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  1. Collecting the Phantoms in the Final World will grant you a HP boost
  2. I strongly believe your save file is corrupted. This happened to a friend of mine on an Xbox One S after Marluxia's scene in Corona for no reason apparently. I am sorry I can't help you that much
  3. Mostly because people were expecting KH2FM 2.0 and that their own fan-fictions would happen in the game. Yeah. People are bashing KH3 the same way people did bash KH2 when it first came out. And seriously, I love KH2 with all my heart, but I'm starting to dislike it every single day I see Skyward's twitter doing his daily "Let's bash KH3 while exalting KH2". The difference is, at least for me, that KH3 has a much better story and much better level design (not that hard considering KH2's corridors)
  4. KH3 in general has much more stuff to do than vanilla KH2, so it's pretty okay. However, with DLC coming, I hope Osaka Team adds a few Super Bosses so everyone can actually agree that KH3"FM" is better than KH2FM
  5. After reading all this I really do understand how you feel and I'm not going to say that you're wrong. But I've never had this thoughts, maybe that's why I didn't understood your logic at first. I'm sorry about that
  6. I really don't know where the marketing made you believe that Destiny Islands and Radiant Garden would be actual worlds. Really. I understand some of your negative points, but I strongly disagree with most of them (except the Maleficent/Pete part)
  7. Well I could agree with you, but then we would be two people speaking nonsense. (Just kidding, but I just disagree 100% with you)
  8. Well, I can't change my vote I guess. But since there's no Critical Mode, I'll go for Proud.
  9. Day 26 - Kingdom Hearts 1, the very best one story-wise in my opinion
  10. 25 - Holy... I'm not sure. But I believe the hype of kicking Xemnas' ass in KH2 was the real hype.
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