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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I got Yen Sid... Not exactly my first choice but I guess it could be worse.
  2. Ignoring the above discussion about Amazon's "betrayal", could that new area shown in the video be the garden Hercules takes Meg to on their date in the film? We only ever saw it at night so it looks different but I think it is.
  3. I've just ordered my first PS4 and every Kingdom Hearts game including the delux edition of KH3!! That's a lot of money that just left my bank account...

  4. I feel the need to give Sora a pep talk here: Sora, you're not alone. Even when your friends aren't standing by your side their hearts are connected to yours. They are always with you so don't give up! They can still be your power and always will be!
  5. That's almost definitely Xion under the hood pointing her keyblade at Lea. The clue is in the position of her zip. When Roxas' hood is up he puts his zip right up to the top but Xion doesn't.
  6. Whether or not it's in KH3, she could still be one. Someone's already mentioned that most of the original princesses of heart didn't have a world in KH1, so she could just appear in KH3 without her world being playable in it.
  7. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Vanellope yet. She is a princess after all. My guess is her, Tiana and Pocahontas, although I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of the new 7 lights wasn't an actual princess as already mentioned.
  8. Seeing Rapunzel properly for the first time as well as the town part of Kingdom of Corona. Both look pretty much identical to the original film! If Anna, Elsa and all the other Disney characters look as good as Rapunzel when they've been fully completed this game will be truly amazing!
  9. Sora and Kairi find out they were both adopted at birth and Xehanort is their real father meaning that they're twin siblings. Therefore Kairi ends up with Riku instead. Then in KH4 Kairi and Riku's son (let's call him KR for short) who was being trained as a keyblade wielder by Sora turns to darkness and kills Sora's other apprentices thus causing Sora to go find the remains of Daybreak Town where keyblade wielding began and hide away there feeling sorry for himself until he's found by a new keyblade wielder who convinces him to train her but not before Riku is killed by his own son. Then after Sora's new apprentice leaves to go face off against KR, Sora decides to help his friends by using the power of the Book of Prophecies to project a hologram of himself to the place where his friends are preparing to fight KR. He successfully keeps KR at bay long enough for his friends to escape but his use of the Book of Prophecies takes so much out of him that he fades away into light... Only someone who's a true KH and Star Wars fan will understand/appreciate what I just said
  10. My thoughts exactly. I can't help thinking *spoiler warning for the latest NA story update* that he chose Strelitzier to be a union leader simply to use her as live bait. Even her Chirithy questioned her being made a union leader! I mean she was adorable but she really didn't seem to be leadership material as she was so shy. And surely the Master would have foreseen what would happen to her? Seems rather suspicious to me.
  11. Watch the cutscene "Union Leaders" again. Ava chose most of the Dandelions herself but it was the Master of Masters who chose the new union leaders. He gave Ava a piece of paper with five names written on it and said, "They're your new recruits. Make them all Dandelions, and when the time comes, teach them their roles." One of those names had a red circle around it which Ava queried and was told that that person would get their own copy of the Book of Prophecies. Therefore, although it was Ava who told each of the new leaders that they had been chosen, she didn't choose them herself. True it hasn't been specified what kind of Masters they are so you might be right. Ephemer didn't specifically say that Ven was a Master but he did say that he himself was one. When Ava first tells him about his new role (in the cutscene entitled Number Four) he says, "Me? A Master? A Union Leader?" So if he is a Master then the other union leaders are probably Masters too.
  12. I couldn't find another post about this so I hope I'm not repeating a topic already discussed. And I hope I'm not stating something that was really obvious to everyone else. Also if you are not up to date on the Union Cross NA storyline then look away now to avoid spoilers. I was going through a list of all currently known Keyblade Masters in my head the other day (as you do) when I suddenly realised something that I'd never thought about before. Ventus is a Keyblade Master! Probably, anyway. How is he a Keyblade Master, do you ask? Because in Union Cross he appears as one of the new Union Leaders chosen by the Master of Masters to replace the Foretellers (who are also Keyblade Masters) after they meet their end in the Keyblade War. And when Master Ava first tells Ephemer that he has been chosen to replace her as another one of the new Union Leaders he indicates that this also means he has been made a Master. Therefore if Ephemer has become a Master then we can assume that the other new Union Leaders are also Masters, including Ven. So if Ven is a Keyblade Master then that means - assuming he is one and the same as Ven in Birth By Sleep where he appears slightly older - that the whole time he was training with Aqua and Terra and sharing their dream of becoming Keyblade Masters, he was already a Keyblade Master but just didn't know it. I think this is a pretty interesting realisation when you consider that he is not only younger than Terra and Aqua by a few years (in appearance anyway as we don't actually know how old he is) but he is also weaker than them. It also means that Terra is the only one of the three to have not yet obtained the title of Master despite appearing to be the oldest. That would make him really depressed if he found out! On a slightly different note, why do you think Ven was chosen by the Master of Masters for this role? He says so himself that he's not particularly good at anything and never in the top ranks. He doesn't really seem to be a natural leader either. My guess is that he was chosen for his strong resistance to darkness. Though I also wonder if it's because the Master of Masters knew what lay in his future? Please share your thoughts!
  13. Dream Eaters makes most sense in terms of catching something, but I've actually been thinking about how a Kingdom Hearts Go might work for a while and it would be cool if you defeated Heartless and other enemies by swiping the screen as though you're swiping at them with a keyblade, then at the same time you can collect Dream Eaters to help you take down the Heartless etc. I'd also want treasure chests to pop up in random places as well and have the chance to collect and upgrade different keyblades.
  14. I highly doubt it'd ever happen, but having a Studio Ghibli world would indeed be fun! And the Japanese voice of Haku is the Japanese voice of Sora! However being the Spirit World, don't you think having Dream Eaters as the enemy would make more sense? Good dream eaters are called Spirits after all. Also my current title in Union Cross happens to be Spirited Away!
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