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  1. Definitely Brave would be a good one I think. I was kind of hoping it would be in KH3. And Moana would also be great; a boss fight against Teka the lava demon would be a pretty epic battle I think.
  2. Cook, Serve, Delicious 3?!, Okami HD (finally got a physical version for the Switch!) and various other odd games to try and kill time while I impatiently wait for animal crossing new horizons.
  3. Mine would be: Empire strikes back If anything would be worth being a decade older, it would be seeing the "I am your father" scene in a cinema full of people who were just discovering it for the first time. This movie is just so special to me. Just that perfect mix of action, the stakes are higher but there's also a lot of interesting lore bits about how the force works and world building. A new hope A New Hope is honestly not one of my favourites. But it's still going to the 2nd spot because no matter what you think about the movie, it's impact changed cinema and set a standard. Vader became one of the most iconic villains of all time. Like all around the world, no matter if people have seen the movies or not you can show them Darth vaders mask and they say "Ohhh star wars". And that sums up this movie really, just a legendary film. Return of the Jedi So yeah pretty much for all the same reasons empire is at the top. I watched the movies in their release order and there's some stuff in return of the Jedi that at first I thought was a bit odd but once you see this one and then the prequels all the characters actually get really fitting endings. This is where the saga really ends for me. Force Awakens The hype for this movie was insane and I still ended up really enjoying it. Yes I think they played it very safe with this one but I also think that was probably the best way of handling it. This is just a good fun movie of good vs evil. If you are new to star wars I would say you can watch this one first and if you like it then watch the saga in order. Revenge of the Sith If this was a list of which star wars movies I had the most fun watching this one would be way closer to the top. There is just so much silly stuff in revenge of the sith. I mean just look up a video of star wars meme quotes and most of this movie will probably play. I do think the prequel trilogy was pretty mixed and I think this film is as well. But by the end it does a pretty good job of setting up the events to follow. And it also opened the door for lots of questions about Darth Plagueis and different force abilities. Even some of the battles, if you listen to the commentaries and making of you learn why they go the way that they do and different forms of combat each character use. This is one epic movie. Phantom menace Ah the phantom menace. This is the one I've seen the most times and the first one I ever saw. My dad took me to see this when it first released and I had no idea what star wars was. Young me enjoyed this movie. Even with all the flaws it has and how down right boring it can get at times. But I mean the pod race scene is fun and Duel Of the Fates is probably one of the most recognisable pieces of music other than the theme song and imperial march. The ending scene music being the emperor's theme sped up in a different key is a nice touch. There's a lot of little details in this movie and I can't hate on it too much since it was my introduction to star wars. Rise of Skywalker I mean it is a fun movie but if you're there for anything more than just to be entertained by typical sci fi tropes and see some cool star wars stuff you'll be disappointed. Not bad but pretty forgettable. If they wanted this to be the end of the saga then they really owed it to us to make this one better. If any movie is evidence that star wars shouldn't be a yearly franchise it's this one. Every few years a new one releasing would be a special event for cinema but this one along with a few others just leave no impact. attack of the clones I'll be honest it's been ages since I rewatched attack of the clones so possibly I'll revise this list later and episode II might be higher up. Attack of the clones is barely even a war, which is a key component of star WARS. The romance just doesn't work as a driving force for Anakin to be pushed to the dark side and without that the movie just falls flat for me. Last Jedi The only one I've only watched once. Failed to expand on anything interesting force awakens set up and down right wasted some of them. This movie felt like it was directed by some one who likes star wars but wants their own star wars and not the one that actually exists. Just a mess of a movie from all angles. Looks nice though lol I might come back and edit this to expand on the reasons each film is where it is later but I'm pretty happy with the order at least for now
  4. I don't think so but it really should be. I really don't think the game has aged all that well and it was a product of its time and it's circumstances. Going back to it now it does seem like it was rushed out for the dreamcast launch at like 85% ready. A little bit more polish and editing and it could have been a classic. As it is I just think it was impressive at the time and that's about it really. Imagine a revamped chao garden with Animal Crossing or Minecraft inspiration. Oh I would lose so many hours! I would love a remake so that they get a chance to make it the game it was envisioned to be.
  5. Got a few Switch games for Christmas so have been playing Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild and that will likely be all I play now until March.
  6. It's been "coming soon" for years and keeps getting delayed because they can't secure the funding for it and we don't really have the infrastructure.
  7. I doubt it'll ever happen to be honest 🤔
  8. I'm getting it very soon. As soon as I finish the JRPG I am currently playing; this is next on my list From what I hear it's a really good port and pretty much a must own for Switch especially if you didn't play the original. I'm excited. Heard nothing but good things about this one
  9. 17 games in my "Games out now I must play!" Amazon List (or 19 since two of those are HD collections of two games), 15 games in my "upcoming games I must buy" list. And those are just the physical releases, there's about 8 digital release only titles I still need to get. Even if I had the money to get everything I want to play, I would not have enough time to play them all Those lists of mine seem to be getting bigger with each passing day. Last Of Us 2 looks good. I didn't enjoy the first one as much as many other people seemed to. I do recognise the quality of the game, its just not my usual kind of game. But I did enjoy it overall. Thing is; I don't really know how the sequel is going to top the original. I mean the graphics are phenomenal, but other than that it just looks like more of the first game. Not saying that's a bad thing, I'm just saying that I have a feeling a lot of people will be saying the firts one was better and the game will be unfairly criticised because of that, here's hoping I will be wrong though. Also the violence seems to have dialled up to 11 in this. I am all for violence in games and stuff and don't think anything should really be censored as long as it has the appropriate age rating, but The Last Of Us 2 make me a little bit uncomfortable with how much it emphasises the gore and violence. I'm sure there's some kind of reason and its part of the direction but it doesn't always work and some times to me it just looks unnecessary (MGSV). TL;DR: I'm still getting it but I'm not as hyped about it as everyone else seems to be
  10. That annoyed me so much in KH3. I don't know if it was like that in all the other games and I didn't notice it but man, so much dead air in some of the scenes. My only concern at this point, that has been on my mind ever since this was announced is that... This is called Final Fantasy 7 remake, but SE need to make it clear that this is only the first part of the remake project. My understanding of it so far is that this is basically just the opening chapter... And its going to be two discs?! So over the next decade or so we will eventually have a complete story spread over a collection of multiple games? When asked about E3 about future games in the remake project they pretty much said "Don't know, haven't planned that far ahead yet." I just don't know if I can let myself get too invested into this game knowing full well that it may never be a complete story.
  11. Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel, Smash Ultimate and some of the SNES classics on Switch.
  12. Looks fantastic! I remember playing the original but I have forgotten most of it so remake or not it'll be a fresh game for me. For some reason I remember most going into Squidward's house and breaking everything and putting a moustache onto one of his portraits it really felt like you were in Bikini Bottom because they had just about all of the recurring characters and locations from the show. The more I think about it, the more excited I am to play this.
  13. As a massive Disney fan, I must say this is one of the things they do that I just don't get. Even in Disney Infinity, their own crossover game there were stipulations like "Oh you can only use a character in the world they are from" its all a bit strange really. I feel like the reason more people aren't calling them out for being so over protective of their characters and the stories is because it hasn't been found to have negatively effected the end product.... Yet. I have heard about the rumours that the Frozen world in KH3 was originally different. Anyway as for Marvel being in a KH game; I'd like at least a Spider-Man world (which I guess would just be New York) but a stylised one that looks like a comic book or the old animated TV series. That would be perfect. And it might also help get more people into buying comics again, apparently traditional comic books aren't selling as well as they used to / need to be.
  14. 2002. I actually read about it in a PlayStation magazine here in the UK, in May 2002 (ish) they had a tiny section called "One To Watch" which was a small column on games that were coming out soon but were sort of under the hype radar. And it was literally just a few lines and a screenshot saying like "This game recently released in Japan and has been well received there, its soon coming out in the UK and its a mix between Final Fantasy and Disney". I wasn't into Final Fantasy at the time (I'm still not really) but just the fact there was a game coming out where you adventured through Disney movies immediately sold it to me. There wasn't really a big crossing over of Disney characters like that before then, plus the graphics at the time were great, I remember seeing a screenshot of Hades from the game and thinking it looked exactly like the movie lol. So yeah, I was a fan basically before it was even released here. I remember because Kingdom Hearts released about two weeks after GTA: Vice City here, so all my friends at school were still talking about and playing Vice City and I would just be going along with the conversation even though I had already moved on from running over old ladies in a car, to hitting Jafar with a keyblade.
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