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  1. So, we know that Luxu got the foretelling eye , and passed down his teachings for generations 'till Eraqus and Xehanort became 'his' students, and finally Xehanort acquired the keyblade. It's crazy that the whole back cover's after story is told by the KH3 trailer. GJ devs. BUT the Master had another eye. It's just calculation, but I might know where will the other eye pop out : --make your bets- dundundundun OH NO IT'S AN REALLLY REEEALLY SIMILAR EYE WHAT WAS NEVER EXPLAINED BEFORE! Any ideas?
  2. Be the dankness guide your heart
  3. Master of Dank Memes bestoved his superior memes to his casual noob students , but they didn't gasp the deep dankness. This caused the Memewars.
  4. I♥KH

    The Bouncer

    I'm not played yet, but read good things about this. The previous owner said it was too slow for a beat'em up for him. Btw the manual says it has high overplay value, since every time you unlock a new character, you gain a different opinion in the same questions during the storytime. I know, I saw the video too probs Shion will never be in KH, cuz he's easy to mistake with Sora's face. But the game itself got a reference with Pence's shirt.
  5. I♥KH

    The Bouncer

    Hy guys, today I bought a bouncha' PS2 games, and the 9 deal included this gem too: I searched for this a while, it was designed by Nomura, a year before Kingdom Hearts!! In the cover, you can see Shion, the game's protagonist- the name familiar right? Also, manual stated he's 19 y old, could that be, we will see a 19 year old Sora in the future too? Look at this pose too! He could be a twin to Sora, also notice the "Dog Street" line- It's a location and a trademark in the game, AAALSOO KH2's Pence got the easter egg outfit!
  6. So I mix and matched clothpieces, and I found this: Snowy Bear expression changes with some different clothes. /also Square messed up Shiki's name. ITS MISAKI/
  7. I♥KH

    Welcome Our New Mods!

    Congrat guys!
  8. It is,but they get away now for years. :c
  9. I♥KH

    The Moderators Team Is Hiring!

    I'll plan to spend more time here in this year, and I always wanted to pay back the care and kindness what this site's members gave me. I can help settling personal issues too (usually I'm the peacemaker when my friends fighting around me) I'm around here for some time now, and know the rules too. (only problem is my grammar, but it keeps getting better) So, apply me too!
  10. Based on the IGN's article(they wrote about GTA ones), they using mods, like replacing characters, and those games were pretty mutch playable. But I dunno about the KH II, I couldn't find a sign on internet what is the difference between the original and the bootleg one beside the cover'art' and the price. I could imagine they made a poorly localised version ,or either copied the game code, and switched some details. Youtube neither has video. That's why I'm curious. Edit- OR, they mentioning the mummy wrapped main antagonist- Probably they replaced Xemnas's character modell with a mummy or mummy-Donald.
  11. I guess they mistook KH1 Halloween Town Donald as the main antagonist. At this pont, I'm not even suprised. And this company basically steals everything, but I guess they not that popular to get noticed by that other hundred developer whom they steal their works. Basically EA, ACTIVISION, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Rockstar Games etc.... could sue them.
  12. Here's the barbie one's "boxart" ,also-I'll forgot to link another KH related thing-
  13. their search engine is prett tricky, I couldn't find for second try, but the link was saved in my history - http://games-sy.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=kingdom%20hearts&product_id=300
  14. Few weeks before, peoples noticed that Phoneix Games used KH's Destiny Island for their bootleg Peter Pan game. Today I found better thing- Local ign found out there's a Syrian game "developer" company who creating modified games from popular titles, and they bought up a list with all GTA entires, some was really crazy- GTA Shrek, GTA Barbie, etc. I checked the site, and found this - I couldn't find a footage of the game, if anyone can provide one I'll be grateful.