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  1. Of these, The Owl House for sure. It's OG DuckTales for me, don't care for the remake. I wish characters from the Aladdin and Tangled series would be used in KH, too. So much boss potential with characters like Mirage, Mozenrath and his zombies, Malcho, Mechanicles, Sadira and the sand creatures, Zhan Tiri, Moondrop!Cassandra, etc.
  2. I'd never really liked the idea of a TV series, tbh, but now I sort of wish this happened. I mean, I'm not pretending it's very good, but it would've been interesting hearing more of David Gallagher and seeing how different interactions between Sora and Riku than in the game. I have a feeling Kairi would've got more to do, too. Interesting that they portray the magic lamp as some kind of dark object though.
  3. She was a masterclass talent! Bedknobs & Broomsticks and Murder, She Wrote were the primary things I loved her in, but she was great in everything she was ever a part of--Mame, Sweeney Todd, Nanny McPhee, Anastasia, The Last Unicorn, Little Women, Dorian Gray, Manchurian Candidate, etc. etc. I'm just glad she went peacefully, from what the family have said. Rest in peace. :(
  4. Raya > Encanto > Turning Red > Luca, in that order of preference. I loved the first three of those, and liked Luca. Speaking of recent sequels, I wouldn't mind if Hocus Pocus or Enchanted ended up in KH one day either.
  5. I agree with you that I'd like a port of this that includes the DLC on the disc. That's really the only thing I'd want! I hope the same thing happens with ports for FFXV and (eventually) KH3, too, if not for the PS5 then hopefully the next gen that inevitably happens.
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