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  1. Also her outfit looks a lot like old Xehanort's outfit. It's the same colour scheme, down to the silver hair. When I first saw her I wondered if she was his sister. That seems unlikely as they're from different worlds but I do think they're connected in some way.
  2. True, but it is implied that by the time of KH1 Riku/Sora and Mickey are the only known keyblade wielders left (not counting Yen Sid) as far as anyone seems to know. And since Riku and Sora were fighting over one keyblade at the time it was technically only two known active wielders. So all other wielders were either lost (like Aqua, Terra and Ven), retired or had died, otherwise Yen Sid would have called on them for help by now.
  3. I'm thinking some terrible event occurred which wiped out not just them but everyone living in Scala Ad Caelum except Eraqus and Xehanort which caused them to abandon that world. There were a lot of buildings in that place and numerous other islands with more buildings on each one so obviously there were a lot of other people living there at some point yet when Sora goes there it's deserted. There must have been a reason. Maybe the event which wiped everyone out was what caused Xehanort to turn to darkness. It was his way of coping with the grief.
  4. I believe Nomura also said somewhere that Union Cross is meant to have a storybook-style to its art. As it's all about the "age of fairytales" it's meant to look like an animated picture book.
  5. Most likely. Maybe he's Yen Sid's grandfather who introduced him to keyblade wielding and magic! I'm just coming up with all sorts of theories as to how a young Yen Sid could be involved in this story.
  6. Does anyone else wonder if we'll get to see a young Yen Sid in this game? He was an old friend of Eraqus and Xehanort and a former keyblade master after all so it would be great if he made an appearance as a keyblade wielder here. I even wonder if he could actually be Hermod with an alias name (probably not). Disney might not allow that though.
  7. To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit... I voted for Enchanted because I thought it'd be fun to jump between a cartoon world and the 'real' world and see everyone in the real world staring at Donald and Goofy. I can't see how Mary Poppins would work as a KH world, unless perhaps as a mini games-world like Winnie the Pooh.
  8. If your country is currently in lockdown and you're struggling to cope with being stuck indoors all day, here's some tips we can learn from Sora to help you through it. 1. Stay connected with loved ones. 2. Learn a new skill. 3. Play videogames, especially those with a social element. 4. But don't forget to keep fit! 5. Eat healthily... 6. And sleep well. 7. Dressing up can be fun! At least change out of your pyjamas now and then. 8. Most importantly, stay positive no matter what! 9. Looking forward to the day you will get to be together again.
  9. To be fair though, there's a Namine doll inside a bird cage in the room where Namine was being held captive in Re:Com which I believe is in the same style as these plushes as well so maybe Re:Com is where it originated.
  10. Anyone know where I can (safely) download Re:Mind cutscenes for GMV making?
  11. I don't get why everyone always goes on about having to pay money into Union Cross. I never have yet I'm regularly ranking in the top 2000 players in the Coliseum. Anyway I'm looking forward to trying Dark Road even if just for the story.
  12. There's a number of online guides for beating them. I've yet to beat Luxord, Terranort, Xemnas, Xehanort and Xion though.
  13. I love Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle! It shares a number of similarities with Kingdom Hearts too. Nice video but it does sound like the timing of your vocals with the music went a bit off in the chorus.
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