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  1. I understand why tbh. Disney is considered pretty childish so more mature players might be turned off by it. I honestly still think it's great but if I hadn't played any of the games at all, idk if I would've actually given KH a chance.
  2. This.. .. There are multiple people I've seen that say they love KH but hate the Disney parts even though the games are 90% Disney.
  3. Taking away the whole concept of KH won't make it KH anymore. I think adding Pirates of the Caribbean was the most mature thing they'd do. I do think they are contemplating adding Star Wars and Marvel but imo, it wouldn't fit.
  4. I love the design for the KH3 one. Looks badass but I'm kinda on the fence between that one and BBS when it comes to the look.
  5. The eggs are a lot easier if you stack the chef extraordinaire ability. I don't remember the accessory name rn but you should be able to get two of them.
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