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  1. I like your proposal, however all I'll say is watch the beginning of the Final Battle Trailer and pay attention to who and 'what' can be seen, thus confirming a certain set.
  2. Finally! After years of guessing and predicting, we finally have Cable Town, I've waited so long for this moment and it's brilliant
  3. Keep going Xehanort! Add a few more tears and push the lights to the brink and I can't see Sora being 'alone' too much, how I'd like this scene to play out is for Sora to break and give in to his emotions and when he is about to be defeated, a hooded figure emerges and the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades to appear, then switch to Roxas being playable for a battle, before Sora regains his composure and is ready to commence, this is followed by the oblivion and oathkeeper falling to the floor and disappearing and Roxas fading away.
  4. I saw the whole purple star as more symbolic than having a direct meaning, especially when you consider the previous entries openings. However, whilst stars represent worlds, they also represent people, what would be interesting if he saw his own star and thus learned of the events that will happen.
  5. Thanks for the heads up more than anything, I've heard a lot of whack 'supposed leaks', but what you've said is whilst unfortunate, not gut wrenching to see like Character A is a nort and Character B dies etc. We have to be vigilant though, as anything is fair game now.
  6. I have accepted the darkness, it was the only way to escape the endless Christmas songs... 

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    2. Seyin95


      feel slightly for a poor retail worker, we've already had a month of it already, the Realm of Darkness calls



    3. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good

      Ooft good luck mate, so glad I don't work in retail anymore

    4. Heather Chandler

      Heather Chandler

      I feel your pain, if your store is playing anything like some of the stores around here are. Same three or so songs, over and over. 

  7. After rewatching it a few times, it does look like this battle is more symbolic of the role of Xemnas in ruining the friendship of Roxas etc and thus forced the battle we saw in KH2. I agree with you about the songs, whilst I do prefer this to Chikai, which I still cannot warm too, it doesn't have the same affect Simple and Clean or Sanctuary had. That being said, the trailer seemed well edited and perhaps flowing normally, the song might change my mind. The eye debate is an interesting one as it propels many theories and could play credit to a few 'leaks'. I'm in the air on this one, whilst the silver eyes did look cool, I like the iconic yellow eyes. My issue is, I want the yellow eyes to remain a Xehanort characteristic and having him a puppet or under the influence of someone else, cough MoM cough, just seems too cliche.
  8. This was confirmed during E3 by Nomura in I think a famitsu interview and Brendan Docherty in various interviews too.
  9. Ended up tracking the information down from a rather helpful fan on twitter, I agree with what we've stated so far and it does seem to be more fan fiction than anything, I mean I'm sure all of us can try and write the final battle one way or another. That being said, I did enjoy aspects of the supposed plot and would not object to those parts. Other than that things seemed a bit on the messy side, even for a KH title. In relation to the leaks etc, it's up to people how they handle them, my stance is 'incorrect, but interesting until proven otherwise.' The difference between the MI leaks and this was credible images and not purely some randomer writing something up.
  10. What even was that? 

  11. Not complaining about a new trailer, however I'm hoping the DLC is merely an Amazon keyblade or some skin variation. Anything major prior release and the 'development has finished' message appears diminishes. I'm intrigued what will be shown and what information will be presented. That being said, I do agree with people's reservations here.
  12. That would be more comical than anything and would already be pushing a boat that's already been pushed a little too far with Data Riku, however both Hayner and Pence do deserve more credit, both are strong, brave and loyal. They tried to defend Kairi from Axel in KH2, helped Sora reach Data TT for the first time and now in the trailers we've seen they want to want to help Roxas and my boy Hayner openly attacks Ansem SoD without a keyblade or magic. At this stage name Hayner the Sage King of TT.
  13. I agree with your points, I too have clocked how people jump on the 'every trailer must have X and show X' bandwagon now. As you said not every trailer is aimed at people like us, but potential newcomers. Now whilst it was possible to play KH2 without KH or CoM, KH3 does need previous entries, that being said we don't know everyone who will play this and is a potential newcomer going to get excited about for example Dilan being shown in a trailer? No, however you show someone Captain Jack and people know who he is. Regarding the Riku scene, it could well just be a continuation, however I genuinely do believe from all the hints and emphasis that he will have a playable segment.
  14. Whilst I do agree with you on this, part of me would be amused by the confusion if it's Skuld or someone else
  15. Totally inoffensive trailer filled with some rather amusing cutscenes. I feel people are failing to appreciate the effectiveness of this, it's not aimed at hardcore fans- but offers a general 'here is SDG and we go to World X and fight the Darkness.' Simple, direct and places an emphasis on the Disney Characters. Two points I'd like to expand, the Riku and Mickey scene looked like a transition scene from cutscene to gameplay and also this came from literally no where, thus we don't need to analysis and predict what events we might potentially see something. Taking that into account, we have more than one trailer coming out next month, now whilst I am willing to wager ( embracing my inner Luxord) that Jump Festa will come good, it's fair game for the whole of December now
  16. Hello new trailer out of nowhere on a Tuesday Afternoon


  17. Three things 1) Mother Gothel at last! 2) The Honey Transformation actually looks pretty cool 3) The final screenshot of P and M is intriguing. I presume if it's listed as being in TT it's the other side to the Station Tower where the Mountains are, if that's the case I never imagined TT to have such a landscape. If this is TT it really expands upon the idea that there is more than meets the eye with the Mansion. If it's not TT, potential spoiler?
  18. I agree with what you say, another important thing to add on is that throughout the series Darkness in some form or another has always outnumbered the lights, which is why Xehanort has an easier job of recruiting than the lights do.
  19. Both Nomura and Brendon Docherty (Senior Marketing at SE) both during E3 confirmed she's under Xehanort's influence. Brendon literally said this during two interviews and Nomura was in I think a Famitsu interview.
  20. yes I did, however it has been made clear throughout the series that the GoLs will be keyblade wielders, I mean how can you have a keyblade war without keyblade combatants? However, if we look back to Chi, there were nine shadowy figures during the scene foretelling the Second Keyblade War which probably allude to DG.
  21. Morning all, After going over the previous trailers for KH3, one of the most recurring themes is the triumph of darkness and the struggle of light. Not only do we see this through the continuous reveals of Xehanort's SoDs, but also through the lack of formation of the GoLs. As of our current knowledge we know that Sora, Riku, Mickey, Lea and Kairi will participate in an initial battle against our base groups of enemies. However, that only leaves us at five members. I do not believe this to be a coincidence. Rather crucially the fates of four potential members have been deliberately shown to be fragile. Aqua is under Xehanort's influence, Ven appears to be compromised by Vanitas, Lingering Will is still trying to reclaim his body and the mystery of Roxas continues. Whilst on the Box Art, we have not seen either Xion or Namine, which still leaves their fate unknown- if anything has changed at all thus far regarding them. Add to the mix potentially Riku Replica- who again unlike Data Riku does not seem to be under Xehanort's influence, we now have a missing seven GoLs of light. Again I do not believe this to be a coincidence. The overall theme is about resolution and our seven missing GoLs still have unresolved fates, thus I believe limiting them from being part of the main GoLs going into the Final Battle. Instead, I think the fated battle will happen, but during the initial stages the final two members will become clear. The initial two members from the trailers appear to suggest Terra or at least the Lingering Will and potentially Roxas, due to the fact we can match the background during his reveal matching the same as the one in the Xbox Trailer with Xehanort and his cronies standing on top. However, we do not know the outcome of the Lingering Will's battle nor do we know Roxas's fate- he could well be under Xehanort's influence. We need to see what the final trailers have in store for us and then go over the previous material again.
  22. I don't think so, if we remember back to KH CHI, we could see nine shadowy figures vs the thirteen. Whilst I believe DG will participate, they won't be actual Guardians. If we focus on the trailers, it's clear that we have two spaces remaining, however the trailers have made it clear about the current predicaments- Aqua is as far as we know under Xehanort's influence, Ven appears to be potentially compromised, LW is still struggling to reclaim his body and well we know Roxas will be in the Keyblade Graveyard, just which side is unclear.
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