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  1. My mind was so busy thinking about it that the day after I finished the story I got on the wrong bus and travelled in the wrong direction for 15 minutes before I noticed...
  2. I also voted for The Black Cauldron because, let's face it, the Horned King would make a terrifyingly epic Boss. Though I can imagine the Cauldron itself being a Boss too, like the Spinning Wheel Heartless in Enchanted Dominion. The Great Mouse Detective is a close second though. The only potential problem with Black Cauldron is that it involves a boy discovering a powerful, magic sword. Sora would be like, "Yeah I've already got one of those."
  3. Probably the Lucky Emblems. I spent so much time looking around for them that I started seeing Lucky Emblems in the real world as well! Ended up cheating but I found about 70% on my own.
  4. I'll look into that Here's my first gmv with the song, made 6 years ago. The new one will be made almost entirely of KH3 scenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1BYYOg_uOA
  5. "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City. Hence why I'm currently working on my second gmv with that song. It sounds like a song Sora sings each time he leaves a world and says goodbye to the friends he's made there. "It's been fun but now I've got to go....but before I hit the road I gotta know when can we do this again?" In my new gmv I have Eugene/Flynn reaching out a hand to Sora for the line, "Your sidekick needs you". So perfect!
  6. Name: Kingdom Hearts - Million Dreams Category: Music videos Date Added: 10/20/2020 Submitter: Hoshiko Hikari Because we all need to dream now and then. See Youtube for full description of this video. Kingdom Hearts - Million Dreams
  7. Because we all need to dream now and then. See Youtube for full description of this video.
  8. Is it just me or is it impossible to view product pages on the Spirit Halloween website? I've tried on both my laptop and my phone and can't get past the Home Page...
  9. Also her outfit looks a lot like old Xehanort's outfit. It's the same colour scheme, down to the silver hair. When I first saw her I wondered if she was his sister. That seems unlikely as they're from different worlds but I do think they're connected in some way.
  10. True, but it is implied that by the time of KH1 Riku/Sora and Mickey are the only known keyblade wielders left (not counting Yen Sid) as far as anyone seems to know. And since Riku and Sora were fighting over one keyblade at the time it was technically only two known active wielders. So all other wielders were either lost (like Aqua, Terra and Ven), retired or had died, otherwise Yen Sid would have called on them for help by now.
  11. I'm thinking some terrible event occurred which wiped out not just them but everyone living in Scala Ad Caelum except Eraqus and Xehanort which caused them to abandon that world. There were a lot of buildings in that place and numerous other islands with more buildings on each one so obviously there were a lot of other people living there at some point yet when Sora goes there it's deserted. There must have been a reason. Maybe the event which wiped everyone out was what caused Xehanort to turn to darkness. It was his way of coping with the grief.
  12. I believe Nomura also said somewhere that Union Cross is meant to have a storybook-style to its art. As it's all about the "age of fairytales" it's meant to look like an animated picture book.
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