Empire of this world is making its way there to find it." Chikao said, trying to encourage the group to join him in his goal.
  7. Chikao had been on his way to find the Esper when he saw a pair of other Keyblade Wielders fighting a pack of Silver Lobos Heartless, which he considered much more worth his attention. He always skirted the rules regarding Keyblade Wielders not being allowed to interfere in the matters of a world he visited so to deal with something he considered much more in line with his general responsibilities was something he prioritized. Looking back at the frozen figure and the group in magitek armor approaching it he debated with himself over whether it was a good idea to leave the being in their hands, still not knowing whether the group was benevolent or malicious. However, he also knew that it would be best to be among a group of his fellow Keyblade Wielders and that helping them would be the best way of establishing trust with them. Rushing into the middle of the battle, Chikao was oddly relaxed in his fighting stance and simply kept Scholar's Study gripped in one hand raising it as his magic began to quickly channel through it. In accordance with his preferred form of magic he cast a series of gravity spells which first kept the Heartless in place and which he pushed on in order to cause them to collapse due to the force of the magic, which did well against many of the already weakened Heartless that disappeared in black smoke which Chikao held the constant hope would one day form back into their Somebody. Against the rest of the Silver Lobos, Chikao began casting fire magic in knowing that there was a natural weakness in consideration of the environment they'd naturally be used to. Looking at his fellow combatants and their enemies, Chikao began to come up with a plan. "Stay close, but try to isolate the remaining Heartless into three areas separated by our blades. Pack groups are less effective when they're in lesser numbers." he said in expressing his strategy. Casting a blast of fire with the intention of forming a line between the Heartless to enact the plan he had described.
  8. Very well, this seems to be a good way to go about this so I agree and think this is how we should handle the RP from now on. Also, yes I have hosted a roleplay before.
  9. Waiting for everyone to post, and also each person posting in the order they started with unless we deem it important to focus on characters in certain groups.
  10. Excellent! As mentioned, the roleplay topic is up. We're starting with FF VI.
  11. Very well. The role play topic has been established. After researching the plot of Final Fantasy VI I think Dow would be the best sage for this plot to bring the world to darkness.
  12. Chikao stepped forward from his portal into a snowy town, the opening between worlds looking astral in its silver color and spotted in cosmic colorfulness as though part of space itself had been brought onto land. Looking around, he realized that he was already in a populated town and quickly moved to close the portal behind him. Chikao always found a small comfort in coming upon a world or at least part of a world that was covered in snow as it reminded him of his own home of The Faded Realm of which its cold weather three quarters of the year he was used to was the reason he kept his jacket around his waist. The likes of which he put on and now felt like he would thrive with the coat snugly over his cardigan and long sleeved shirt. Chikao started looking around as he wondered what kind of trouble could be afoot as teleporting with the guidance of his keyblade usually resulted in him going to a world in danger of being consumed by darkness, and through observation he came to realize the location was a mining town and with a lack of some form of library or archive, he realized he'd have to find out about current events the old fashioned way of speaking to the locals. After doing this for some time, Chikao came to understand that the town was called Narshe and had been dealing with conflict against an impressive world power that was Imperial in nature called the Gestahlian Empire. However, what he was most interested in were statements about a being trapped in ice which he knew to be unusual even in a cold place such as Narshe. Though such matters were treated as rumors, Chikao was quite familiar with such thoughts and knew that it was best to go about investigating potential leads and that such testimonies were likely to actually be true. An idea further supported once on his way to find the frozen being, Chikao saw three mechanoid armor machines approaching the location. Seeing this, he sprinted hoping to reach the esper before the Imperial soldiers would.
  13. That's alright, I appreciate your intention and thank you. Glad to see you're already taking a liking to some of the sages. Seems we've got a few things started with a leaning towards a Final Fantasy world preference.
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