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  1. was hoping for some feedback on my keyblade as well as some tips on how to make it better. link to deviantart this is a personality represent the thorns and heart design represent how protective my character is of her heart. almost as if she covers her heart in thorns to keep others at bay. I'm thinking of coming up with a special attack involving vines but I'm not sure.
  2. Who is ventus first master? I can't find much on the subject.
  3. So, I'm writing a fanfiction called Mother of heartless, telling the story of a girl (reader) that can summon heartless. (takes place during 358/2 days) link to A03 fanfic I plan on making a predecessor to it for it (takes place during birth by sleep) that explains how she gains the ability to summon heartless. To give more information on her: 1. her heartless are different. they don't contain the heart of their previous life (I think that's about how my friend worded it) (i had a friend assist me) 2. they have characteristics that make them seem more human. (view chapter 1, the part with the mushroom heartless) 3. they will attack anyone who appears to harm reader 4. they will never attack reader. as a matter of fact, the heartless (even ones that she doesn't summon) wont attack her either. some will approach her curiously due to her having a similar aura to them. Almost like they know she isn't one of them but at the same time... 5. reader can summon a keyblade. this may be contradictory, but it saves her in the (in progress) chapter 3 of my story 6. no one knows for sure if she's exactly human and neither does she for that matter. Please note the stories are x readers. I've yet to play birth by sleep once i get money for the psp, ill be getting it. I also have a sequel I started featuring KH3 where Maleficent wipes her memories. (still working on that one) (spoiler about the fanfics)
  4. Can anyone tell me more about bequeathing? I was gonna make a fan fiction where my character is bequeathed by her grandfather but I really want to double check my information.
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