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  1. I just thought about something. If there's going to be Data Battles again, that means there must be a computer somewhere with the Data of the new Organization XIII's members. How about if that "computer" is also where the Dandelions from UX are trapped?
  2. As regents of their Kingdoms, Jasmine, Anna and Elsa share those traits, and they know how to fight too. However, Kida's heart could be "tainted" because of the trauma about the catastrophe that caused Atlantis' destruction, seeing her mother disappearing as a child and spending centuries fighting for survival in the remains of a previously powerful civilization. And in one of the scenes of the movie, the king of Atlantis said Kida had killed previous strangers that found Atlantis in the past. I doubt your heart can be pure if your hands have blood in them.
  3. Kida? The one from "Atlantis: The lost empire"? I don't think so. This movie's world will definitely appear in the future, especially because of the part of "The Heart of Atlantis", but Kida doesn't fit for a "heart of pure light", considering how serious and violent her world is. She's not even from the Disney Princesses' franchise. (I know Alice isn't either, but Alice fits the kind of personality of the other princesses). Kida would fit more for party member.
  4. After seeing how improved the graphics of KH2 were, I knew worlds from CGI movies would be included to make them look the best possible way. Pixar's movies were clearly proof of that, alongside "Tangled", "Frozen" and "Big Hero 6". Compared with Disney, Pixar's movies are very few. So, which Pixar's worlds would you expect to see in the future games of KH? These are my candidates: + "The Incredibles": Quite easy to guess. After the world of Big Hero 6, another world based on superheroes should be easy. + "Brave": Merida could actually a party member, but she's also one of the candidates to be one of the "New Seven Hearts". Merida is CGI Princess, like Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa; so there are high chances for this. + "A Bug's Life": A possibility to continue the story of the first movie is very interesting. Sora and co could take the form of bugs in this world. + "Good Dinosaur": The Heartless in this world would certainly have to be big an powerful, in a world of intelligent dinosaurs. Since there are primitive humans in this world, I don't think Sora had to change form here. Arlo and the T-Rex's family would certainly be helpful to Sora. + "Cars": It's difficult to imagine this world in Kingdom Hearts. Best option?, it could be a world of minigames where Sora has to race against Heartless or something. Goofy and Donald can have cars' forms, as there are Disney Pins with this idea, but I don't know how Sora could look. My guess?, maybe similar to McQueen. "WALL-E" could have its characters to appear out of their world, like Remy; but I don't see its world working. "Finding Nemo" could turn too much like Atlantica as the best choice. "Inside Out" could be interesting, but I don't see how the world of our mind could work here.
  5. Kairi kept her power because she's the only member who is part of the "essence" of this franchise. Like Sora and Riku, she's an exclusive characters of Kingdom Hearts' itself, no part of Disney or Final Fantasy. There are four candidates for the remaining 3 roles and who could appear in a future game: Pocahontas, Merida, Tiana and Moana.
  6. Exactly. But you know?, since technology is now more advanced, maybe they could use it to make a sequel of the original animated version and introduce these deleted elements.
  7. Well, the 3vs3 fight sounds weird, but it could actually be true. After all, the final battle before facing Master Xehanort himself is also a 3 vs 3. I mean, we start being Sora, Riku and Mickey VS Ansem, Xenmas and Young Xehanort. As you defeat them, it turns into a 3vs2 and a 3vs1. I don't know what they will show at Jump Festa, if they show anything, but it will surely be something to intrigate us even more. Personally, I would like ReMIND coming out in December. Maybe, he was picking Dandelions after all.
  8. I read the info. I wish we could have official confirmation, but then the worker who leaked this info could lose its job. I actually believe it could be true. The part of the Olympus extended cutscene "Who are you?" can match the new scene between Xigbar and Luxord, where Luxord ask him this question. The "Freezy Swing" can actually match the new attack we saw in the trailer between Aqua and Ventus, doing snowboard on his Keyblade. Personally, I would like the scene cut from Toy Story, where Rex says Donald and Goofy's names were "Magia and Aegis", to be restored. This short scene was on a demo of Toy Story the past year... I think.
  9. Pal, what kind of archive is this one? I can't read it.
  10. Well, it doesn't have much sense to have to battle these guys all over again, honestly. But for what we saw in the trailer (Vanitas or Vanitas Renmants, and Xigbar), it seems that's what is going to happen. I don't know about Xion fighting Vexen and Demyx, but we certainly need an explanation about what happened with those two. I mean, in the ending, we saw Vexen back as Even at Ansem the Wise's lab, working in restoring Namine. No sign of Demyx, but I would like to know what happened to him too. You know something funny, if Demyx and Vexen were "reserves" for the Organization, Master Xehanort could have used them for the X-Blade, instead of killing Kairi.
  11. Well, I'm not really sure about all of it. Many parts sound logical, but honestly, the stories involving time traveling always give me a headache. I mean, if Sora goes back in time again to save Kairi, doesn't he risk to undo Master Xehanort's final defeat? This is so confusing. I would really like, however, to see an explanation about the Shibuya place where we saw Sora and Riku.
  12. I repeat, back in the flashback of the live-action, Alice is younger than in the animated version. In that flashback, Alice looks like having 8 years at least, or maybe even younger. She looks like 18 years in the present time of the live-action. And the animated version of Alice, she looked like a girl of 11 years, more or less. This clearly prooves the animated version and the Live-Action don't share the same continuity.
  13. I checked the info. Wish we could have another event from here to December that will reveal us some new official information.
  14. I know that part. But still, the "first journey" in the flashback of the live-action movie doesn't match at all with Alice's animated version. + First of all, the Alice in the live-action's flashback looks younger than the animated Alice. + In the animated version, Absalom (or Mr Caterpillar) became a butterfly quite quickly; but in the live-action, he was still a caterpillar, as if he never turned into a butterfly. + The Red Queen was clearly influenced by the Queen of Hearts, but she should have been named as "Queen of Hearts" to keep continuity with the animated version; which it didn't happen. + And most importantly, Alice's animated version of Wonderland wasn't at all as "gothic/creepy/spooky" as the live-action version. (We own that to Tim Burton's style).
  15. It's not really a "live-action sequel", more like a "live-action remake". And no, I don't consider it because that movie (along with all the live-actions remakes Disney is doing now) belong to a different "reality" of the animated versions. Elements from this movie could be adapted to make a sequel of the animated version, however. We would still need a remake of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" to have all the original Princesses of Heart in live-action remakes. And honestly, doing that with Walt Disney's original master piece, would be going too far. The point of my question is, however, the fact that Wonderland is a world that was created through a dream, Alice's dream.
  16. I just thought about something. According to the movie of "Alice in Wonderland", Wonderland itself was nothing more than a crazy dream Alice had while she was asleep in the park. So, could this mean Wonderland is like a Sleeping World? After all, when Alice woke up, Wonderland literally ceased to exist. So, could Wonderland be considered a very special kind of Sleeping World?
  17. Well, if I have to guess, I suppose the Replica could have been teleported to the Gummi Ship after the battle to keep it safe. Roxas' return unexpected? Sorry, pal, but since this story was the end of an arc, it was obvious Sora woul dhave to save EVERYONE, Roxas included. So, I expected his return from the beginning. Also, the Replica on the Keyblade Graveyard was already wearing the Organization's cloak, just like Roxas; while the Replica used by Ansem the Wise and the others was practically naked. Also, if the Replica from Dark Riku was transported to the Gummi Ship, and then possessed by Roxas, that could explain how it fell from the sky at the last second. Good for you if you find sense in the original story, but I find it more logical this way.
  18. I completely share your point, pal. I personally have the hobby of storytelling/fanfiction, and writing a story is anything but easy. However, I don't care about what the public wil think or if they will like it; I write stories I know I will like, and that's enough. You can't please every single person after all. Writing the stories you will like to hear was one of the keys of Stan Lee's success, and I greatly admired that man. However, it's also true that it's quite easier find error in another ones' work before your own. I have no regrets about Tetsuya Nomura's story for KH3, but some errors can't be avoided to be mentioned. One of them, for me, it's the Replicas' topic. Ansem the Wise, Ienzo and the others used a Replica to restore Roxas; then, somehow, they managed to send it to the Keyblade Graveyard just in time to save Xion and Axel. In the meantime, the Replica used for Dark Riku was supposed to be used for Namine; but Sora and Riku didn't even bother to put it in some safe place until the battle was over. I can't stop thinkign that it could have been more easy if the Replica from Dark Riku was used for Roxas, and the Replica on Ansem the Wise's lab was used for Namine. Don't you think it could have been more logical this way?
  19. I wrote my own topic about the same thing. You can see it here: https://www.kh13.com/forums/topic/121032-mcu-in-the-future-of-kingdom-hearts/ I also believe the MCU could be used as an adventure for Sora in Kingdom Hearts. This is how I imagine the main points: 1º) Thanos' snap could be the key for the crossover. Thanos' snap could have caused a disruption through the universe and open a hole that caused individuals from other realities being dragged to the MCU. That could work to explain Sora's presence in the MCU. 2º) To explain Sora presence through different movies, I guess the Quantum Realm could be used. If the Gummi Ship could travel through the Quantum Realm, this could allow Sora to travel through the different eras in MCU and meet several heroes. For example, go to 1942 and meet Captain America in "The First Avenger"; then going forward and meet Captain Marvel in 1995. Of course, Sora could only go forward to avoid the whole "time changes" and stuff. 3º) Sora would have to avoid certain moments in the MCU to avoid inconcluences. For example, just like they skipped "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men's Chest" to avoid Sora from interfering in events (surely saving Jack from being devoured by the Kraken), Sora couldn't be in "Infinity War" to avoid Thanos' snap. It would be like Ant-Man escaping the snap in the Quantum Realm. 4º) Disney's characters in this story should be reduced. I mean, considering Howard the Duck, Sora could have Donald and Goofy with him. Also, since there are some similarities between characters from Disney and Marvel, maybe Sora should rescue those characters from being dragged to the MCU too. For example, both Disney and Marvel have an Hercules. Marvel's Arabian Knight has several similarities with Aladdin. Disney and Marvel have both a character known as Beast. And of course, Big Hero 6 were based on a superhero team of Marvel. 5º) Now, which "movies" would Sora visit in the MCU? It should be different places through time and space to avoid "time inconcluences". And all of them should have an objective. Sora should have a "guide" to help in this mission too, and I believe the best candidate should be the Ancient One. These are the "worlds" Sora should visit: + "Captain Marvel": Its goal would be obtaining the Tesseract, from the alien cat. + "Avengers" (The first movie): Its goal would be obtaining Loki's Scepter, after defeating him. + "Guardiand of the Galaxy": Its goal would be obtaining the Orb, after defeating Ronan. This should be tricky, as they should avoid Thanos' attantion. + "Doctor Strange": Its goal would be obtaining the Eye of Agamotto, right after defeating Dormammu and force him to bargain. + "Thor - Dark World": Its goal would be obtaining the Aether, once Malekith is defeated. + "Iron Man's movie": One of the three, which goal would be protect Stark, as he would be needed to stop Thanos. + "Hulk": Its goal would be save Hulk, as he would be needed to use the gauntlet and undo Thanos' snap. (Some things has to happen like originally). + "Captain America - The First Avenger": Double goal, one is saving Cap America, as he's the one who will assemble the Avengers. The other would be obtaining the Tesseract, but it would fail, so they will try again with Captain Marvel. + "Ant-Man's movie": One of the tw movies. It's goal would be saving Ant-Man, as he will be needed for the Quantum World's trip. + "Black Panther": Its goal would be saving Black Panther, as the Avengers will definitely need Wakanda's army and tech to beat Thanos' army. + "Spider-Man - Homecoming": Its goal would be saving Spider-Man, as his death on Stark's arms would be necessary to motive Stark into help the Avengers with the Time Machine. + "Avengers - Age of Ultron": Now, this one is tricky. Its first goal would be saving Quicksilver, then Quicksilver would sacrifice himself to gain the Soul Stone from Vormir. 12 "Worlds", 6 to gather the Infinity Stones, and 6 to save important characters to defeat Thanos. All this will take us to the "final world": + "Avengers - Endgame": Its goal is clearly defeat Thanos and his army, and avoid at all cost he uses the Infinity Gems again. The final battle here already shares a lot of similarities with the final battle on KH3. Check my other topic: https://www.kh13.com/forums/topic/120158-comparisons-between-the-plots-of-avengers-endgame-and-kingdom-hearts-iii/ After this, Sora would use the Gems to open a portal back to his reality, and the Avengers will take care of returning the Gems to their proper places. Well, what do you think?
  20. Thanks, pal. Glad you like this. + About Neverland, I believe Jane can work perfectly. I mean, NeverLand seems to be a world where time doesn't pass. I mean, Wendy becomes adult and have children, but Peter, Hook and all other remain the same. Now that I think of it, "Jake and the NeverLand Pirates" could work, although they should adapt the character to be a little more "serious" and maybe a little "dark". + About Land of the Dragons, yeah. Certainly, manipulation from the Heartless could be useful to improve the plot from "Mulan 2".
  21. Kingdom Hearts is an hybrid between Disney and Square Enix, so you can't have Kingdom Hearts without Disney. Also, it has been confirmed that Japan is not the one from the real world, or the Shibuya from TWEWY, but the one from "Verum Rex".
  22. One of the best things about Kingdom Hearts is the idea of exploring new worlds, usually based on Disney's movies. However, you have to admit that, while it's logical for a world (which story has been completed) no longer to appear, there are quite several elements from some others that could be explored. Some worlds have been present during Sora's 3 main journeys, one way or another; like "The Lion King", "The Little Mermaid" and "Hercules". Also, KH3 showed us that the worlds not necesarrily need to follow the plot of their movies, as they can have different kinds of adventures (although with references to the movies). We have examples on "Toy Story", "Monsters Inc" and "Big Hero 6". Therefore, we should analyse which worlds can still be useful for Kingdom Hearts' franchise in future games. I won't count the live-action remakes because they would cause too many non-senses in the continuity. (Live-Action Maleficent is clearly way different from the classic animated Maleficent, for example). Let's see: + "Wonderland": First time Sora visited this world, there wasn't too much to explore. In fact, the plot almost didn't follow the plot of the movie at all. More similar to the movie was the plot in KH:UX, where we also met in person other characters from the movie, like the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. The Caterpillar is another character from the movie who appeared in minor products of KH, but not in any main game. So, I believe a new adventure here should be in order. + "Deep Jungle": It really bugs the fact that they couldn't use Tarzan's world for more than the first game. After the success of the whole KH's franchise, anyone could say Disney would have permission to use him again. Elements from the animated series of Tarzan would be useful to visit this world again; especially the new villains, like Tublat, the exiled gorilla. And on top of them, we have Queen La, wizard queen of the lost city of Opar. + "Olympus": All the main points of the main movie has been already used, but considering how important have been this world through ALL the games, I believe we could still see it again thanks to the animated series of Hercules. That series put us mainly while Herc was in training and in the High School, but the antagonists used in it could be useful for new adventures. Between them we had Echidna (mother of al monsters), Ares (God of War) and Antaeus (the half titan). + "Agrabah": Normally, we could say they already used the main movie and "The Return of Jafar". However, it doesn't have much sense how Jafar was defeated in KHII, as he was defeated, and then his lamp disappeared. To truly defeat Jafar, it should have been like in the movie, destroy the lamp and you destroy Jafar. With this, Jafar could still appear when less expected. Even so, we still have the animated series of Aladdin and the final movie "Aladding and the King of Thieves". Not to mention Sora still haven't seen elements from Agrabah that appeared in KH:UX, like the inside of the Palace, meeting the Sultan and Rasoul. We still have a lot to see from Agrabah. + "Pinnochio": There's not much to mention about this, as we saw Pinnochio becoming a real boy at the end of the first game. Still, the fact of a sleeping world being truly restored in still unaswered. After KH:3D, was Pinnochio's world really restored? They should show us. + "Atlantica": The first game showed us a story that could have happened in the animated series of "The Little Mermaid", and KH-II followed more of the first movie's plot. Still, elements from the animated series could be used for more adventures, as well as the movie about "The Origin of the Little Mermaid" and of course, "The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the sea". + "Halloween Town": Oficially, this world is already completed, but if they can use it, they could expand it using the plot from the videogame "Oogie's revenge". + "Neverland": We have the sequel of "Return to NeverLand" to use, but they could use the movies of Tinker Bell too. They are supposed to happen BEFORE Tinker Bell met Peter Pan, but the stories can still be adapted, somehow. + "The Land of Dragons": Obviously, the plot they can still use here would be "Mulan 2". There's no much action in this movie, but it can always be adapted to the world of Kingdom Hearts. + "Beast's Castle": KH-II ended with, apparently, the spell broken. However, Sora never met Maurice (Belle's father) or Gaston, who appeared back in KH:UX. So, I believe this have to be solved somehow, because is really sad Gaston was never saw in HD. + "The Caribbean": Obviously, this world still have material for a lot of future adventures. They had to skip "Dead's Men Chest" for obvious reasons; otherwise, Sora would have surely helped to save Jack from the Krakken, ruining the next movie. "On Stranger Tides" and "Dead Men Tell No Tales" are great material to appear in the future of Kingdom Hearts. + "The Pride Lands": Simba has been along Sora for most of his journeys, so it's only fitting for Sora to return to the Pride Lands at some time. The most logical thing would be using the plot of "Simba's Pride", but considering the great things of the animated series "The Lion Guard", I believe this could work too for Sora. Becoming honorary members of the Lion Guard would fit perfectly to Sora, Donald and Goofy. + "Castle of Dreams": The main movie was already used, but the sequel "What If...?" could give us a hint for a chance to use this world again, when Lady Tremaine gets her hands on the Fairy GodMother's wand and turns the clock back. Now that I think of it, if Maleficent learns about this trick, she could use in other worlds too, like Agrabah, Dwarf Woodlands and Enchanted Dominion. An interesting new trick to get more from old stories. + "Dwarf Woodlands" and "Enchanted Dominion": What I said about Castle of Dreams. + "Deep Space": We only saw the part of the movie from the beginning, before Stitch reached the Earth. So, they have to adapt the rest of the story about Stitch finding his Ohana on Hawaii, alongside Lilo. Also, elements about the animated series and Stitch's cousins could still be used to increase Stitch's role in Kingdom Hearts's universe. I don't think it will be too complicated, after all; Sora has already visited a "modern world" in San Fransokyo. + "La Cité des Cloches": We already had the plot of the movie in KH:3D, but I'm not sure if that can be counted, considering this world was asleep when Sora and Riku visited. Maybe making another visit to it will be necessary. + "Country of the Musketeers": It doesn't have sense to visit this world again. + "Symphony Of Sorcery": Maybe Sora could visit this world again, adapting the musical segments from "Fantasia 2000". + "Space Paranoids" and "The Grid": The main plots from both movies were already used, but considering how "virtual reality" is getting an important role in the universe of "Kingdom Hearts", maybe Tron's world could have more importance in the future. + "100 Acre Wood": You like it or not, I personally like this world in KH; mainly because it works like a "little paradise" where Sora can momentarily escape from all the darkness he fights and relax. Personally, as long as Christopher Robin doesn't appear, I believe this world will keep appearing. + "Toy Box": This world gave us the first time we don't truly follow the plot of a movie, so it would be interesting to see them again in the future. Personally, the whole thing of Verum Rex makes this world a point of interest. And even if Sora never meets Andy face to face, it sure is fun to see Sora in the world of Toy Story. I hope next time, he will meet the rest of the gang, like Jessie, Bullseye, the Potato Heads and Bo Peep. + "Monstropolis": The main plot of the movie was already "used" into a new adventure, and I don't see any reason to return to this world. However, since I don't think we have seen the last of Vanitas, I believe he could return to this world again to gain more negative emotions. Not to mention there's something really weird with this word; because it seems it can connect with all the worlds we know. During the scene where Mike and Sully throw Vanitas through several doors, we can recognize other worlds from the game: The frozen forest of Arendelle, the floor of Corona's main plaza, the night's street of San Fransokyo, and what appears to be somewhere in Toy Story's world. + "Kingdom of Corona": Rapunzel's role as one of the New Seven Hearts makes logical Sora will have to return to this world at some point. For new adventures, they can use the plot from the animated series, where Rapunzel's hair was restored, but without healing powers. + "Arendelle": Just like Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa's role as members of the New Seven Hearts makes necessary for Sora to return here at some point. I guess they could use the plot from the new future movie, "Frozen 2". + "San Fransokyo": Finally, the animated series of Big Hero 6 could be used to give us more adventures along this team. Especially after the presence of two Baymaxes in the team broke all the continuity until now. Well, what do you think?
  23. Japanes version of KH:UX has been upgraded with new story parts. I would say the next one will take us to Sugar Rush. Funny thing. I was thinking about the possibility of the CyBugs eating and assimilating a Heartless, and it finally happened. But I have to say, the result is even creepier than I imagined it. Do you think this combination could take us to the creation of an enemy even more dangerous than regular heartless ever were?
  24. Rest in peace, Mrs Taylor; you earned it. I don't think your replacement will ever be at your level.
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