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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I'll show you later I did manage to unlock all of Estelle's slots
  2. I'm not refusing anything now
  3. Come on I think I can possibly win But this is actually the first time the game has pulled BS It's consistently avoided making you have to face BS strategies And now suddenly it wants you to deal with two powerful AoE attacks and a healer that heals a LOT more than you can
  4. I'm not playing 25 hours of this thing again
  5. This game is hard but it has always felt fair
  6. This just feels like early game Persona 3
  7. It's not very cool, that's for sure
  8. Yeah, firetruck this Don does almost 400 melee damage
  9. Meanwhile Don and Josette have no magic weaknesses while having far too much health
  10. It's bad, that's what happened Both Don and Kyle have absurdly powerful AoE attacks that they love to spam while Josette just heals them constantly
  11. @Orpheus Joshua The Don - Kyle - Josette boss fight might just be one of the absolute worst boss fights I've played in any JRPG
  12. Opinions may vary but usually the only two Craig Bond movies people recommend are Casino Royale and Skyfall
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