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  1. of course Luxu knows. He even passed on the blade to one of the leaders.
  2. at this point a KH title having a number or not makes little to no relevance as every KH game is linked to the plot
  3. All these options together to be honest. It’s a nightmare trying to escape from news on the internet
  4. I think that there will be no updates, like there aren't any in UX but Nomura keeps saying the story will advance fast which is certainly isn't or like he said after 2nd anniv that it would be more focused on the leaders but all we get is Agrabah
  5. certainly you need a medal that restores health, so if you have iKairi or A&CC use that...worked fine for me, only continued once
  6. so, I have received a confirmation from SE on twitter that goods and CDs are scheduled to sell in the other venues, but no other info apart from that and I also got confirmation from the venue in Paris
  7. haha well I guess you understand I mean the next few months at least by "forever" need to come up with the cash thanks for the info
  8. I love these, and I'm planning on getting some in the future, once I check how much I'll save from the orchestra merchandise and 1.5+2.5 so are they going to be for sale forever?
  9. At this moment it's still not clear if the merch. will be sold in the other concerts besides Tokyo
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