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  1. Nah, I don't Think The Real Sora Ever Thought Logically Before Almost Always Getting Himself Killed In Battle Because He's not too tactical Therefore Incredibly Idiotic. Re:Coded Data Sora Was Pretty Intelligent, He Figured Out All The Glitch Bugs And Everything He Said Sounded Like He was Very Smart Compared To That Doofus Sora. Compared to Real Sora, Who Acted Incredibly Stupid in CoM Where He wanted to Keep The Fake Promise Implanted By Naminé of Protecting Her Even Though Kairi is his Real Important Person. I Agree With Larxene When She went "You're Such An Idiot!" To Sora Because Yes, He's been nothing but an Idiot So Thank You. Come On, Sora's been so stupid Even in KH2 Where He can't even Understand What A Nobody Is When Riku Confirmed That Roxas is His Nobody Or Figure out anything else. In KH3 He's even more Dumb, Sora couldn't even beat Xehanort Without The Help From His Other Friends. Don't get me started on DDD, Sora Could Barely Think Anything Before Charging into Battle Without A Plan Hoping Something Good Will Happen and Relying too much on Luck Like an Idiot. Let's face it, Most People claim that Sora is a smart Guy But Isn't too Bright. But I Doubt It, He's obviously an Idiot That Don't Know How To Go Engage In A Battle Without A Logical Plan To Defeat Anybody. I Mean, This Whole Series with Sora I've been like "I might Hate Data-Sora and You, But In terms of Intelligence I'd go for Data-Sora For How Smart he is. Compared to, Sora the Big Doofus."
  2. Why, You Ask? Well It's Simple, Really. You Should Observe The Smallest Detail That 2 Memories in The 2.8 Dream Drop Distance Remix When Roxas transfers his Memories To Sora, That Naminé is Signified as 2 of Roxas's Most Important Memories among The Other Ones that flashback to his Life. Besides, Repliku And Riku Helped Naminé have a Replica Body With Her Own Heart For The Sake of Roxas. Even Nomura himself confirmed this, And Sora Told Naminé When She was a Star in Final World That Roxas missed Her (He was referring to Love Interest Sense Not As A Friend) Which Naminé giggled about. Also, Roxas And Naminé Were on Destiny Islands Together Although They Do not Talk with Each Other It's still obvious that These Two Maintain Their Affectionate Feelings For One Another in KH3's Ending. For God Sake's, Naminé & Roxas Were in The Same Exact Area and He Told Terra about his Crush On Her but The Audio was muted for Roxas's Potential Love Implication. If I Remember, Roxas was Blushing When He First Met Naminé And Smiled (Note: Namine's "I wanted to Meet You, At Least Once." Quote) Also She Blushed When Talking with him in That Mansion White Room. And, Roxas Wasn't That Happy With Saïx Axel Xion Hayner Pence & Olette Who Sat Eating Sea Salt Popsicles With Him Because Naminé wasn't there. Consequently, She might've been happy to see Riku But I bet Naminé Truly Wanted To See Roxas more than anything else which is Why Riku took her to see him. I Mean, Riku And The Others Were Secretly Hooking Roxas & Naminé up in KH3 Hell Even Demyx Was Requested By Him To Help Get Her And Save Naminé Roxas always did everything for her After KH2 To Be Honest He Clearly is bonded to her.
  3. I mean You only deny Naminé and Roxas because It's caused by your Confusion from How You play KH, For a Better Understanding Start a New Game in All Of Them and Return to the Beginning. Then Proceed to Go in The Tetsuya Nomura Order Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Where it all started Kingdom Hearts 1 - Sora's Story Kingdom Hearts Recoded - How The Letter was sent in KH2 Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories - How Sora fell asleep in a Memory Pod Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - How Roxas was born and captured ending up in Simulated Twilight Town Kingdom Hearts 2 - How Naminé Roxas Riku and Sora all meet Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance (2.8 or 3DS Version Your choice) - Opening foreshadows the Events of KH3 Kingdom Hearts 3 - Supposedly The Finale but There is a Possible KH4 Ever Since Sora disappeared.
  4. He loves Xion as a Little Sister, Roxas did way more for Naminé compared to the Brotherly Figure Things he did for Xion like He was mostly looking after her like an Older Brother to a Younger Sister. For Naminé, He saw her as a Romantic Partner I mean It was probably the first time Roxas saw someone differently than a Friend and When he is with Naminé and without We see that Roxas finally loves Someone which completely disproves Axel's discussion on who believed that he would need a Heart to feel Love. But I guess he was wrong, Think about it Roxas smashed The Simulation Computers Because He was pissed that Ansem-Riku and DIZ Kidnapped the One Person He loved. Roxas was happy when he Reunited with Naminé at the end of KH2 and got closer with her, In Dream Drop Distance Naminé is separated from him and Roxas spends a large amount of time offscreen Looking for her So He could Save Naminé again. In KH3 Roxas remembers her and Runs back to her at the End on Destiny Islands Somehow He managed to share information about his Relationship with Naminé to Riku and He worked with Riku Replica to Save Naminé on Roxas's Behalf, He is seen sharing his Relationship with Naminé to Terra in the Ending of KH3. Roxas Fought Sora Because He blamed him for not Finding Naminé on his Behalf, That's Everything that should clarify Roxas's undoubtedly Deep Affectionate Feelings he harbours for Naminé. Also Whatever Roxas did was all For her Sake, If They weren't ever separated He wouldn't of done all that reckless stuff. But Roxas was influenced and affected by the separation that He just let the Crazy Love get the better of him which led him to act irrationally, So I'd say Roxas may actually Confess his Feelings to Naminé soon Sure He is still gonna be Shy around her but Someday Roxas will Declare his Deep Love for her and Start their Romantic Relationship. Plus, Three of his Most Important Memories in bubbles when he was rejoining with Sora was Only of Naminé which symbolizes how Much She Actually Means to him. This was present in Kingdom Hearts 3, Because Roxas remembered that He had a Special Girl That He needs to Tell his own Affection with so Roxas ran back to her at the End of KH3 Where they reunite for the 2nd Time. Although, Roxas and Naminé were Together for Two Other Times But Even When Separated Those Two Kept Thinking about Each Other Wanting to be Together Nope, Roxas loves Naminé During KH2 Dream Drop Distance and Still She loves him in KH3. Well, Guess What The Naminé and Roxas Couples became Canon in KH3.
  5. I don't think You can just claim that They are mentally children, Since When has Nomura ever confirmed this? I've looked everywhere on Youtube There wasn't any proof of him Declaring to the Audience The Nobodies are Mentally Childish, I'm pretty sure He confirmed that Naminé Xion and Roxas are all Mature Nobodies like If you read the wiki of Naminé It says accurately that she is more mature in KH2 and KH3. Roxas Axel and Xion already reunited in KH3, Like It's just his Favourite Dessert so Of Course He put some meaning in it. But Sea Salt Popsicles don't really symbolize Friendship, The Friendship is associated from their Memories and Conscience not The Popsicle. The Sea Salt Popsicles are a representation of Roxas's Life of Utter Grief and Hope for his Better Future, It doesn't have any other meaning than that. If you don't know, Nomura never intended to make Sora and Kairi a Couple It was an accident on his decision Because Someone else suggested this. However, He did intend to make Naminé and Roxas Canon Because He himself already stated that He prefers RokuNami more than SoKai. Probably Because Sora and Kairi were more of a forced relationship, RokuNami was more realistic with the Love at First Sight effect and the fact that their First Meeting was a coincidence. There is a lot of signs that Roxas loves Naminé in Dream Drop Distance Majority of KH2 and KH3, He attacked Sora Because He blamed him for Not letting him spend as much time as he wanted to with her. Roxas destroyed the Simulation Computers Because of How He wasn't able to stop Ansem-Riku & DIZ From Kidnapping Naminé, He was relieved to have seen her again and Smiled at her at the End of KH2 through their Somebodies. In Dream Drop Distance Roxas kept Two Memories of Naminé in his mind which shows his Deep Romantic Feelings he had harboured For her, In KH3 Sora reveals that Roxas has missed Naminé more than an Actual Friend of hers would Which implies his Love for her Naminé also giggled and blushed when She heard Sora mention Roxas. They are Together at KH3 While Roxas tells Terra about his Relationship with her and Crush on Naminé, He was only 5 inches away from her on Destiny Islands at the Ending. Roxas has been seen constantly Blushing in KH2 Prologue When talking with Naminé, Who blushes as much as He does While Talking with Roxas. When Ansem-Riku and DIZ Kidnap Naminé to prevent her from talking to Roxas, Naminé was worried that She would never see Roxas again which is why she was gesturing her hands on her chest despite not having a Heart showing Concern. She was staring at Only Roxas's Figure of her Drawing when sitting on the bench referring to him as "Someone She wants to see" Naminé also was happy to Reunite with Roxas at the end of KH2 hence Why She smiled at him so affectionately, In KH3 Naminé was Actually happy at the Ending Because she was 5 inches away from Roxas (therefore Why Nomura recently confirmed this Couple as Canon) Naminé and Roxas were standing beside each other when Sora disappeared seemingly banished to another World What I'm trying to explain is, Naminé and Roxas proved How much They enjoy being Together throughout KH2 DDD & KH3. The Blushing Their Memories of One Another & Their Respective Desire to See Each Other Even How Both of them are Worried for One Another in KH3, At the end of The Day Nomura made Roxas x Naminé Canon in KH3 which makes their Relationship even more possible and probable Because It pains me to say Sora & Kairi are almost near the Relationship's Conclusion and The Doors will open for the New Romantic Realistic Relationship of RokuNami. The Sora and Kairi Relationship curtains will indeed close never to be focused on again, I'm Sorry but It seems that Naminé and Roxas Couple seems to be happening After the KH3 Ending. Like I don't understand Why Most people Deny this Couple, Because Guess What? Now that It's Canon, Nobody can really do anything about Nomura's Decision Because he intended to make this Naminé and Roxas a very important Couple.
  6. No, Sora literally just stated that He wanted to become friends with Naminé for real before sleeping in the Memory Pod or whatever it is called. Considering that Naminé is potentially Roxas's Canon Girlfriend in KH2 and KH3, I don't think Sora would be the type of guy that would get in the way of their Relationship when they just wanna be together. So I believe It's Naminé is his Future Girlfriend and Xion is his Sisterly Figure he looks up to, Roxas also felt affection for the First Time after meeting Naminé. In Dream Drop Distance within the 2.8 Remastered versions particularly, Naminé is among Two Memory Bubbles when transferring and reconnecting with Sora. Ever Since Roxas was separated from Naminé in Dream Drop Distance and the majority of KH2 & KH3, He's been constantly thinking about her Because Roxas can't get her off his mind because He is deeply in love with her I mean Their First Meeting caused a Love at First Sight Effect Which is more realistic than Kairi forcing a Relationship with Sora even though their age gap is different and The fact they are dating is quite awkward. I guess Nomura made RokuNami as like this More Realistic Couple so That when The Sora and Kairi Couple is finished, We can start fresh and check out Roxas & Naminé's More Realistic Loving Relationship. Because Let's be honest People, Sora and Kairi would have been better as Sibling Figures to one another.
  7. Nah, Roxas sees Xion as more of a Sisterly Figure He looks up to and wants to take care of. Roxas knew Naminé for a bit, But Those Two are definitely Canon Since He held memories of Her in Dream Drop Distance as seen when he is reconnecting with Sora. KH3 His Affection for her Still Remains, Like You can't really say he didn't really know Naminé Roxas probably somehow knows her through Sora because Chain of Memories. Like I said, Kingdom Hearts 3 When Sora told Naminé that He misses her dearly like as a Lover and Understand How much she is sad through the separation from Roxas. At the Ending, Destiny Islands Roxas tells Terra about his Crush on Naminé and Why he has trouble Confessing his Feelings For her. Roxas can still get to know Naminé better though, It's not impossible. Just ya know, Through their Romantic Relationship. Yeah, Most people make the excuse "They hardly know each other" But Roxas can still learn how to know her Of Course, Also He still sees Xion as either a Sisterly Figure or a Friend If we are considering The Canon Relationship Nomura intended for them. I don't know Why Xion and Roxas are shipped Because They have never shown romantic interest, He developed a Crush on Naminé with the Love at first Sight Thing in KH2. Ever Since The Separation, Roxas has been thinking about her in Dream Drop Distance because of the Two Memory Bubbles with Naminé while reconnecting with Sora. KH3, Where Sora tells Naminé Roxas really misses her and in the Ending When He informs Terra of his Crush on and Why he is too shy to confess his Feelings to her Roxas was also 5 or 6 inches behind Naminé on Destiny Islands Which means They reunited again.
  8. I agree, In fact in Kingdom Hearts 3 Naminé and Roxas are separated which caused them to miss Each Other. I mean, If It weren't for DIZ and Ansem-Riku kidnapping Naminé to prevent her from talking with him Roxas would have never destroyed the simulating computers in the first place. Like in Final World, Naminé appears as a Star and When Sora talks with her mentions Roxas missing her She giggles almost as if she's blushing. At the End of KH3, Roxas is behind Naminé on Destiny Islands and talking with Terra about her Probably In Dream Drop Distance Naminé is in Two of Roxas's Memory Bubbles when transferring his memories to Sora while Reconnecting with him Which means She must really be important to him.
  9. I do believe Roxas and Naminé are gonna become the Next Couple Nomura will want, Because in Kingdom Hearts 3 There were a lot of hints throughout Kingdom Hearts 2 and Dream Drop Distance There is proof to support this. Roxas is constantly thinking of her, While Sora was receiving those memories Naminé was in 2 prominent memories among those bubbles. So If Roxas considers Naminé important, He has to like her and Look on the bright side When they're in a Relationship in the future They could get to know each other better which would lead to them loving one another more. Also, I think Nomura officially made Roxas and Naminé Canon because of the implications in KH3 When Sora was talking to Naminé in The Final World.
  10. I understand What you are saying, But You should acknowledge Naminé's Reaction when Sora mentioned Roxas in the Final World. She was giggling as if she was also Blushing when She heard Roxas, And When Sora remarked about everyone other than Roxas Naminé had no response. So It's safe to say that Naminé & Roxas have become Canon, That's still evidence.
  11. No, Roxas always saw Xion as an Adoptive Sister. He wants to BE With Naminé more than Anything, At the end of KH2 We See that Roxas really wants them To Be Together. It's the first time I've seen Him act so Sad Without Being with the One he potentially Loves, at The End of KH3 Roxas does miss her as Sora told Naminé that he is in a lot of pain without her That He felt through Roxas. When He was eating Popsicles with Hayner Pence Olette Axel and Xion, Roxas was barely that happy He was mostly sad. When He was running laps with Terra and Riku, right before Roxas saw Sora disappear He was probably thinking of Naminé Because of How he was talking to Terra It was probably his feelings for her.
  12. Don't rule out the possibility, How WAS He supposed to Talk with Naminé if He's running laps with Terra and Riku?
  13. Worst Deduction For The Pairings, Recoded Chain of Memories 358/2 Days All Take Place Before Kingdom Hearts 2. According to What I remember in Roxas Scenes with Xion, He thinks of Her as a Sisterly Figure Rather than a Girlfriend. It's so obvious When You focus on How He treats her, With Naminé in Kingdom Hearts 2 Roxas takes Romantic Interest in her sorta like "Love at First Sight" Thing and He wanted to stay with her at The End. We also see in Kingdom Hearts 3 Where Their Roxas's Romantic Feelings For Naminé are still there, He feels The Same Affection for her from Kingdom Hearts 2. Even Sora noticed This Which is Why he told Her that Roxas misses her Dearly, He was implying His Feelings for her and Based on Naminé giggling reaction I could only assume If she were in Physical Form would be blushing Hearing of him After Not Seeing Roxas in person. (She probably STILL Feels something for him like in KH2) It's simple, They Loved Each Other as soon as They met. Roxas was also TOO Shy to Confess his Love for Naminé at the Ending of KH3 When They were on Destiny Islands, He didn't EVEN Have the Courage to Approach Her.
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