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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. - Soren Monroe, The Sentinel: Epilogue, Jynn's Coronation - Three weeks...such a short amount of time since the end of everything had loomed, yet it felt like years. Years, passages of time that felt just as long to a eternal Fey as they did to a mortal Human, yet many squandered them. Some didn't think it possible to squander an eternity, but one can always be surprised. Soren, despite his years of military service to the Royal Army, ascension to the position of Sentinel for Isopolis, even managing the Shrine's Prison Cells, felt he had also squandered his eternity. Not because he was wasting his time, far from it, many of his years had been the best of his life and he has learned much from his mistakes including his grandest being the betrayal of Queen Shiva, but rather because there was unfinished business that desperately needed attending to, always being sidelined by Soren's desire to live a new life on the surface world, beyond the hellish pits of the chaotic Tartarus, or by the more important tasks of saving the worlds from a pompous, insane Deity. After today however, nothing would get in the way...tomorrow, after Jynn's Coronation, he would settle things. Once and for all. But today, Soren Monroe was dressed in his dress blues, holding a sword-cane to his side with tidied up hair and a cleaned up face, next to a newly restored Lord Raiden of Mystras, much to his delight, the man he once knew was still alive, originally trapped in a merger with his other half; Teshub, or the Infiltrator that Soren had crossed paths with at the Shrine, who wasn't particularly happy with his current situation, but he didn't matter to Soren right now. If Raiden passed a gaze his way, Soren would offer a friendly smile. It was then however, that Jynn entered the room, forcing all to attention upon his entrance, Soren included, who stood tall and proud of the boy, for stepping up and being ready to take his rightful place where his mother once was. ------------------------------- - Several Hours Earlier - Isopolis, Prison Cells - The cells of Isopolis's Prison were filled with chatter, as inmates talked amongst themselves, for they often did so when the Warden wasn't present. They chatted about many things: What the events at Isopolis entailed and why they were being kept a secret? Would the new inmates acclimatize quickly? Where was the Warden? What was for lunch? A large door clanked and swung open, bringing a deafening silence across the cells as a dark figure loomed, a large, flaming greatsword at his side as he marched forward with intent, his footsteps heavy as he took large strides toward the cell of one of the newest inmates. The ashen skinned prisoner looked up as his cell door was unlocked and swung open, the figure immediately grabbing him and dragging him out of his cell across the floor, continuing toward a new door to the side despite the man's protests. How could this be? He was not to be executed! The Warden promised mercy! Why was this happening?! Could someone please save him?! "Yevgeni?! SOMEONE?! NOOOOO--" His screams were cut off by the door slamming, immediately being surrounded by a Sound-Proofing Spell as it was locked up tight. It remained this way for several minutes, silence falling upon the inmates who dared not speak but were nonetheless surprised and afraid, wondering why the Warden had suddenly done this, yet at the same time, they didn't feel too much sympathy for the Queenslayer as he was dragged to his sudden doom. Soon afterwards, the door was opened and from it, flung a headless, ashen corpse, which was soon taken away by two Guardsmen, to be burned. As it so seemed: The Queenslayer was dead. -------------------------------
  2. - Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest - The Safe Haven, Arena Audience Stands - Lucia didn't take notice to fellow allies of the Haven in the streets, for she was too focused on getting to the Arena where Pang was last sighted, quickly entering and head through to the stairs to the audience stands, though just before she reached Pang's sight, she herself caught sight of him with Ceres, engaging in a good heart-to-heart and he seemed calmer, though not completely relieved of his sorrow, it was a better state than the one she was worried about. Feeling a smile subconsciously creep onto her face, Lucia resumed her approach, standing with a hand on her hip next to Pang and Ceres. "And here I was thinking I'd have to drag you to the cafeteria for a chat myself. You're putting me out of a job, Ceres." Lucia spoke cheekily, but a small laugh that followed would clue Pang into her honesty and happiness that he was better than before, then sighing with relief. "You all right, Pang? Mind if I join the both of you, wherever you're going?" She added, brushing her hair out of her face. - Reksis Sahn, the Voidstalker - The Safe Haven, Cafeteria - Reksis simply listened intently to the story Hektor had to tell, about his homeland, past life and briefly touching on a few details he didn't care to expand upon just yet, before turning his attention to Rhiannon. "Your world sounds marvelous, Hektor!" Ghost interjected enthusiastically, though Reksis was not quite as eager. "I have to agree, it was quite marvelous by the sounds of it." He said, noting Hektor's use of the past tense, but electing not to press on further, instead his mind wandered, but he kept talking. "My homeworld...heh, it's not something I've had the pleasure of witnessing. It is only known in Eliksni Legend, or folklore even...lost to us in The Whirlwind, our Great Machine fleeing in its wake. Since then, we've lived amongst the humans, though not on the greatest of terms, having to scavenge and scrounge for what we can get...I'm a lucky one, to have this Ghost of the Great Machine, to put it lightly." Reksis spoke somberly, but caught himself after mentioning his Ghost, at first because he was getting very personal, but then realizing he was being a little rude. "My apologies, I've interrupted you, Rhiannon. Please, go on." He added sincerely, a light bow of his head followed.
  3. Name: Maximilian Strider, Lux Twin Nickname: Max Race: Human Age: 21 Gender: Male Height: 6'3 Appearance: Tall and toned from training and exercise, Max is a physically fit man with neck length styled dark brown hair, which while spiky, is not quite as much as Roxas's and certainly not Sora's but as such, doesn't fall into his eyes, with a short beard along his jaw, chin and upper lip. Max has a small vertical scar along the tip of his right eyebrow, just on the bottom of his forehead and through to the cheekbone and has dark green eyes. He wears a white double breasted tunic secured with a brown belt, a pair of slightly grey slacks and shin-high boots, with a black ring upon his right hand ring finger with special engravings upon it. Personality: Under the tutelage of his lost master, Maximilian has grown over the years into a well-disciplined and rightfully prideful man, aspiring to teach others should they so desire, taking after his master's personality for the most part; Being well spoken and dressed, protective of his friends, caring toward even strangers and being wary of malicious forces, though the Darkness has always been a part of his life, despite his complete focus on the Light as of late. He possesses a dry wit and the gift of the silver tongue, though even he is not immune to the teases of his technical twin sister Weiss Strider, even becoming a little riled in the face of it, but he ultimately loves her like a sister and will go to great lengths to defend her and their friends, expressing his pride at fighting by their sides openly, as a form of encouragement. History/Biography: Born and raised in a distant world, Max was once an unruly child, frequently disobeying instruction from his parents, picking fights with other kids and generally causing disruptions and small scale chaos, preferring the so-called "free life" as it were. In his pre-teens however, after a particularly bad fight with a group of tough kids went south, it was broken up by the sharp whistle from the man who would go on to become his teacher: Keyblade Master Ridley Quinn. Master Quinn saw great strength of heart within Max, but knew it needed tempering and the young boy needing to be taught discipline, aware of his parent's woes with the rebellious youth. It took some convincing, but Max eventually agreed to the training Master Quinn offered him, inside feeling he needed a figure like Quinn and beginning to take a liking to him, for his own father was hardly there, always working away from home. It took a few years, but one day, during training, Max's potential in combat shone through, having taken in some of the lessons regarding discipline and tempering his attitude, though a couple he didn't quite take to heart, becoming too prideful and power seeking after a Keyblade had finally manifested in his grasp, which allowed a darkness to fester within his unsuspecting heart. It was then that during a training session gone wrong, Max almost succumbed to it, his primal instincts almost taking over as Master Quinn resorted to drastic measures: Taking his Keyblade to Max's Heart and separating the Darkness from it, with the risk of shattering Max's heart well known, but one that needed taking. The desperate act was successful, leaving Max unconscious, but thankfully not a Heartless. However, the extracted Darkness took the form of a dark Heart and a female form coalesced around it, creating a new being, a mirror to Max, of what he would've potentially become had it not been for his Master. After a few concerning and bedridden months, Maximilian recovered and took to his training with renewed resolve, his Keyblade returning to him swiftly and the lessons taught were fully absorbed, his Light growing in strength, while his other half, dubbed Weiss, decided to partake in the training as well, both of them proving to be powerful Keyblade Wielders. However, one day, Master Quinn went missing. No one had seen him leave, nor could they help the Strider Twins. Seeking their old Master and a new life, Max and Weiss departed from their world together. Powers and Abilities: Max's heart of pure Light means channeling the force itself comes to him easily, meaning he got to grips with spells like Faith, Salvation and Holy fairly quickly, amongst other basic Light attacks like generic beams and orbs, though he can also create blade-like Light constructs that can fulfill a few purposes: Summoned broadswords that stack in two rows of four, one to his left and the other to his right, to be fired directly at the target in rapid, blistering succession. Keyblade-like blades that spin around him before erupting into several beams of light in a circle around him for a few seconds or three that can be thrown into the ground to create semi-homing Raging Storm fire pillars. Max has also learned how to channel Thunder magic in a unique form: Focused arcs of Lightning directly from his fingers, to stun and harm opponents or knockback weaker, unprepared ones. Primarily however, Maximilian focuses on his swordsmanship with his Keyblade, able to duel one-on-one to an expert level, protect himself with guard or well-timed parries then follow up with a brutal counterattack, switch combat styles from a defensive, refined and slower stance to an aggressive, unrelenting and faster stance at a whim, sometimes enhancing his strikes with various magics to bring the pain on the last hit. Keyblades/Other Weapons: Elegant Execution - A primarily white and gold Keyblade with a unique curved hilt and only one, simple handguard, rather than the standard two, where it is needed to guard Max's fingers, but still retains the familiar profile of a Keyblade. The blade is longer than most with a couple of black highlights here and there to accentuate the previous hues, while the teeth are small, pointed but vaguely key-teeth shaped. Other: Max has considered donning a cape in the past, be it a shoulder cape or a full fledged and elegant one. His favourite food is a medium-well steak and sweet potato fries, served with a pint of stout. Theme Song: When referred to as a pair, Max and Weiss have been known by a few titles: The Unexpected Pair, the Twins of Twilight, the Sun and the Moon, Lux and Umbra, One Who Became Two, just to name a few. Name: Weiss Strider, Umbra Twin Nickname: N/A Race: Human Embodiment of Max's Darkness (Empty creature from Max riven.) Age: 21 (Physically and mentally) Gender: Female Height: 6'1 Appearance: A woman of a rare tall stature, yet she too nears physical peak just as her twin does. Weiss has shoulder length fully white hair that, to prevent the foremost strands from getting in her face, has been parted into bangs similar to a younger Xehanort's, with pale skin as contrasted to Max's tanned complexion, no scars to speak of, but her entire face bears black markings, which give away her status as not quite as human as one expects. (Think Darth Maul, but with her skin in place of the red.) The markings accentuate her yellow-orange irises and heavily bloodshot sclera. Despite her inhuman facial appearance, Weiss typically wears the outfit she was born with: A black double breasted tunic with a slightly brighter belt securing it, dark slacks and the same shin-high boots, however the tunic is undone and hangs like a battle dress over the still secured belt, revealing similar markings across her body, with her chest covered with a black tank top and her forearms and hands are wrapped in bandages while a bright white ring is upon her left hand ring finger, with similar engravings upon it. Personality: As a representation of Maximilian's darkness, Weiss possesses some less than desirable personality traits, namely and most prominently: Her sadomasochism and lust for battle, the former giving Larxene a run for her money and the latter rivaling the Heartless or a berserk Saix. Her enemies will feel the full brunt of these traits, while strangers are simply unnerved by her appearance, much to her lack of interest, but allies and friends will find that she is just a passionate soul at heart, partaking in much conversation, laughter at jokes and overall having a great zest for life, even if some of her subjects are a bit irregular for discussion, she means well. Her relationship with Max is exactly as her title implies, for she treats him as her twin brother, resulting in teasing, seemingly knowing what he's thinking and a deep bond with him as if he were a sibling and her best friend, reacting with immense anger should he or her friends be hurt or in peril, Max especially. History/Biography: Born during a perilous training incident, Weiss was initially an emotionless, faceless feminine figure, bearing the same clothing, albeit with a darker palette, as her progenitor: Maximilian Strider, who had just had his Darkness extracted from his Heart to save his life. Instead of lashing out like Master Quinn expected, she simply stood there for a few moments, unfazed until she turned around to face the unconscious Max. Several feelings almost overwhelmed her newborn Heart, of which there was shock, confusion and unfamiliarity, but topping them off was a sympathy she didn't understand, but it allowed her heart to awaken and thus, an identity was born from her shadowy origin and the situation she had just arrived in, approaching the boy with concern, kneeling and wondering aloud if he was okay, staying with him as Max was taken away to rest, electing to supervise him as he rested, to which the astonished Master allowed. After Max finally awoke from his long rest, it was soon found that Weiss represented the once rebellious spirit the young man was, hence his change in disposition once training resumed, with Weiss electing to join him despite being...problematic, for Master Quinn at times, she was at least more in control of her Darkness than her brother. For she was once part of the strong heart of a Keyblade Wielder, Weiss took after her brother fairly quickly, manifesting a unique Keyblade of her own: A double-bladed Keystaff, something rarely if ever seen in Keyblade Wielders, but the fighting style that resulted from it allowed her to be an unpredictable, aggressive opponent to reckon with. Now, she wanders with her brother Max in search of their lost Master and to seek adventure across the worlds. Powers and Abilities: Weiss's heart of pure darkness grants her natural prowess over the force itself, her dark powers being very potent indeed and all of her techniques are self-taught, as her time with Master Quinn was shorter. Usually before battle, Weiss will wreathe herself in a dark aura to increase her resilience, as to be able to take more punishment. Using the Darkness, Weiss can perform a dark telekinesis, always signified by an unstable dark energy gathering around her hand(s), to lift objects, compromise the structure of something to make it fall, attempt to push back her enemies or constrict their throats with dark energy, as well as teleport short distances and use the more generic shadow magics like orbs, Dark Firaga, dark energy geysers and create Dark Corridors for long-distance travel. More physical combat oriented techniques she knows are: Dark Splicer; a teleport rush of multiple slashes. Dark Aura; Rushes her enemies multiple times and finishes with a dark explosion followed by geysers. Abyssal Lunacy; By allowing the Darkness to take hold of her mind, Weiss becomes enveloped in a violent aura of darkness while her eyes glow a brilliant violet, attacking with greater ferocity, spreading Dark Fire with each attack and usually shouting and roaring to intimidate her foes, though she lacks the endurance of Saix, meaning she will tire out after using it, leaving her vulnerable to a time. Keyblades/Other Weapons: Twofold Torment - A unique double bladed Keystaff that Weiss wields masterfully, the blades are joined by a much longer than average hilt with wide handguards to allow for enough room for Weiss to spin the weapon in a flourish when needed. The palette of the blades is a combination of red, black and purple, spread evenly across the intricate blades, almost akin to Ultima Weapons, or the legendary X-Blade, but toned down. The teeth are jagged, pronounced and are seemingly bathed in shades of darkness at all times. Other: Weiss has heard of darkness-forged body suits, but hasn't had the desire to wear them over her current attire, feeling it'd be too expected, like her donning a mask. Her favourite food is pepperoni pizza with some cola and she enjoys woodwork. When referred to as a pair, Max and Weiss have been known by a few titles: The Unexpected Pair, the Twins of Twilight, the Sun and the Moon, Lux and Umbra, One Who Became Two, just to name a few. Theme Song: (And they are finally done...sorry it took so long. Let me know if they need adjustment, Warin.)
  4. First and foremost, a late welcome to KH13, Warin! I'm NeroKunivas, a fellow RPer and KH Fan. I'd be happy to join you in this adventure, but I've one question: Would it be possible for us to elaborate further on our powers? It's mostly a personal preference, but I generally like to expand on my characters abilities beyond just their listed element. I don't mean to put you down or decry you, just throwing my two pence into the matter, is all. Either way, I'm very interested in what you've in store for us, so I'll be making a sheet regardless.
  5. - Soren Monroe, The Sentinel, Human Form - Isopolis, City of Isolation: Henry's Final Sacrifice - In response to Everyth's words, Soren could only reciprocate a soft smile in return, though unconsciously, a tear fell down the side of his face, without him even noticing. Then, something truly unthinkable happened...something tragic. Something beautiful. Something noble. Something...horrific. Henry offered himself to Isopolis, the remnants of his life, his existence, in order to give back the sacrifices everyone had to make in order to enter the City of Isolation, to return what was lost to them, but at a terrible cost...the loss of a noble, truly admirable human. Soren's eyes widened at this prospect, but inside he knew it would be futile to reason with him...yet he did anyway. "Henry, no! No!! Don't do this! Not you...!" He called out in vain, knowing that Henry was going to die anyway did nothing to alleviate his desperate grief. In a surprising act, the Spirits of the Source, Isopolis Itself, accepted Henry's selfless proposal, then enacted their deed to the Worlds in a blinding display of light and power, restoring the World Below. Soren could almost feel it, though he would also notice a star twinkling and falling to his now extended hand. Just as it made contact, it erupted into a brilliant glow of light, before softly fading to reveal the Frost Sapphire Necklace he had given up, in his palm, the chain wrapped around his hand as if to affirm its realness to him. Soren clutched it softly as he watched Henry and the Source's Spirits depart from sight in a blue light...leaving them all to grieve for Henry and celebrate their costly victory. "Henry...is gone..." Soren softly stated to himself, but soon he took a deep breath and huffed, slowly unraveling the necklace's chain from his hand and putting it around his neck, clipping it in place, the Frost Sapphire slightly glowing as it settled upon his chest plate. His Demonic Armour was scorched, battle-worn, though this wasn't unusual, it bore entirely unique scars from battling a God, a battle that never was...but would forever be remembered. "But we will never forget him." Soren stated aloud this time, looking to all present. "There is a hall in Kilkis Seres, in the Royal Palace...the Hall of Heroes. A vigil for those we've lost...the great people that have been lost, be it in battle or through great sacrifice. I want his name inscribed there...no, I want more than this! If I could, I would have his name written as a Constellation, so that all who look to the skies would know the name Henry Hansees and would know that he was a hero!" Soren erupted, his words laden with an angered passion, gesturing to the skies as he made mention to them, but then lowered his arms and looked ahead to the others. "I'll do it myself if need be, but I want all Fey to know that a Human gave his life for them, for all people of the universe, to save them all." He concluded, sighing as he did. Then Yevgeni caught his attention with a reasonable question that perked his interest. "None know Isopolis better than I, even though my knowledge does not cover all of its mysteries...but the City of Isolation? I know the way out. If you will all follow me!" Soren answered sincerely and humbly, then called out to everyone, but before he set off, Helios caught his eye, his open sorrow giving him pause, before he approached and placed a hand upon his shoulder. "Don't forget him." He stated comfortingly, but then he looked away for a moment, almost squeezing his eyes again, before making eye contact with Helios again. "I'm proud of you, Helios..." Soren uttered unconsciously, but wholeheartedly to the shapeshifter that he had spared and witnessed the growth of into a man worth the pride he felt in that moment, even seeming surprised himself by what he had said to Helios, but nodded slightly to show he meant it. "Now get up...I'm tired of this place." He finished with genuine exhaustion in his last words, looking to the south where the exit lay, walking forward to lead everyone out, gesturing for them to follow his lead. - Nergal, the Queenslayer, the Loyal - Isopolis, City of Isolation - The final end of Henry Hansees brought many feelings to the Queenslayer, who looked on, forlorn and bereft with grief already, he too felt sorrow for the Dreadnought: A Human who had given up everything, suffered greatly and was given nothing in return but a chance to die to save what others had lost. Nergal only felt a small drop of blood return to his veins...a mark of shame as far as he was concerned, regarding his narcissism that had all but faded away into grief, shame and misery. The words of Yevgeni before his pride returned to him hurt Nergal further, with the Elf pleading that Nergal spit at Yevgeni's feet, never look him in the eyes again and turn his back on him, taking some of the responsibility that had crushed the Queenslayer mere moments ago. Such humility would never escape the lips of Yevgeni Malachite ever again, as even Nergal could see his pride returning, from the look in his eyes before he turned to address Soren, as to inquire how they were to leave the City of Isolation. "But...but, you are the only friend I've...I've ever known...!" Nergal's words were barely above a hoarse whisper, yet they still carried across Isopolis with their astonishment and despair, worse yet, fear of being alone again, something he hadn't felt for five millennia, originally being content with being alone after he originally found no meaning in life...but now? One of his greatest surges of emotion in such a long time...and it was fear of loneliness. Nergal wondered only for a second if that was all there was to being able to feel, to have a heart...was it just pain? Yet even amidst this self-destructive thinking, Nergal realized something, mainly from the open sorrow of Helios and the words of others: Pain was part of being alive...whether you were Human or Fey. Helios, despite his screaming to the heavens and unrepentant sobbing, would still go on after all was said and done. Soren would persevere because it was his job, his role in life and because he was strong-hearted just like the shapeshifter. Everyth, despite learning that she had died in the darkest future, accepted what was being spoken to her and offered a smile to the Sentinel who reluctantly told her of a fate she had avoided. "For...you all to keep going, even after all of these terrible things you've endured...it must take incredible strength..." Nergal spoke aloud, finally rising to two feet once more, addressing everyone directly, wiping his face of tears once again and clearing his throat. "I've only recently learned what it means to feel...to live. And I almost squandered it all. By taking the life of your beloved Queen and in the dark future you escaped from, becoming a hateful monster that brought nothing but ruin...I've been nothing but a blight to you all. Furthermore, a source of pain that you shouldn't have had to endure..." Nergal went on, looking to each individual that was there with sincerity and regret in his eyes, knowing that to some present, this was just drivel. Pointless. In vain. Nergal's crimes were great and in spite of his genuine sorrow and regret at a life wasted and a Queen murdered, some simply would never forgive him or even offer him a second chance and he knew this full well. But at this point, his heart was doing the talking from hereon. "And for all of that, I am truly sorry...I've taken this life for granted...but no more. I, don't know what I can do, nor what I will do...but, I want to make right by you all...even you, Yevgeni. Even if you are so incapable of bonding or caring for others as you say you are, I will not turn my back on you. You are my friend and that's an end of it...friends don't just abandon one another." He spoke his words with honest remorse, hand on heart when he spoke his apology and keeping eye contact with Yevgeni as he told him exactly how he felt. Then Soren told everyone to accompany him to the exit of the City of Isolation and Nergal followed along without a second thought. "Yes, even you, Nergal...we can discuss what will happen to you later." "This may be pointless to ask, Sentinel, but...do you forgive me?" "I accept that you were being honest with us just then. I'm sure we can be...lenient, as it were...but I don't forgive you. You still murdered our Queen and conspired with a traitor to take over the world...you'll have to do a hell of a lot to earn even a shred of forgiveness from me." "I understand, Soren..." "Good. That's all I ask of you, Slayer."
  6. - Lucia Quinn, The Raging Tempest - Aquafolk Party - The festivities of the Aquafolk were understandable and potentially enjoyable, but Lucia didn't feel she could partake in them, not so long as the uncertainty regarding Pang's state of mind loomed over her. Considering how long it took Pang to put an end to Aprameia through crushing her Phylactery, the Lich certainly meant something to him, but Lucia found herself wondering if his heartbreak would cause further issues down the line for himself, be it depression or at worst, driven to the breaking point and losing himself to a despair-laden madness and the darkness that would follow. "Wow...way to be dramatic about it, Lucy." Lucia told herself, shaking her head after thinking such things. In reality, Pang just needed consoling. So, putting her helmet away and taking a few moments to let her mind go blank, Lucia disappeared from the Aquafolk Village. - The Safe Haven - Once she arrived, Lucia got to wandering around the Haven, seeking Pang initially fruitlessly, first trying the shops and job boards, then Pang's quarters by knocking on the door, then leaving when she got no response, rather than just bursting in unannounced, then walking the streets to see if he was among the crowds. She the requested the attention of a pedestrian. "Excuse me, you haven't seen a friend of mine? He passed by here, not too long ago, he's, a bipedal white tiger? With black spots?" She quizzed, internally realizing how ridiculous she sounded, but kept a straight face about it. "Umm...oh! I did, he was going to the arena! To watch the Jun Twins, you can't miss him." The pedestrian replied with a smile, followed by Lucia giving one of her own and patting them on the shoulder. "Thank you so much. Take care!" Lucia uttered, then headed off to the arena. - Reksis Sahn, the Voidstalker - The Safe Haven: Cafeteria - Holding to his promise to Hektor, Reksis soon willed himself to the Safe Haven and headed to the cafeteria, following the instructions of a particularly cheeky machine, walking through the doors and swiftly finding the gentleman himself, along with Hogarth and Rhiannon, seated around a table with a spare chair. Ghost in tow, Reksis approached and took his seat in short order next to Hektor. "Hmm, no Tea? Now I'm thinking it was but a myth you conjured up to rope me along, Hektor. For shame." Reksis spoke initially rather seriously, but the last words were in jest, followed by a deep, throaty chuckle from the Eliksni, who rested his hands upon the table, while his Ghost floated close to the group, looking between them all intermittently. "How is everyone then?" The Ghost chipped in brightly, looking mostly in Hogarth's direction now. "You got anything more exciting than herb gathering lined up?" He added, to Reksis's amusement. "Now now, little light, it was an important task for the Haven." Reksis affirmed, tilting his head to look at the floating "eye" a little better as he spoke, who then whirled around to face his chosen. "Oh, I know, I know. I was only wondering~" Ghost responded with a slightly cheeky tone. (Reksis and the Ghost will have coloured texts from now on, to make it a little easier to read. :P)
  7. Better late than never, but I have decided on Lucia's new active power and Reksis's new and upgraded powers: Lucia: Tempest Strike: With a wave of her staff, Lucia can send a narrow wave of raw Arc energy across the ground in a straight line, every so often, the wave lets out a small explosion as it traverses, causing extra damage to those unfortunate to be caught in its wake. Lucia can send several of these off at a time, but each Strike requires its own wave of her staff and can only travel in the direction she sends them in to start with. Reksis: Crippling Blow: Infusing Void energy into his fist or sword, Reksis hits his opponent of choice with an attack that inflicts a debilitating affliction upon them, visually signified by an ominous, entrapping purple aura upon their person after impact. Crippling Blow weakens an opponents Armour and thus, their Defense, making them more vulnerable to further assault, but only for a few seconds before it wears off. And it'll take longer before Reksis is able to use the move again in a fight, meaning he has to pick his moments carefully. Vortex Grenade - Chaos Accelerant: A greater understanding of the Void, no matter how minor it is, goes a long way. Now that he has gotten his first taste for how the Void works, Reksis can up the ante: Now he is able to charge up his Vortex Grenade and in taking more time to prepare it, he makes it more of a threat by increasing its damage and area of affect radius. This does require him to take a few extra seconds to do so and the grenade itself starts glowing as to indicate a stronger attack is imminent, but if one finds themselves trapped in this cascade, death could be seen as a mercy that won't come as soon as you'd like it. Here's hoping I didn't go overboard. lol
  8. - Soren Monroe, The Skeptical Sentinel - Isopolis, City of Isolation - Any attack plan Soren had was immediately thrown to the wayside by the unexpected interruption by Everyth, utterly shocking him to his core with a sharp gasp as she stopped his blade in its tracks. "E-Everyth...?!" He called out, standing down immediately and taking a few moments to attempt to recompose, unable to believe his eyes considering...past events. "I, had no idea you were still--" Soren began, cutting himself off, briefly half-covering his mouth, then holding his chest softly, slightly bowing as he tried to find the right words. "Forgive me...but, you don't remember because...you weren't present." He went on, choking on his words almost, but he kept speaking nevertheless. "...in the previous timeline, you sacrificed yourself to bring life to a dying Henry..." Then Soren sighed deeply, looking her in the eyes. "You died, Everyth." He concluded, but almost immediately afterwards Soren felt regret and sorrow in his heart, squeezing his eyes shut as he looked away in shame. "I'm sorry..." Shaking his head as he did, Soren forced himself to put those feelings aside, at least for now, looking to Nergal and then Odin, suddenly seeming angry. "I could not stand by and allow that future to happen again. That's why I helped Helios with subduing Odin...yet, now he concedes...and I cannot believe it, not for a second...but, for your sake, amongst others, I will stand down." Soren sternly spoke, visibly calming down as he went on, sheathing his Blade of Cinder, huffing as he was still mentally worn out. "I just hope neither he nor Nergal make us regret this mercy." - Nergal, the Queenslayer, the Loyal - Isopolis, City of Isolation - The Visages of the Source were fascinating to Nergal, being surprisingly present representations of an ancient power and all. Eclaire's warning caught his eye, where he simply looked at her for a few seconds, before exhaling through his nose and softly nodding in acknowledgement, unable to really express what he really was thinking in the moment that a vengeful Eclaire threatened his life with a weapon created in remembrance of the woman he ended the life of... What really perplexed Nergal was his immediate notice of Yevgeni's tears, immediately looking in his direction as he then began addressing Nergal amidst his sorrow, expressing his want for Nergal to be spared from the dreadful future they had just returned from. From what was spoken, from talks of a merciless monster being born from Odin and himself merging together, nearly destroying everything and necessitating a return to the past to prevent it and restore the World Below, topped off with Yevgeni thanking Nergal for his loyalty and adherence to the request to stand down, the Queenslayer felt several surges of emotion in the space of a few seconds... Sympathy as he saw Yevgeni's tears fall. Dread as he imagined what would happen if the monster had been created a second time. Irritation as he couldn't quite work out the next feeling...but this would give way fairly quickly as it hit him: Regret. Regret...regret. With a shaken gasp, Nergal fell to his knees, as a crushing realization fell upon him. "This...t-this future, you speak of...it, was all because of...of me...!" Yevgeni would not be alone in the shedding of tears, as Nergal too wept for the first time in his life, brushing away the tears in confusion at first, but he soon shook his head, struggling to suppress these feelings. "It all started when I killed Queen Shiva...and in the end, her death got us nowhere...and...and you mourn...and I..." Nergal could not speak any further, choking on his words completely for a few long moments, feeling as if he had let his friend down and wasted the life of a Queen just to learn that he would've became a monster and killed his one and only companion for five millennia without a second thought, were it not for their time travel. Bringing himself to one knee, he pleadingly looked to the Elf, his eyes red from the grief. "You averted this cruel future...that's enough for me. Thank you, my friend...and...and I'm...I'm sorry, Yevgeni." Nergal concluded, his apology both for his outburst and for actions he technically hasn't committed, nor will he ever, wiping the tears away, but he did not rise from his kneel, instead he looked to Soren, then Eclaire and Jynn, taking a deep, still shaken breath. "You know me as the Queenslayer...I do not expect forgiveness from any of you, nor will I ever. Shiva's death weighs heavy on my heart, as does the...the very idea that, because of such a transformation, I would kill my one and only friend in this world...just don't say anything to me, I already know what's on your minds...spare me the speeches. Just for this day..." Nergal spoke with a heavy, solemn tone, basically begging that no one else speak up against him, remaining in a kneel to Yevgeni as he clutched his chest for the last few words.
  9. - Nergal, the Queenslayer - Isopolis, City of Isolation - As he was not present when the decision to travel back in time was made, Nergal was as he was before his merging with the traitor, Odin One-Eye: Standing with Yevgeni, ready to act on the elf's word at a moments notice. Something did feel different in the air and the auras of all who stood before and beside him...a unified stillness, before a gentle hand fell upon Nergal's shoulder, eliciting a soft gasp before he looked to the one in question, Yevgeni and listened intently. His praise was met with a modest gaze from Nergal, but then Yevgeni said something bewildering: Their quest would not end in the favour of the pair and that whatever happened next, Nergal should trust Yevgeni. "My friend...I trust you implicitly. Say the word and I will do as you ask. I, admit I am a little taken aback, but I trust your judgement. Make it so." Nergal affirmed, never breaking eye contact with Yevgeni as he spoke, his expression stern and sincere with the words and tone to match, then watching as Yevgeni beckoned the Source to hear their plight, with many voices speaking at his request. In a truly unexpected move however, Prince Jynn Venas suddenly lunged for Odin-One Eye and faceplanted him into the ground, enraging the supposed Lord of Mystras who was soon bound by Helios in Snake form. All the while, Yevgeni's call allowed others to pipe up and express their desire for the World Below to be restored and all lives lost brought back in doing so. Nergal would've been lying if he said he wasn't shocked, but he was not angry...his friendship with Yevgeni wouldn't allow it. But more than anything, he was more confused. "Raiden...is Odin, as Mariel called him? Jynn, speaks of trouble the man has yet to cause, but wholeheartedly believes he will be the one to make such ill events come to pass...? What did he plan on doing with that Source, I wonder? I am confused, I am ashamed to admit, Yevgeni...but, I still stand with you...as for Odin...perhaps they require assistance?" - Soren Monroe, The Sentinel, Human Form - Isopolis, City of Isolation - Back in Time - "They have plenty..." Soren uttered in a half-conscious reply to Nergal, swinging with the base of his ignited Blade of Cinder at the back of Odin's legs to knock him down, but not cut his legs off, followed with an elbow, reinforced temporarily with his demonic form's rock skin, to the back of the head, as to help disable him further and would attempt to restrain his head in a headlock, while his eyes glowed in preparation to transform fully should the need arise. "Heed me, Source, for I too wish for the restoration of the Human World and all that were lost to live again!" He bellowed, silently hoping that Yevgeni wouldn't use this as a chance to backstab them, though the unpredictability of Nergal was something to worry about overall, even has he proclaimed his trust in the elf and stood down. Aside from this, he could only wonder what all of this would mean for the recently deceased Ahriman...would his wish still apply? Would he return in due time despite what they were doing here? Only time would tell, but for now, Soren knew their primary concern was not allowing Odin to claim the Source for himself.
  10. - Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest - Aprameia's Fall - After what felt like a short battle at best, the Aquafolk Lich could not take another blow and she perished once again, the weather calming and any of her servants that survived fled or died on the spot. Slinging her bladed staff over her shoulder, Lucia shook her head slightly. It was an insufficient test of her skills she felt, though she knew it did her no favours that she hardly participated in the skirmish in question. Either way, she then dismissed her weapon, it returning to her aura that too dispersed, rolling her shoulders as she turned to face the Commander General who began to address them. The sudden despair-filled anger from Pang caught Lucia off guard, turning her head sharply in his direction, a brief spark of arc energy coursed over her due to said astonishment. After the General said his piece regarding the people wanting justice, Pang relented and soon departed, though before he willed himself back to the Safe Haven, Lucia was only able to utter a concerned "Pang?" before he vanished, furrowing her brow under her helmet. Lucia then lowered her hood and took her helmet off, holding it under her arm as she began pacing after everyone else, making it clear she was worried about Pang, brushing her hair off her face with her free hand. - Reksis Sahn, the Voidstalker - Herbs Gathered - The deed was done. And with this, Hogarth had simply vanished, akin to a Warlock's blink, yet he did not appear a small distance away, rather he had completely apperated from the face of the earth. Neither Reksis nor his Ghost knew what to make of this, but the Fallen did take notice of Hektor's offering, looking to his Ghost. "Have you any idea what...Tea, is, Ghost?" Reksis quizzed, followed with the Ghost looking thoughtful for a moment, albeit as thoughtful as a floating drone with a singular eye could look, his moving parts however "furrowed" if that helped observers. "Tea is a herbal drink, often drunk by humans as a form of relaxation. Usually they contain a stimulant called Caffeine, which makes you more alert, so it never made sense to me...it goes well with Sugar and Milk, too, if that helps." Ghost explained, eliciting a brief chuckle from Reksis. "It doesn't, but I will partake in this invitation of yours, Hektor. It would be an honour, in fact." He concluded with a small bow of respect. Inside, Reksis felt that after using the Vortex Grenade, he understood the Void Light that sustained him eternally in place of ether, at least a little bit more. He wondered to himself what more could be done with this power...
  11. - Soren Monroe, the Sentinel, Demonic Form - Isopolis, City of Isolation: Reality Collapsing - At long last, the battle was over. The maddened Fused Deity was completely obliterated by the combined might of Fey and Humanity, unleashing their enhanced power upon one that once believed himself a God, killing him and thus, ending the lives of Odin One-Eye and Nergal, the Queenslayer, for there was no way to undo the prison of fusion they had found themselves trapped within. As a result of the demise of the Aspect of Destruction's body, reality came back together, everyone was on solid ground once more, but all was not well. Soren slowly picked himself up from the ground, his Demonic Energies wreathing his body, threatening to overwhelm his untrained body and mind, but fortunately, Soren turned his amulet back to its original position, affixing the seal on his untempered power again and allowed himself to breathe, before reverting to his human form. - Human Form - Brushing his hair from his face, Soren stood, his breaths heavy from exhaustion, though he could not relax. As the others had noted, Reality was still falling apart...the Source of All Life was gone, with Ahriman's body and the world was crumbling at the foundations, spelling certain doom. All was not lost it then seemed, as Elia and Henry hatched a plan: Travel back in time, to save the worlds from this grim fate. Soren frowned however, looking to Elia as she suggested this. "Time Travel is dangerous, Elia...one wrong move and we could damage history, or Time itself, even simply assure a more painful death for us all..." He warned at first, knowing the risks, but he took a deep breath through his nose, wiping blood from his lips as he did. "But we've no other choice. So I will aid you gladly." Soren added with a brief, sharp smile, then walked up to the former Djinni Rufus and took his hand, joining the circle to lend his energy to the traversal through the space-time continuum. As he let his energy flow, Soren furrowed his brow, his eyes falling upon Yevgeni...an elven man he regarded as spineless, insane and selfish before this business with a new God being born, who stood against the tide when it mattered, seemingly forsaking his pride and fighting against someone who had stolen his loyal dog from his clutches. "Yevgeni...I don't forgive you for what you've done and I don't think I will for a very long time...if ever." Soren began, licking his dry, cracked lips to remoisten them, his small wound upon them stinging as he did, following up with a heavy sigh. "But for what has happened today, your choice to stand against that...so-named God, with us, when it mattered...? I respect that." He admitted with a huff, but he meant every word, then he squinted his eyes. "Just stay out of our business after today, for your own sake." Soren added this addendum without anger nor as a warning, more just that he was tired of today and wanted it to be over with. His extra gruff demeanour should be a clue to the perceptive Elf that Soren was just exhausted like the rest of them.
  12. - Ahriman Umbra, Corrupted Aspect of Devastation - Isopolis, City of Isolation, A God's Mistake - The Fey that stood against Ahriman did not relent, despite their plights, their injuries and potential deaths...they just. Wouldn't. Give. Up. And in a single moment, Ahriman truly faltered for what felt like an eternity. He lost his concentration, his vision was a haze of weakness for that one second and he was punished for it...hard. Every projectile fired hit its mark, knocking him back ever so slightly with each impact, the human Princess assaulted the Fused Deity, her blade embedded into his spine before he could react, though he was able to grab a hold of her legs and toss her violently to the ground, then he would charge at her, grabbing her by the head, lifting her and once more slamming her into the ground as he flew, potentially grinding it across the dirt before lobbing her at his opponents. Whether this succeeded or not didn't matter, because he soon found himself being suplexed by Henry with such force that it cracked the ground beneath him. Despite being a dead man walking, Henry's attack did its damage, as did the follow up kick into Alastor's own barrage. Each and every blow from Alastor send ripples into his soul, even to the remnants of those who once made him, ultimately leading into Alastor's finisher move: A downward slam that formed a crater on impact and sent Ahriman flying across the room in an embarassing, painful tumble, from which he did not get up from for a few moments. In rage, after shaking his head, Ahriman roared, energy flying out from his body like a shield to stop Mariel's Light Bolts, though this did little to embolden him, for when the God rose to his feet, he stumbled and for a while, he was seeing in double and breathing heavily. It would soon become clear to the others that Ahriman Umbra was...awry. His body began subtly shifting at first, but this was soon followed with unstable bursts of various energies from his body and his aura was visually distorted. Ahriman looked to his right hand, turning it over as he saw himself becoming...transparent, for a few moments, parts of his skin disappearing to bare his skeleton and small cracks began to form along his muscles, the points of greatest tension...the battle had finally taken its toll...Ahriman was dying. Yet even as he spat golden blood, Ahriman clenched said fist and glared at his foes. "Y-You...think this is over...?" He began, his derangement seemingly abiding for this period so he could speak to them from the heart. "...I promised...deliverance. To destroy this world and have it begin anew, elevating you all to the status of Angels if you stood with me...! Instead...y...you would've assured but one thing...that all things...would perish for your transgression! NEVER TO RETURN!" Ahriman bellowed, having seemingly become sick of the sight of Fey and Humans, wishing them all to simply begone as his power began to consolidate. "...but...so long, as this world exists...so long as you continue to fight, to live...to breathe....you remind me of the strength, the valour that I sought to preserve...my hate of you is misplaced." He suddenly said in a calmer tone, showing that he was simply venting a few moments ago, even his expression become softer for a few moments of calm reflection, though he would soon huff once more and go on. "Instead, I say to you now...now...cough, that this world...needs Ahriman...and I will not die...on this day! ...NOT TODAY!" With renewed vigour, Ahriman screamed as he powered up, unleashing every ounce of strength within, even that which no living being could access without dying: His own Life Force. Combined with his truly divine power, Ahriman focused enough of this power into his fist, violent crackles of energy were erupting from it just before he slammed it to the ground, cracking it, but not as Henry or Alastor had done a few minutes ago. Instead, the warriors would be horrified to realise that the cracks were in fact in the world itself, spreading quickly across the ground, all the way to the city in the distance...and then across the distorted skies above them, finally coming to a point directly above them...before shattering completely. - Reality's Subsidence - Ahriman had sundered reality itself, opening himself and the warriors to the Fabric of Reality itself, with no ground to stand upon, and no Suppression Field to inhibit them, they would all find themselves in freefall down an endless, fantastical abyss full of a myriad of energies, colours and flashes of events that had once occurred...they would see images in motion, of the Second Great War, of Shiva's demise, the creation of Ahriman and even the memories of all present, including those that hurt to remember, along the folds of this abyss. Ahriman now, was directly ahead of them and keeping himself in a stable fall with his burning wings, preparing himself for one last hurrah against his enemies. "You have been worthy adversaries! Now come, heroes! Come! And DIE for your Worlds!!" Ahriman declared, preparing to unleash a great barrage of attacks, all at the cost of his life, to slow or stop them entirely: Fireballs, Projections of his Wings, Swords, Laser beams, Energy Mines, Electrical blasts, imitations of Indignation would be scattered here and there, Divine Projections of Triangles that acted as traps, which would cause massive damage to those who fell prey to them, Time Snares that would slow them and Portals to the Dark Void, which would consume those who fell into them, losing them forever to the Dark Realm, being the most dangerous things that approached them as a veritable maelstrom of chaos...standing between them...and Ahriman. - Soren Monroe, the Sentinel, Demonic Form - Reality's Subsidence - Like everyone else present, Soren found himself in freefall into the endless abyss that none of them should've ever witnessed in their eternal lifetimes, which would either send them mad or into the clutches of despair and misery. But in a few precious moments before Ahriman launched his attacks, Soren remembered something, as time seemed to slow down...his promise to the Shades of Isopolis, to the shrine itself and in essence, to those he had lost...to be a resolute, unflinching Sentinel. To protect and rally his allies in this time of desperation...and to die for them if need be. Soren's perception of time resumed as he righted himself in midair and called out to all present. "Everyone! Do not fear! This is our chance! Ahriman is on his last legs and our power is at its highest once more! Stand with me and we can finish this, comrades!! Whether we die today or not, we will kill him!" Soren belllowed, hellfire surrounding his body to protect himself as he looked directly to Yevgeni. "Yevgeni! You wish to break this curse!? Make this count!" He addressed the elf without an inkling of hate, for now was not the time, instead he spurred him on, before focusing on the deranged God, wrenching the Amulet in his belly counter-clockwise, unleashing pure Demonic Power from his body as his limits were broken, he swiped his now empowered Blade of Cinder several times, sending crimson Sword Beams that would punch through the wave of projectiles to deal great damage to Ahriman. (All right all right all right, it's time to end this, people. Ahriman has sent everyone into freefall into the folds between reality itself and now is the time to crush him for good. Your powers are no longer suppressed and he is vulnerable, but literally killing himself to finish you all off. Don't hold back and heed Soren's words: Kill him.)
  13. - Ahriman Umbra, Corrupted Aspect of Devastation, Paragon of an Unbalanced Mind - Isopolis, City of Isolation - Even through the eyes of madness, the newly christened Ahriman Umbra could see that this would become too much for him in no time at all. Helios had transformed into a great snake, entrapping the Fused Deity in a coil as to enable further damage from the greater, dazzling attacks headed his way. But it would not end like this... "Not...like...this!!" Ahriman screeched as he immediately gripped Helios by his neck, screaming as he pulled with all his might at the reptilian, either relinquishing his bite or he would lose his fangs and be found face to face with a frenzied Ahriman, who bared his teeth at the Spriggan and spat the following: "You've been a thorn in my side too long, shapeshifter!" Ahriman declared with venom as he would go on to wring Helios's neck, which would force him to let go with high probability of snapping his vertebrae. Even if that didn't kill him, Ahriman felt sure tossing him into Yevgeni's Holy would do the job and so he did, letting the reptilian loose without so much as a second glance, instead looking to Soren, who had survived the barrage from earlier, only suffering minor wounds and knockback onto the ground, picking himself up as Ahriman eyed all others before addressing them swiftly. "As have you all...! But no longer!!" With this, the desecrated God let loose a tirade of energy bolts from his body, which would seek everyone present as to hurt them and stun them, even Yevgeni, for Nergal no longer held any sway over Ahriman Umbra, not even a slight proclivity, neither did Odin. Then he would take off into flight above the warriors, the singularity behind him began to glow as he gathered power to his hands lowered to his sides, speaking an incantation. "May this blanket halt your tricks, then I'll kill you just for kicks! Hahahahaha!" It was actually totally needless for him to say this, if only to taunt his foes, but what came next was far from deranged rambling or a trick: Ahriman extended his right arm toward the singularity and his left to the group, channeling power to the rift and preparing to focus it upon them all. "Aspect's Decree: Greater Suppression Field! Your special attacks are now forfeit!!" Releasing the energy through the singularity and his hand, Ahriman cast this spell, polluting the air with Magic Suppressant that would be sustained by said rift for as long as the battle lasted, preventing even the most empowered Fey from casting greater spells like Holy or calling the wrath of the Gods. The field immediately got to work, erasing Yevgeni's persistent Holy Spell regardless of what happened to Helios, banishing the elemental Gods and bringing an end to Eclaire's melodramatic flair. They would still be able to attack Ahriman and deal significant damage, but anything above a combination or mid-tier spell would be quashed by the persistent Suppression Field. But the stakes were about to get higher once again, for Ahriman would take this opportunity to dash at high speeds toward the group and in one smooth motion, he would snatch the Lamp of Rufus Contralto and retreat a safe distance, clutching it close, yet gloatingly as he laughed to himself, looking to the Djinni with a maddened grin. "Great and mighty Djinni, heed my wish! I only have the one for myself..." In a strange moment of sincerity, Ahriman's crazed smile faded into a contemplative glare. "I wish that no matter what happens on this day...that my divine spirit will endure, even should I perish or be lost to time for a moment. This world needs the Aspect...this world needs Ahriman...one way, or another. Make it so!" He declared, then he came over all devilish and delighted again. "My second wish...!" He shouted, seeming poised for a revelation of a minor deception...but simply lowered his arms and sighed deeply. "Ahh, I've lost interest in this. Rufus, I wish for your freedom from this lamp and your existence as a Djinni! Make! It! SO!" This was no mere loss of interest, but an affirmation that there would be no further wishmaking, for Ahriman's two wishes were what would be necessary to ensure the Djinni's freedom, so he let go of the lamp, to either let it do its thing required to free him or just to clatter to the ground, followed by more laughter from Ahriman, as he snapped his fingers, causing several parts of the City of Isolation in the distance to explode into a torrent of darkness and fire, only for intimidation, as Ahriman's actual next attack was a little more devious. "Now...time for another death, I think~" Ahriman uttered, pointing a finger at Eclaire, concentrating pure energy into the tip of the finger and letting it loose; Firing off a precise, homing beam that would pierce through Eclaire's heart should it make its mark and should she do nothing about it. As she was avoiding this, or dying, Ahriman tilted his head at the others present. "Aww, let's make it a few more, shall we?! I'll send you ALL to Shiva!!" With this scream, he released a barrage of these beams, but they were not homing, but just as deadly and to top it off: Explosive upon impact with the ground, at Mariel, Yevgeni, the unconscious Alderon, Rhea, Xion and Arthynn, as to put an end to their tripe. - Soren Monroe, the Despairing Sentinel, Demonic Form - Throughout all of this, Soren could only watch as Helios was tossed aside, seemingly left for dead as the Holy Spell closed in on him, too fast for Soren to do anything about it, who could only unconsciously extend a hand as the shapeshifter was left to his fate...one Soren simply couldn't bear to look at any further, actually turning away at the last second, his breaths a mixture of sobs and enraged heaving, as he looked up to Ahriman when addressed, only to suffer the Magic Suppressant in the air, meaning he couldn't do anything grand or even his Self-Explosion attack. "...Ahriman...I...I...I WILL KILL YOU!" Soren bellowed, flames rising all around his body and the Blade of Cinder as he slammed the blade to the ground beside him, dragging it behind him as he charged toward the Fused Deity, who had just lowered himself to a a ground level hover when his barrage was released. (Phew. Long one, I know. lol But to be specific: No one can use attacks like Holy, Long and Dark December's beam attack, the Lost Legions, Avalon Salvation or anything else exceedingly powerful. And those mentioned among others have been nullified by the casting of the Field, which will actively halt any further super attacks. You can still physically attack, use magic, some powerful attacks and spells, but anything on a grand scale can no longer be performed. But your power is still as great as before, so you will still pack a punch and be durable to boot. Give him hell, guys.)
  14. - Ahriman, Aspect of Destruction, The Overworld's New God - Isopolis, City of Isolation - Though Ahriman was still angered at losing Zweishock to the lesser Alastor, the viciousness of Helios and Mariel couldn't be ignored for its sake, with her light blast impacting his shoulder while the God repelled Helios, using his own momentum against him and tossing the beast over his other shoulder as he attempted to grab him. He then caught Helios's bite with his new blade in front of him in a horizontal stance, guiding the abomination in front of him as to take Mariel's follow-up scream that never came, which threw off Ahriman, who was bitten by Helios's last bite upon the arm. "Foolish multiform...your lack of fear doesn't concern me...it only reinforces your ignorance!" By the second, Ahriman seemingly was becoming more and more callous toward his foes, though it would be seen by Helios for a split second, as his irises briefly flashed a brilliant, yet dark purple, with the whites of his eyes becoming black in the same moment. Whether this surprised the shapeshifter or not didn't matter, for Ahriman would release his blade, mentally sending it toward the Blind King, who he felt had served his purpose, to impale him upon the ground. With his now free hand, he grabbed Helios by the scruff of his neck, peeling him from his wounded arm and punching him in the center eye twice before tripping him over, as to force him to the ground, attempting to prop his mouth open in a moment of unforeseen, vicious rage, while extending his many wings outward as a shield from further assaults by Mariel, as to not be interrupted. "Perhaps pain will convince you otherwise...!" Ahriman uttered scornfully, placing a hand over Helios's mouth in eerie familiarity as he unleashed a torrent of fire, aiming to bellow it down his throat to burn him from the inside out. These flames were not a brilliant orange, but rather were stained with an unusual dark blueish hue, as something strange was happening to the once radiant God...and he could feel it too, as something felt like it was trying to escape from his chest. Was it an inner power...? Or was it-- "AAAAUGH!!" Ahriman let out a bloodcurdling scream of real agony, as he, through the haze of pain and surprise, looked down to see a flaming blade protruding from his chest, looking back limply at Soren Monroe, fury in his eyes as the hellfire begun to burn hotter. - Soren Monroe, The Vengeful Sentinel, Demonic Form - Isopolis, City of Isolation - Moments prior, as Ahriman had seemingly missed, Eclaire Oathkeeper had made her wishes to Rufus to grant herself and all others present greater strength than ever before, causing him to stop for a moment and feel the power welling within him, his aura exploding in a torrent of translucent flames, demonic energy engulfing him. It was then that he spied the Fused Deity attempting to make Helios suffer another torrent of flame, in the vein of Soren, though most certainly unintentionally. He didn't even hesitate, for his blade was already raised as he flanked the strangely sadistic Ahriman and embedded the greatsword in Ahriman's back and out his chest. "Leave my friend alone...!" Soren simply demanded, taking the blade out of Ahriman in a swift, unkind motion. The stunned God simply allowed Soren to throw him aside, as he couldn't quite accept what had just happened, all the while Soren had made his way to Helios, attempting to help him up. "Helios?! Are you all right?" He questioned out of concern for the shapeshifter, sheathing his sword and seeing if he could still breathe, let alone continue fighting. "I didn't spare you and knock your senses back into place just for you to die now, stand up! Helios?" Soren went on, knowing that whatever flames Ahriman used, even if they didn't burn out his throat, would still leave a mark upon even the robust Cyph-like structure he possessed. "What...?!" A shaken voice echoed. - Ahriman, Severely Wounded - The deity stumbled, his breaths ragged and short, clutching his chest, the newfound strength that Soren possessed was seemingly shared with all of the warriors that stood against him, even the once pacifistic Aqua, all because of the Succubus and a little djinni. Blood did not flow, instead his wound closed, but it left a massive scar on his chest that exuded through and onto his clothing: A light-filled set of cracks extending from the center...permanent damage had been dealt to Ahriman, who simply looked to the ground...astounded. Bewildered. Shocked. "You...you've, wounded me...you've wounded me!" Ahriman stated, broken sounding at first, but the second utterance was laced with indignation, looking to the perpetrator and his ilk with scorn, baring his teeth for a moment as he hissed his words. "So this is how far you will all go? To oppose me...?!" He added with further venom, then he shook his head, looking off to the distance again, as he sought the answer in desperation of how to rectify this weakness... "I..." He rasped, his breaths heaving. "I need...I need more power...!" Ahriman uttered in pleading, for a moment he felt utterly lost...until in response, something in his heart seemingly stirred, his fears on hold, then assuaged by the feeling altogether as he let out a shaken, malicious chuckle. "Of course...! I already have it...strength lay within me...waiting to be released." Ahriman then made eye contact once more with Soren, his stance raising from a hunch of pain to a more dignified, straight stand. "From those that made me." "What are you talking about?!" Soren, who had been listening intently to Ahriman's sobs suddenly achieve a chilling, confident coherence, readying himself aggressively to fight, but all that did was trigger a response from Ahriman, who's wings glowed brilliantly as he took to the skies, flapping them hard to dissuade immediate pursuit, hovering in front of and above his foes, extending his arms down and outward, slowing his breaths down to concentrate, before bellowing: "Nergal! Odin One-Eye! Reach into the dark depths and lend me your collective, hidden founts of strength! Empower me with the darkness, allow it to corrupt me, to taint my body and spirit if need be, so I can vanquish the interlopers!" Ahriman declared, looking to his chest where they resided in a fashion at first, then to the skies as he spoke one last time... "A weak God incapable of cleansing the horrors of these worlds is worthless!!" With a maddened smile, his calling was answered as energy began welling up inside of him, his chest pulsed twice, the crack glowing, before the dark energies, the shadows broke through Ahriman and into the world around him in a furious, ravenous display of power that should never have been witnessed by Fey, never mind the Humans present, as eldritch power flooded the landscape, twisting the already manipulated City of Isolation into a darker, hellish landscape fit only for the abyss, out of sight and mind. The sealed darkness within Nergal was released, the hidden monster of Odin, already it had begun destruction, but now, it was further unleashed and Ahriman was emboldened...but for a price. - Ahriman Umbra, Corrupted Aspect of Devastation, Power Maddened God - As the shadows parted to reveal his new form, all that could be heard was maniacal, deranged laughter from the Fused Deity, his voice deeper and backed by an ethereal tone that spoke to the souls of the warriors present with each laugh elicited. If they weren't sent mad by the mere sight of what he had become, they would be able to make out the new countenance he bore: His skin had become a deep violet, cracked with inflamed veins and overlapped in certain areas with pure darkness flowing in and over parts of his skin, as if they were blemishes in motion, his face was stretched by his current grin, though even if he stopped smiling, his eyes were seemingly out of proportion, but that was only because they could be opened wider than before if he chose to, the rest was a brief optical illusion. His hair was longer, flowing upward by its own will and darker than a raven. Ahriman was now bare chested, his upper clothing had disintegrated and merged with his lower articles, making a horrific, unusual dress of some kind, with new additions; such as the glowing runes written in a language none present understood scattered all across the abyss drenched cloth and metal. The crack from before was now a glowing tattoo of a kind all across his chest and occasionally emitted small, strange and shadowy tendrils, just as the ones that spawned from his dark, motioned blemishes, further displaying how twisted this power was and had made him. His eyes were entirely a deep red, no irises or pupils to speak of and would occasionally glow when he willed it, yet still they were piercing and his gaze could still be felt wherever it lay. The seemingly Sacred Wings of Ahriman were now blackened, morphing and desecrated, yet still completely capable of flight and defense and his fingernails were now talons extending from slightly deformed fingers. To top it off, Ahriman was also barefoot, more muscular than before and his power was constantly visible in an aura he couldn't dim down even if he wanted to... The environment twisted further when he settled down to look upon the surely terrified, or at least astonished Fey and Humans who stood against him, the skies tearing away and flowing away from Ahriman and the group, into what was seemingly a singularity, though it would not seek to consume them or the Corrrupt God, it just threatened Isopolis's integrity in this reality...for now. Ahriman then sighed with relief, lowering himself to the ground, but continuing a low hover before the warriors. "This is all the power I have to give, mortals! Power beyond that of even your Dijinni...for you will not taste victory this day! Hahaha...instead! YOU will taste only your blood!!" What started as a dignified threat, bled away into derangement and hate for his foes...he didn't care for his goals for now, instead focusing on what he wanted most...he wanted them dead before his feet. And this power would make that happen. (Here it be...a long one indeed.)
  15. - Soren Monroe, Sentinel for Festivity - Kilkis Seres, Shiva's Palace - Christmas Day - This time of year was often one Soren could not attend, due to duties as Sentinel of Isopolis and in the past, his service in Kilkis Seres's Military, but now, he was able to acquire some free time so he could fully experience Christmas with all those he cared about, rather than being alone or with the prisoners as their Warden. Surprisingly, Soren had taken the time to purchase and wrap Gifts for all those present at the Festival within the Palace, which meant he was later than some others, but wouldn't be too far behind the legendary Rhaedyn Thane, who made his grand entrance adorned with a Santa hat...upon his helmet. Soon enough, Soren entered through the main doors: He was dressed in a sharp set of dress blues, with padded shoulders though only lightly so, for Soren made up the difference with his own, buttoned up, straightened and form fitting just as it should be, from his military days and from other festivities in his life whenever he could actually make it to them. In one hand, he held a cane, the top adorned with a metal Sigil of Kilkis Seres as a pommel and inside, it held a hidden blade: This was essentially a medal, like the two that were upon his breast, for bravery and exceptional service, but this one was a rare honour, something he still holds with pride in his kingdom and all the good he accomplished. He never made a big deal about it, of course, he just let his actions speak for themselves and simply just be who he always was and is today. He also wore some fancy, shiny black shoes and in his other hand was also a sack of gifts, for all present. Carefully emptying the sack of its gifts and placing them under the grand tree, Soren approached the throne and took a knee before Queen Shiva, standing up his cane next to him as he did so beside Rhaedyn. "Your majesty, I too bring gifts on this celebrated day and..." Soren cleared his throat, noting he was being a bit too courteous, raising his head to look upon Shiva. "Well, Merry Christmas to you, my queen. And to you all, a Merry Christmas!" He went on, looking around the room as he did so, but he still waited for Shiva's word on when he should stand up. - Meksis, the Chaperone - Kilkis Seres, Shiva's Palace - Christmas Day - "Ahh, it's...been five thousand years since I last celebrated Christmas...but it feels wonderful to be here on this blessed day, my friends!" Meksis announced as he had entered shortly after Soren, accompanying him and dispensing his gifts to the Tree for opening at a later point, giving the Queen a respectful bow as he did. "Your majesty." He spoke kindly, then looked around. "I only wonder if Maxis can make it...he's usually punctual, I can assure you." He spoke softly to himself initially, though he had faith Shiva heard him, though he was caught off-guard by the presence of an Iron Lord, giving him a prompter bow out of surprise. "My Lord of Iron, I am honoured by your presence! I'm, unsure if we've met, forgive me." Meksis called out, putting his hands together as he asked for forgiveness, his passive Aura of the Chaperone aiding in his courtesy. - Nergal, the Polite, Gift Bearer, Red Baron, Renewed Remnant of Meksis - Kilkis Seres, Shiva's Palace - Christmas Day - During all of this, someone else had arrived, for he too was invited to the festivities, placing a fair few gifts under the tree, he was masked at first, but out of politeness, the man removed both it and his hood, putting them away as he took a deep breath, reveling the festivity in the air, extending his arms and even spinning on the spot for a moment, opening his eyes as he softly smiled, approaching the greater crowd. "What a momentous occasion indeed, my friends! Christmas Day...a time of love, gifts, good and the company of good men and women. I honestly feel as if I've missed out on this feeling...my entire life, if I'm to be honest. All five millennia of it. I truly appreciate this opportunity, all of you...particularly you for extending your invitation, your highness~" Nergal spoke softly and calmly, yet occasionally his voice would break due to strong feelings straight from the heart, as he was honest; he truly did love this time of year, despite it being only his first true Christmas experience, giving a slow bow to Queen Shiva as she resided upon her throne, observing all the happy people who had come together on this blessed day.
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