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  1. The murder investigation seems a bit dark for kh but would love to see who framed Roger Rabbit.
  2. Since they're on an island, I'd go with fish or coconut
  3. As much as I feel Kairi got screwed in kh3, Yozora is my favorite character now. I wanna know more about him and his universe.
  4. Yeah, plus I heard Boris Johnson was in the hospital
  5. Haven't really been affected much but I am very angry with my governments response
  6. Like the way Fenrir looks. Not like a traditional key blade either, looks closer to a car key and a buster sword put together
  7. I've played X, all of the XIII games, and XV. XV is honestly my favorite since it's closest to KH's combat.
  8. I've only played FF so I'd have so say that. But I honestly prefer Kingdom Hearts' combat over FF
  9. I feel like Moana's gameplay would be similar to the Caribbean (minus the pirate ships)
  10. The World That Never Was is #1 for me. End of The World is a very close 2nd because of the structure. Love the portals to other worlds. They did the same in kh3 which was pretty cool too
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