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  1. Has anyone else ever hung out in Twilight Town or Dive to The Heart in vrchat?? It's so amazing walking through these places in vr it feels like I'm really there! You can even sit on the train that goes around the market or on the tower! Here's me in my custom avatar in vrchat Twilight Town and Dive To The Heart! Vrchat has an ingame camera for vids and selfies X3
  2. Switching between undertale, hanging out in VRChat in Twilight Town (exploring Twilight Town in vr is a whole different experience omg), and FNAF VR lol
  3. Hiya everyone! I'm Zoey! I'm trangender MtF in my 20s and have loved Kingdom Hearts my whole life and I'm very shy, but I'd love to try and make friends! Feel free to chat me up!
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