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  1. I will admit that I wasn't a fan of the art nor the story when the storyboard was shown the first time. However he did say that when he was reflecting back on it, he would definitely make the art style more anime for the original characters and western for the Disney ones. From what I can remember he did play the games, how many I'm not sure, but that's always going to be a problem. You can adapt it as close to the games as you can, people complain that it's nothing new. Make your own story, people complain because you didn't adapt the story perfectly. I think he could do it like the manga where it's adapted enough where iconic moments happen but also gives time to character development, world building, and on screen interactions we've never seen previously. But, this still includes him having to play the games and displaying that, like Castlevania the series. So I'm hoping he's taking extra care to present this idea in a manner that's respectful towards its franchise, same with Disney(though they really like to crap on the franchise. Why? I'll never truly know. But this is a good opportunity if they are so focused on money and actually having an incentive to buy their streaming service because there ain't no way in heck I am if there's nothing that catches my interest.) So I'm going to root for him one last time! Besides I have to admit one of my favorite holiday movies is Eight Crazy Nights, even though I'm not Jewish. However if it can't get passed this time, Seth nor Disney is worth my time.
  2. Hopefully if a ton of people show up then that could be the spark they need to make Kingdom Hearts have a bigger presence in the parks.
  3. I'm talking about the exhibition they are having next month
  4. Looks like we're getting some representation in the Disney Parks! Looks like times are changing!
  5. *sigh* I feel like the answer that was given is so lukewarm? I mean I get some of the reasons, sure, but I feel like the cross promotion reason for Disney properties is a little weak as an argument. I get that Disney loves to do it, but do they have to? I think it would be better if Disney cross promoted Kingdom Hearts instead, heck it doesn't have to be a whole song and dance about it, just something as minor as sea salt ice cream at the ice cream parlor would be enough. Also the fact that the Keepers of the Magic Kingdom card game at Magic Kingdom was originally called Codename:Kingdom Hearts says a lot, that and the fact that Shinji Hashimoto said he's going to fight for more park appearances for the franchise would support the fact that Disney and Square are willing to do SOMETHING more than just a dumb pin, but it is going to take a lot, and a leap of faith too.
  6. Once again, the director of the canceled Kingdom Hearts series is pitching the idea for a 3rd time. Personally, I would love to see this get through this time, and what better time to pitch this idea than now, especially with Disney + being a thing and the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Horizon, I can see this idea getting through this time. I always say third time's the charm, besides I think that would be the only thing that would make me actually buy Disney + if they were to release there and I think many others would agree. What do you think? Like the idea, or no? How would want the series to be made if it gets through? Here is the original tweet, I do like the fact that he isn't giving up on this idea, it's too perfect to pass on! https://twitter.com/SethKearsley/status/1068576229228404736
  7. So I need some tips as to how to get as many points possible. The highest score I have is 38mil and I have 77% of bonus on my keyblade. I also have a copy medal, though I'm not sure if that adds on to the bonus or not.
  8. Mendela died 3 years ago. Still I have that effect all the time.
  9. I'm just gonna copy what I posted on another website about this. I would love to see a ride like Star Tours where there's a "car" that holds a good amount of passengers and there's a screen at the front where it simulates you going on a Gummi ship mission, potentially it could be 3-D and it would be on a track and be a moving ride where it twists and turns to really feel like you're on the ship, heck I could even see them putting animatronics of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. If they wanted to ramp up the thrill factor they could make it like the Harry Potter ride inside Hogwarts where it almost flips you upside down or just have a VR roller coaster like they have at Six Flags. Also fun fact, the Keepers of the Magic Kingdom card game that's in Disney World was called "Codename: Kingdom Hearts" in its beta stages. So close, yet so far...
  10. Now I remember why I have such a love-hate relationship with Square Enix :/

  11. Here's my server for anyone who wants to join in on my E3 watch party https://discord.gg/tqTTVNd

  12. Welp, I hoping for some Bayonetta 3, a really good KH3 trailer, a good Splatoon 2 announcement, good Smash Bros trailer, a Psychonauts 2 trailer, Parappa the Rapper 3, an update on the Sly Cooper tv show, maybe a Jak and Daxter remake?, another Okami game, and of course like everyone else Devil May Cry 5.
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