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Everything posted by Estoria#4001

  1. Now I'm leaving for real, by everyone
  2. Didn't turn out too great though
  3. > esto's a very high IQ alt i made At least that was the intention
  4. I had better delete my Alex account then
  5. Quid finally achieved her dream of becoming a boy
  6. Mr. Roxas, what was my Discord name before I changed it to Estoria?
  7. It goes to show you should always catter to the lowest common denominator
  8. I'm sad that my meme underperformed
  9. For a moment I thought you were going to say you were a Quid alt
  10. I'll wait for Mup to leave
  11. Yes I can We're divorced, remember
  12. If you keep this up I'll leave and never come back
  13. Walrus, didn't I tell you not to tell anybody
  14. I left and rejoined for a very mysterious reason
  15. @Otti#8624 She seems like a good fit, I guess
  16. I'll let you know that I put a lot of effort on meme P. Sure, it still was shit. But I poured my heart and soul into it.
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