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  1. Allwil13

    What is your favorite KH3 link revealed so far?

    I would say Wreck-It Ralph for the time being. I was going to choose the Dream eaters but I haven't seen enough of that one to relaly be able to say for sure if it's my favourite or not.
  2. Hey, everybody. So in order to get myself through this final agonizing stretch until KH3, I've been playing through the Kingdom Hearts games at random. I was just starting the final battle for Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix when I noticed something about Ansem's speech about Riku wanting to escape the Destiny Islands. I couldn't find a video of just this clip so the video I'm sharing is like 40 minutes, but the scene I'm referencing should start when you hit play. If not, it starts around the 2:12 mark: If you listen to what Ansem is saying about Riku wanting to leave the islands, it seems like the game may have intended to draw parallels between Riku and Young Xehanort while he was still living on the islands. All that stuff Ansem says about the island being a prison surrounded by water and how "this boy sought out to escape from his prison." Hasn't it been confirmed that young Xehanort felt the exact same way? I'm wondering now if more parallels will come up between the two in KH3. What do you guys think? Am I just grasping at straws or do you agree?
  3. Allwil13

    Leaks: A Warning

    I've started only watching Youtube in incognito mode. It doesn't remember my watch history so it doesn't recommend stuff. Including potential Kingdom Hearts leaks.
  4. Allwil13

    Leaks: A Warning

    You are an angel sent from heaven! Thank you!
  5. Allwil13

    Leaks: A Warning

    I saw a potential leak in a thumbnail on Youtube yesterday, although at the same time I kind of doubt its authenticity until I play the game, because the animation style looked kind of weird. Then again it was a thumbnail, so it's kind of hard to tell. That's the way I feel about spoilers/leaks. I'm going to play the game and see these things anyway, so usually I don't really care. Although with Kingdom Hearts 3, I've been actively trying to avoid them. I don't know why this time is different, but for some reason with KH3 I want to know as little about the game's events as possible until I play it. But I also think that your approach is a very healthy mindset. We should never let leaks and spoilers ruin our experience.
  6. Allwil13

    Favorite previous look in KH?

    I suspect it means original clothing and hairstyles prior to Kingdom Hearts 3.
  7. Allwil13

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 22

    day 22 Favourite Organization XIII member. Welp, I imagine anyone who has known me for more than five minutes can probably guess who my favourite organization member is, but I'll say it here regardless. Axel. It's Axel, no question.
  8. Allwil13

    Would you read a novel from Saïxs' point of view?

    I've always had mixed feelings about Saix. The games always seemed to build him up as being a total jerkface, but at the same time his personality before becoming a nobody indicated to me that there was more to his character than meets the eye. So I think a novel written from his POV would be super interesting, and I would gladly check it out.
  9. Allwil13

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 22

    Day 21 Favourite keyblade. Hmmmmmm, this one's tough. I guess either the Bond of Flame or Ventus' Wayward Wind.
  10. Hey everyone. There's something I've been wondering for ages now and I'm hoping it will finally be explained in KH3, but until then I'm curious to hear your theories. So in Birth by Sleep it was confirmed that Axel/Lea and Saix/Isa were best friends when they were human and we learned that they lived in Radiant Garden. So this begs the question: how/when did they become nobodies? Did they succeed in sneaking into the castle after their first attempt failed and end up getting roped into the apprentices' experiment? Or did they become nobodies when Radiant Garden was overcome by darkness? Or do you have another theory? Personally, I think that they managed to sneak in and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, being turned into Nobodies by Xehanort. It makes sense since they immediately follow the nobodies of the six apprentices in terms of rank in the Organization. I'm not sure if this has already been officially explained, but if it has I can't find anything to confirm it. So what do you guys think?
  11. Allwil13

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 22

    Day 20 Favourite non-battle music, huh? Hmmmmmm.... Probably Xion's theme or "Wayfinders".
  12. I won't lie, I don't quite understand why people loathe the classic kingdom games so much. I mean yeah, they're kind of frustrating at times (the fishing one especially drove me nuts) but for the most part I found them fun. But hey, maybe I was just super lucky. To each their own, I guess. Myself, I'm excited to play the new ones! This is such a clever idea for minigames.
  13. Recently looked back into the whole Channel Awesome scandal from last year. Seems like the Walker brothers ultimately decided to just move forward as though nothing happened. Words  cannot express how disappointed I am.  

  14. Allwil13

    Hiya Everyone!

    Hi, fellow mod! I look forward to working with you!
  15. I technically could have done that; I do have two weeks of vacation that I can book anytime. But we've got plans to take a vacation this summer, so I guess I'll just have to go to work and wish I were playing KH3 at home.
  16. Allwil13

    Axel and Saix

    I always got the impression that Xemnas took Saix under his wing and Saix just put all his faith in him. Saix was apparently second-in-command of the organization despite his rank of 7. The fact that Saix always refers to Xemnas as "Lord Xemnas" always gave me the impression that Saix saw him as almost a savior of sorts. And Axel seemed to view that with a certain level of contempt, which always made me think that he didn't trust Xemnas the way Saix did. If you watch the cutscene movie packaged with the HD collection you'll notice Axel always has this sarcastic tone when Saix talks about Xemnas to him. So maybe Axel eventually confronted Saix about the whole thing and Saix disagreed, and maybe it escalated? And as a result this caused a rift between them. But that's just my theory.
  17. Allwil13

    Axel and Saix

    I'm really hoping that some of the elements from the books are somehow incorporated into the games. I've never read the books personally, but I know about a bunch of the extra development that they provided for certain characters. It would be great to see some of those elements brought into the games themselves. Because yeah, there was clearly some stuff that went down between Axel and Saix in the past, heavily implied through their interactions in Days, but they never really went into detail on that. But again, I imagine they'll expand on that in KH3. At least, they'd better.
  18. Allwil13

    Axel and Saix

    Yeah, I agree that it was suuuuuper vague. I guess it would make sense if Axel knew Roxas was supposed to be part of their plan since he was paired with him right from the beginning. And he knew Roxas was Sora's nobody because he mentions it in one of the secret reports. I imagine we'll get some reference to it in KH3.
  19. Yeah, that does sound about right, lol. In all seriousness though, I had an issue with the idea at first since it seems like every major game has to do this kind of thing now (like Final Fantasy XV and Horizon Zero Dawn as much as I adore those games). But after seeing more of the selfies theyve grown on me. It seems like a fun thing to include.
  20. Allwil13

    Axel and Saix

    They never really gave a decent explanation as to what their plan was. I don't think it really involved Xion or Roxas, especially since Axel didn't know Xion's purpose or origins till later on in the game. I think Axel and Saix's plan was to boost Saix up through the ranks of the Organization so they could eventually take over. That's why Axel killed Zexion (I think).
  21. Allwil13

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 22

    Day 19 Favourite battle music would have to be Enter the Void (Vanitas Remnant battle), followed very closely by Sinister Shadows.
  22. Allwil13

    Look What I Found!

    So I stopped into EB Games (Canadian Gametop) to pick up my reserved copy of Bendy and the Ink Machine and found this beauty! They finally got one!
  23. One thing in this commercial that really hit home for me was the girl who said Kingdom Hearts was the first console game that she chose and that was officially hers. I had the exact same experience. I asked for the first game for christmas when I was 10 after seeing a commercial on tv and on Christmas morning it was wrapped under the tree.
  24. Allwil13

    We are hiring for Moderators!

    How many positions are open? Or is it just however many people fit the bill?
  25. Allwil13

    We are hiring for Moderators!

    I've never been a forum moderator before, but I I'm responsible and I like to think I can be fair when it comes to resolving issues. So if you're willing to give me a chance I'd like to help out.