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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I don't get why everyone always goes on about having to pay money into Union Cross. I never have yet I'm regularly ranking in the top 2000 players in the Coliseum. Anyway I'm looking forward to trying Dark Road even if just for the story.
  2. There's a number of online guides for beating them. I've yet to beat Luxord, Terranort, Xemnas, Xehanort and Xion though.
  3. I love Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle! It shares a number of similarities with Kingdom Hearts too. Nice video but it does sound like the timing of your vocals with the music went a bit off in the chorus.
  4. I haven't read the end yet but I believe so based on how far into the story I already am.
  5. Despite not being officially released until the 24th, my copy still arrived in time to be given to me for Christmas! I'm only on Chapter 3 so far so there are no spoilers in this article but I thought I'd just share some photos and info that I've obtained so far for anyone interested in knowing what the book is like. As has already been indicated in the book's blurb, the book is narrated by Chirithy who tells the story of the Player character in Union Cross from a second person perspective, in other words he refers to the Player as "You". One interesting thing to note is that in the book the player belongs to the Anguis union whilst Ephemer is from Unicornis (my own character is in Vulpes with Ephemer being from Leopardus). My guess as to why Anguis was chosen is because Invi doesn't really appear much in the story compared to the other Foretellers unless you're from her union. The story starts off with Chirithy talking about how he came into being, combining his narrative from the game with the scene in Backstory when the Master of Masters introduces him to the Foretellers. Here though we get to learn what he was thinking whilst inside that test tube thing for the first time. Chirithy then goes on to describe how the Player got their Keyblade and went on their first mission to Dwarf Woodlands, following which he then describes how the Player met Mickey, Donald and Goofy. In between Chirithy's narratives of the Player's various missions and encounters, more scenes from Backstory are also included like when the Master gives his apprentices their roles. Thus the book is a combination of Union Cross and Backstory. That's as far as I've got so far. There are a couple of interesting little details in the book that I haven't mentioned here and I'm hoping there will be more as the book goes on which may reveal things previously unknown or give clarification to story details that have been glossed over. I'll let you discover those on your own though. Hope you all have a great Christmas as we look forward to the KH3 DLC and may your heart be your guiding key!
  6. It rather depends on which keyblade you're using, what enemies you're facing and what skills & traits your medals have. Generally though your first slot should have a medal which increases your strength and decreases the enemy's defence as much as possible. Your Xion medal is the best one for that but she doesn't increase upright strength so if you're using a keyblade which supports mainly upright medals your Supernova+ KH III Sora or KH III Riku may be best, or at least have them in the second slot. After that choose whichever medals fit your keyblade's slots that have the greatest strength but read the description of each medal as some are more powerful in later slots and some in earlier slots. Also any medal which deals high damage but doesn't increase your strength should usually be placed in slot 5 or 6, like Guardian Form Sora. Your main focus first though should really be to give your strongest medals decent skills. Xion should either have Second Chance or a Defence Boost Max attached to it as it's pretty rubbish in terms of how much damage it deals on its own so don't give it an Attack Boost skill. Also merge your trait medals with any matching normal medals to power them up, like KH III Sora & Youth in Black. Hope this helps!
  7. Name: Kingdom Hearts - A Thousand Years (Extended Version) Category: Music videos Date Added: 07/16/2019 Submitter: Hoshiko Hikari An extended version of a GMV I submitted for one of the KH13 GMV Contests using KH3 clips. Hope you like it! Kingdom Hearts - A Thousand Years (Extended Version)
  8. An extended version of a GMV I submitted for one of the KH13 GMV Contests using KH3 clips. Hope you like it!
  9. Thank you so much!! Yeah that was a GMV competition that this website used to hold every year. Thanks!
  10. Destiny Islands! But I'd also like to visit Daybreak Town. I play so much Union Cross it kind of feels like my home world.
  11. Name: KH3 - Into the West Category: Music videos Date Added: 05/08/2019 Submitter: Hoshiko Hikari This is my first KH3 video and my longest GMV for years! The song is Into the West by Annie Lennox from The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Hope you like it! KH3 - Into the West
  12. This is my first KH3 video and my longest GMV for years! The song is Into the West by Annie Lennox from The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Hope you like it!
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