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  1. Kino, that's firetrucking kino
  2. > list of directors for mainline pokemon games RBY - satoshi tajiri GS - satoshi tajiri and junichi masuda Crystal - Junichi masuda RS - Junichi masuda and satoshi tajiri Emerald - shigeki morimoto FRLG - junichi masuda and satoshi tajiri DP - junichi musuda Platinum - takeshi kawachimaru HGSS - shigeki morimoto BW - Junichi masuda BW2 - Takao unno XY - junichi masuda ORAS - shigeru ohmori SM - shigeru ohmori USUM - kazumasa iwao SWSH - shigeru ohmori Wowwww Masuda wtf happened Also Ohmori is confirmed shit tier
  3. Ohh 😅 I'm a bit obtuse :0 I am cured
  4. Walkman phones to this day have great sound quality Really? How would they be shut off?
  5. Omg I loved Sony Ericsson phones I had a slider and a flip phone
  6. Oof, it has been a while since we've seen yoy Ur all boring, smartphones are ugly Apple is the most ugly I can't wait until two years after this comes out when it's gonna be affordable
  7. Can't wait to flip my phone shut when I get pissed off
  8. Wtf why can't I see a pain emote in the test
  9. It's a KH1 remake, I barely remember most of it except for the iconic lines
  10. tHeY WeRe oNlY In 1 aNd 2 The only games they're wholly absent from is DDD (which has TWEWY) and Days Oh, and that one that cannot be named in this chat
  11. People just plain don't give recoded the time of day
  12. I TOLD YOU THAT THEY WERE IN RECODED Not you specifically but in general tHeY'Re nOt iMpOrTaNt Vindication
  13. I love that eye colour For some reason it looks a lot nicer than the CGI and ingame one
  14. then idk why the spells are translated so bad
  15. <:seasaltshinji:512668704102940673> <:seasaltshinji:512668704102940673>
  16. Yeah, I agree with that price
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