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  1. Finally. I've been wanting this since they had Sephiroth's kh costume. I hope they add Cloud's as well.
  2. Sora's mom. Just like Xion, everybody forgot about her after she died
  3. If you see a red light streaming across, you're at the point where you get an excellent. You'll definitely want the gourmand ring. You can get 2. One from getting the bistro at 1 star and the other from the postcards. They help a lot, especially when it comes to the eggs.
  4. Makes sense considering the hype surrounding it. Critical mode and new game+ made it 10 times better for me.
  5. A couple things.... 1: I understand the reason for the easy difficulty (I'm honestly ok with it myself) but most people who have been fans since the beginning were expecting challenge. 2: Targeting an audience that has never played a KH game isn't a good idea, especially considering how complicated the story is. The memory archive isn't that accurate either. 3: Just a positive comment, I live the keyblade transformations. In my opinion, it adds variety to the combat and gives me a reason to use other keyblades. Probably the best addition in my opinion.
  6. To be fair, Critical was never part of the original games. It was always exclusive to Final Mix.
  7. I'm probably going to have to grind a lot 😂😂😂
  8. Hope we hear something relating to dlc. I don't mean to be pushy, but the game is lacking in content
  9. Well, US society is trying to be more child friendly nowadays. Less violence and no cursing. Saying jackass would probably give the game a T rating. But as for my previous comment, I'm not sure how the concept of death would work in the KH universe. It seems like when people die, they still come back
  10. Considering it's Disney, I doubt it would get much darker than it has. It was odd that Jack didn't use the word kill during that cutscenes, even though Beckett in later cutscene mentions the pirates all dying, like in the movie. I'm honestly disappointed there wasn't more interaction between Sora and the rest of the characters in that world
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