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  1. Sure Sora can do everything himself, but we now have a larger group of characters that have all been playable and he practically uses none of them in 3. Riku and Mickey should've been more than enough to bring back Aqua, why make them fail just to have Sora come in and do it? And they went to the trouble of gaining the 7 guardians, yet only Sora is needed to defeat him despite Xehanort alone was being to completely ravage the BBS crew. The whole story just felt poorly thought out in 3.
  2. Like a 6.5 Honestly the gameplay was wonderful, and I enjoyed all the new additions. They could've given flowmotion a bit of a buff for how big some of the worlds felt, but I liked the feel of exploration and combat... The story on the other hand was pretty bad, Riku and Mickey felt nerfed and their roles just made them seem incompetent, despite them both being masters and that really sums up every other character too. Everyone NEEDED Sora in order to get anywhere and it made playing all the prior games feel unrewarding. Xehanort was this huge baddy, taking out everyone with little to no effort in BBS and in this game you had a whole group of guardians who sat and waited while Sora BSed his way to victory. It left a really sour taste after beating it. There's more .. but I find myself trying to avoid thinking about the game now that it's over, and that really says enough.
  3. Well hopefully it at least sets up the other characters to actually do something in the next title. Sora was waaaay to prominent in this game, and sure he is the main character, but he really took the wind out of all the other characters' sails this time around.
  4. I think the game was great, the combat for me was probably the best in the series to date, gummi ship included, though what I love most of Kingdom Hearts is the story which I have to admit, was a bit average. The disney cutscenes drag on for what feels like an eternity, and if your waiting for an organization member to appear, and don't know when they might .. you have to watch it, then get disappointed when nothing really important happens. Almost all the plot is in the beginning and very end and it does make it feel rushed and a bit lazy, but honestly, when you consider all the shit they had to resolve from all the side games, I can appreciate them simplifying it all down and giving each plot a clean resolution. Sure they could've padded it out a bit and done it better, but it was a good length game and it's finally here and the series can move forward more smoothly. I look forward to the future.
  5. You have to figure it depends on how well they optimize the game too. File size can differ drastically from one game to another. I mean Zelda BotW was like 14 gbs and that game was massive.
  6. I saw at least once in an interview that they've had a release date in mind for a while and that was months ago, and even back in 2015 one of the trailers had a calendar hinting at March 2018. I'll admit they haven't showed a whole lot of the game, but if Nomura is confident and doesn't obsess over detail, he may get it out on time. Toy Story was just announced and that world seemed finished when they showed it, so who knows where they are now.
  7. Guardians would actually be amazing, though I'm not sure if they want to put in another marvel property after Big Hero 6.
  8. looks like a pretty cool design, I like the colors a lot, but it's waaaaay too short.
  9. kh3 e3 2015 trailer. Showed the most of what to expect of combat without showing too much of 1 world. The last two spoiled a bit too much of the worlds' new areas and the combat went on more than needed.
  10. I'm not saying they don't have a lot more than they're showing done, though I believe it was confirmed that they just started working on new unannounced worlds fairly recently. And I understand people aren't looking for a huge amount of spoilers, honestly I can live without any story details, but I think showing Olympus was worse than say a small portion of Tangled or BH6, it would've been a nice surprise to have an area up in the clouds. I just think it's weird they only focus on Hercules now.
  11. Kingdom Hearts III is hardly anywhere close to finished from what I can tell from the last trailer, but now there's news that we will be receiving 'final information' on the game next month. Since we have only really seen Olympus in every trailer to date, do you think the news will involve Square trying to push the game out in an episodic release to get the game out earlier? This type of release format only seems to work for games revolving heavily around a strong story and could work well with Kingdom Hearts, but idk how I would feel if this was actually the case. It could be cool to see the game out sooner than anyone anticipated, and having a full world to explore every couple of months could be enough to keep the fanbase at bay. What do you guys think?
  12. I think we will still get a little something, just not a big presentation since KH3 is still a good ways from release.
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