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  1. Some of my favourite games of all time have either none or very little post game content. What do you want? Bases to clear wave after wave of heartless? Radio towers to activate? The secret ending isn't even on the disc yet and you can bet unlocking that will involve more than simply finishing the game so that's a good sign. I'm not worried tbh.
  2. FlipMode

    About the spoilers of Kingdom Hearts III.

    Those who want to avoid spoilers are perfectly capable of doing so. Those who, like me think that it's fine because we will soon know what happens anyway should be able to discuss spoilers in a designated place without having to feel like that makes us less of a fan. The mods of KH13 are doing a brave job of making sure spoilers stay in the spoilers sub forum.
  3. FlipMode

    What are your gaming plans leading up to KH3?

    Was that on the PS4? I think you're talking about Silent Hills which had a demo they called P.T (playable teaser). If so that's interesting because usually I can't stand horror games but I actually really enjoyed that demo. Something about the uneasy atmosphere waiting for the jumpscare that never happened and just seeing weird / scary looking things. Psychological horror gets me bad while still being enjoyable, things jumping out and screaming does not, it just annoys me lol Yeah when I am really into a game, its literally all I want to do when I'm not working lol. When I played Persona 5, I had a week off work that week anyway but like literally any time I didn't sleep that week was spent playing that game obsessively, finished it in a about 8 days or so. Not that that's something to be proud of or anything but yeah I get super into games when I am really enjoying them lol Don't really have any gaming "plans" per se. Just sort of playing whatever really, the two games I know I definitely will be picking up between now and then are Spyro Reignited and Smash Bros Ultimate, but other than that its just whatever random games I already have that I feel like playing
  4. Best trailer for the game so far. Because it actually looks finished and isn't missing sound effects. The game still has that "straight to DVD" look to the Disney characters and how they are animated though, where it looks good but you can immediately tell its done by a different company and it obviously shows, IDK, that's always the vibe I have got from the visual style of KH3. This is a good trailer because it doesn't rely on fan reactions to characters from the KH saga appearing, this actually looks like a game anyone could play and enjoy now. More please Square Enix!
  5. Watched that a few weeks ago, it was good even by today's standards. The Conjuring 2 is my go to Halloween movie, creepy antagonists (the nun painting scene is one of my favourite horror scenes ever), plus the movie is just well made in general. The series has gone a little bit off the rails now trying to make its own cinematic universe and tie all the films together but as a standalone movie, Conjuring 2 is great IMO.
  6. FlipMode

    GOTY: God of War vs Spider-Man

    I don't think either of them should get GOTY, as of the time of writing this I would say that's more closely contended between Red Dead 2 and Return Of the Obra Din. But of those two games I think they both are pretty much perfectly executed in what they wanted to do. I did have more fun with Spider-Man but as a game, it does use the very familar open World "Go collect all these things" side quests which are pretty lame and are only fun because of the web swinging mechanic, they felt like busy work otherwise. I would say God Of War just about takes it over Spider-Man but really I don't think either of those are the best games of this year, they are amazing games but there's been a lot of really good stuff this year and we still have more to come
  7. FlipMode

    Fly Away

    Hello. I wrote a short piece today wile I was waiting for a game to download. Hope you enjoy it. Fly Away The sun had just barely set over Twilight Town; in the distance the sky was a golden red hue, but if Xion looked above her, she could see the dark blue setting in above as day gave way to a night sky with a sprinkle of bright stars scattered throughout. In this town, one building always stood tall among the rest, the clouds were low today, so the clock tower appeared to stretch into them, giving the sense it was even taller a structure than it already was. You could see the horizon as far as your mind would allow you from the top of this clock tower and since Xion and her friends were able to get up there effortlessly, it made it a perfect spot for them to relax and talk after a tiring day of work. At the vertex of the clock tower, was a young girl with dark hair and blue eyes, dressed in the iconic organisation 13 hood that the people of this town came to respect as heroes protecting them from the heartless, unaware of the truth. Xion was restless, she often would come to this spot and watch the people of the town go about their lives, the relationships they formed, she would smile to herself knowing that she would soon be able to feel just as they do once she had a heart of her own. But today she could neither focus on that nor on the beautiful landscape, something else was on her mind. It had been three days since Riku had visited her on that island, the island that at once felt so familiar yet she was certain she hadn't seen before. “Sora's memories were scattered, a part of them found their way to you. Now we are trying to piece them back together except...” “You can't... Because of me.” It was that day that Xion had learned the truth of her existence. The more time she had spent with Roxas and Axel since that day, the more of Sora's memories raced through her mind. Riku had said to her to take some time to think about who needs her more, her friends or Sora. And now she had her answer. She knew it was time fer her to return the part of Sora she kept within her, his memories. Her thoughts were broken by the sound of a portal of darkness closing, from the shadows, Roxas emerged. He walked over to the edge of the clock tower and joined Xion. Now the only question was, how would she tell him? She didn't have long to think about it before Roxas, being his usual happy go lucky self broke the silence. “I figured you would be here when you didn't return home today. Why are you up here alone?” Roxas said. “Huh, well you know, its a perfect day to see the stars and think.” Xion said, looking up at the stars, although a lot of them still were obscured by clouds. This was the first sign to Roxas that something seemed a little off about her that day. There had been many clearer days here recently, if that was what Xion was here for then today was not a perfect day for it. “Man, what a day.” He said, choosing not to comment on what Xion said and pulling two bars of sea salt ice cream from his pocket and offering one to Xion. “Here 'ya go.” He said. Xion paused. For a moment, she could have taken it and acted like nothing was wrong. The way Roxas smiled at her, like she was a real person, it made her feel real, like she had a heart of her own. But this wasn't true and more painfully for her, it never was. “No thanks. Not today.” She pushed his hand back from hers. “Jeez. Not on a diet are you?” Roxas said. He awkwardly laughed to himself but when he looked back up at Xion he noticed something that made him drop both ice cream bars. A single tear rolled down Xion's cheek. “Xion? You're-” “I know.” She said, she didn't wipe the tear, she let it flow down her face and fall, she watched it as it dropped down all the way from the clock tower. If Roxas had any suspicions that something was wrong with her today, they had just been confirmed, nobodies should not be able to cry like that. “I knew it! All the time you said you weren't sure if you had a heart waiting for you in Kingdom Hearts...” Roxas said, he was happy and excited for her. Xion had been questioning whether she really had a heart the last week, now he knew that she could become a complete person. “Roxas, listen. Its not my heart.” She said. “What do you mean?” He asked her. “Xemnas told us that if we create Kingdom Hearts, we will have hearts of our own. But what right do we have to take those hearts?” Xion had been thinking about this ever since she told Riku she couldn't go and see Sora. Her existence meant Sora's heart would never full return to him. “But those are our hearts!” Roxas was starting to get a little irritated by having this conversation with her so many times lately. Xion couldn't do it. Not today. She knew she would have to tell him soon. But if she told him now, he would want to go with her and she didn't want to put him in that danger. She couldn't risk doing that to her best friend. “I guess you're right. She said. And Roxas was calm again “Sure I am. Once we get our hearts back, you, me and Axel will know what friendship feels like.” Roxas moved closer to her. “I went to a new World today. There was a boy there who could fly. He tried to show me how to do fly but it didn't work because I don't have a heart. But then I remembered that I do have one, its up there waiting for me. And then I did it. I flew with them over the ocean.” Xion smiled at him. “That does sound amazing.” “Maybe when we all have hearts we will be able to fly too.” “Yeah! We will fly away from the organisation, away from everything.” Roxas said excitedly, the freedom that would come once the organisation achieved its goal was one of the factors driving him to help them. “We won't need to come back down for anybody.” Xion laughed “Not even for me?” “We'll go together.” Roxas said, without meaning to. He looked surprised by his own words.“Errr I didn't mean-” “That sorta slipped out.” “No Roxas.” Xion shook he head. “That wasn't you. That was him.” “That was the real me, huh?” Roxas thought about that for a moment. And he realised that his true self must be someone who cares a lot about Xion. “Hey. If there was anything wrong, you would tell me, right?” He said to her. Xion took in a breath and answered “I would tell you. Everything.” And she stood up “C'mon, we need to get back.” She wasn't lying, she would tell him everything but she still had a few days. She decided to make the most of that time together with Roxas. Roxas smirked, took one final look out in the distance and took a deep breath out before he got up to follow her. Xion's mind was still preoccupied with thoughts about the days ahead. But she was a bit more calm and sure about it now. She had the luck of being one of the first in the organisation to become their full self again. She would be the first to fly away.
  8. FlipMode

    Final Chapter - Kingdom Hearts III 4K Wallpaper

    Looks great! using it now it still feels weird to me that we actually have the box art for this game. Like I'm trying not to sit around waiting for the game too much but every now and then I keep realising how close we are to KH3's release and its like little waves of hype.
  9. FlipMode

    Kingdom Hearts: A New Wielder

    So far I like it! You're taking your time with the pacing to add in back story and do some world building which I like. And I also really appreciate that you've actually formatted the post properly with line breaks and paragraphs, which I know is an obvious thing but so many otherwise great stories that get posted here are let down and (rather unfortunately) ignored because of it so that's good. That being said, I did notice a couple of grammatical errors. We all do it sometimes, but just something to be looking for in editing. Other than that I look forward to reading what you have in store for us next. Its a strong first opening chapter and seems to be setting up some of the grander ideas you mentioned so I'm interested to see where it goes. keep it up!
  10. PS4. And then hope for a PC release.
  11. FlipMode

    Should we get rid of forum signatures?

    Well I mean we have the option to not display signatures so I really don't see the point in disabling them for everyone when its already something members can opt in or out of. I don't really care much for them myself, I had a lot of free time back in 2011 to make mine but even then it was a dying trend. But might as well let those who do want them have their fun instead of being a wet blanket about it.
  12. FlipMode

    KH13 v4 - Discussion, bugs & features

    Big agree, I mostly use the site to read and post fan fiction stuff as well as roleplaying, so I am often looking at the page for a while. Things don't tend to bother my eyes like that but even I can't look at it for too long.
  13. FlipMode

    Important Message To ALL PS4 Owners!

    Yep. I've had spam messages on my PlayStation account too. I got a Vita a few weeks ago and logged into PSN for the first time in well over a year and definitely had some random messages and friend requests that could not have come from a legit person.
  14. Three Lions might as well be our national anthem right now. This has been a wild World Cup so far, we actually have a chance right now. Let's have it! ITS COMING HOME
  15. FlipMode

    Proplica Keyblade

    Hello. In the attachments is some pictures of the first officially licensed keyblade which is now in my collection Just thought I'd share a few pics because I didn't know this existed until a few days ago and I think it's pretty cool lol.