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  1. The recent announcement of DLC Version 1.07 makes me think these scenes are the ones that will affected with its "Main story update". Don't you think?
  2. To be realeased a month after Re:MIND, I think it's an obvious hint the book must contain spoilers from the game. Possibly involving Yozora, the Master of Masters and even the events from KH:UX.
  3. I doubt we will have such luck, but at least Sora could see Daybreak Town, the Foretellers and the rest of Ventus' gang (the new leaders of Unions).
  4. Congratulations, pal. Now, something curious about the description "Sora is about to discover the truths that he has never before imagined". Maybe this could be the key to Yozora, but I also think this could take us to a direct crossover with KH:UX. I mean, if Sora is going to get inside the Hearts of the other Guardians of Light, when he gets into Ventus' heart, could he discover the memories of his past life in KH:UX? It would be really interesting if he does.
  5. To be honest, I already thought there were a lot of similarities to Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts' Universe from a long time ago. And as time passes, they have only increased. Think about it: + The whole thing of the Unions and the Keyblade War in UX is imilar to the Jedi Order and the Clone Wars that ended with their extermination. + The Keyblades are a standard weapon, similar to the lightsabers. + Those corrupted by darkness have their eyes turned yellow, and curiously, the same happens to those who end up corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force. + Master Xehanort's design have a great resemblance to Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, the biggest villain of most Star Wars' stories. + The whole thing about usig the Gummi Ships to travel to different worlds is like using the Millenium Falcon to go to other planets. Also, in KH we have battles between space ships similar to the endless battles of Star Wars. + Terra's story have a lot of similarities with Anakin Skywalker's story. + Finally, in KH-III, on the trip to arrive to the Keyblade Graveyard, we end up trapped into an enormous construction designed as the ultimate weapon. Don't tell me you don't see resemblance to the Death Star and the Starkiller Base. It would be quite easy to add Star Wars to Kingdom Hearts' universe. The only problem is that, Star Wars' stories take a lot of years between movies. So, it won't be needed just a way to travel through space, but through time as well.
  6. I just thought about something. If there's going to be Data Battles again, that means there must be a computer somewhere with the Data of the new Organization XIII's members. How about if that "computer" is also where the Dandelions from UX are trapped?
  7. As regents of their Kingdoms, Jasmine, Anna and Elsa share those traits, and they know how to fight too. However, Kida's heart could be "tainted" because of the trauma about the catastrophe that caused Atlantis' destruction, seeing her mother disappearing as a child and spending centuries fighting for survival in the remains of a previously powerful civilization. And in one of the scenes of the movie, the king of Atlantis said Kida had killed previous strangers that found Atlantis in the past. I doubt your heart can be pure if your hands have blood in them.
  8. Kida? The one from "Atlantis: The lost empire"? I don't think so. This movie's world will definitely appear in the future, especially because of the part of "The Heart of Atlantis", but Kida doesn't fit for a "heart of pure light", considering how serious and violent her world is. She's not even from the Disney Princesses' franchise. (I know Alice isn't either, but Alice fits the kind of personality of the other princesses). Kida would fit more for party member.
  9. After seeing how improved the graphics of KH2 were, I knew worlds from CGI movies would be included to make them look the best possible way. Pixar's movies were clearly proof of that, alongside "Tangled", "Frozen" and "Big Hero 6". Compared with Disney, Pixar's movies are very few. So, which Pixar's worlds would you expect to see in the future games of KH? These are my candidates: + "The Incredibles": Quite easy to guess. After the world of Big Hero 6, another world based on superheroes should be easy. + "Brave": Merida could actually a party member, but she's also one of the candidates to be one of the "New Seven Hearts". Merida is CGI Princess, like Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa; so there are high chances for this. + "A Bug's Life": A possibility to continue the story of the first movie is very interesting. Sora and co could take the form of bugs in this world. + "Good Dinosaur": The Heartless in this world would certainly have to be big an powerful, in a world of intelligent dinosaurs. Since there are primitive humans in this world, I don't think Sora had to change form here. Arlo and the T-Rex's family would certainly be helpful to Sora. + "Cars": It's difficult to imagine this world in Kingdom Hearts. Best option?, it could be a world of minigames where Sora has to race against Heartless or something. Goofy and Donald can have cars' forms, as there are Disney Pins with this idea, but I don't know how Sora could look. My guess?, maybe similar to McQueen. "WALL-E" could have its characters to appear out of their world, like Remy; but I don't see its world working. "Finding Nemo" could turn too much like Atlantica as the best choice. "Inside Out" could be interesting, but I don't see how the world of our mind could work here.
  10. Kairi kept her power because she's the only member who is part of the "essence" of this franchise. Like Sora and Riku, she's an exclusive characters of Kingdom Hearts' itself, no part of Disney or Final Fantasy. There are four candidates for the remaining 3 roles and who could appear in a future game: Pocahontas, Merida, Tiana and Moana.
  11. Exactly. But you know?, since technology is now more advanced, maybe they could use it to make a sequel of the original animated version and introduce these deleted elements.
  12. Well, the 3vs3 fight sounds weird, but it could actually be true. After all, the final battle before facing Master Xehanort himself is also a 3 vs 3. I mean, we start being Sora, Riku and Mickey VS Ansem, Xenmas and Young Xehanort. As you defeat them, it turns into a 3vs2 and a 3vs1. I don't know what they will show at Jump Festa, if they show anything, but it will surely be something to intrigate us even more. Personally, I would like ReMIND coming out in December. Maybe, he was picking Dandelions after all.
  13. I read the info. I wish we could have official confirmation, but then the worker who leaked this info could lose its job. I actually believe it could be true. The part of the Olympus extended cutscene "Who are you?" can match the new scene between Xigbar and Luxord, where Luxord ask him this question. The "Freezy Swing" can actually match the new attack we saw in the trailer between Aqua and Ventus, doing snowboard on his Keyblade. Personally, I would like the scene cut from Toy Story, where Rex says Donald and Goofy's names were "Magia and Aegis", to be restored. This short scene was on a demo of Toy Story the past year... I think.
  14. Pal, what kind of archive is this one? I can't read it.
  15. Well, it doesn't have much sense to have to battle these guys all over again, honestly. But for what we saw in the trailer (Vanitas or Vanitas Renmants, and Xigbar), it seems that's what is going to happen. I don't know about Xion fighting Vexen and Demyx, but we certainly need an explanation about what happened with those two. I mean, in the ending, we saw Vexen back as Even at Ansem the Wise's lab, working in restoring Namine. No sign of Demyx, but I would like to know what happened to him too. You know something funny, if Demyx and Vexen were "reserves" for the Organization, Master Xehanort could have used them for the X-Blade, instead of killing Kairi.
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