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  1. So I took another trip to twitter Gaming community is at each other throats rn it seems
  2. She’s whining bc she’s not used to being alone Well thankfully as soon as the light came off so did the whining
  3. Little one is whining Maybe she will get over it? I just kinda don’t wanna share a bed with two dogs, ya know?
  4. So imma try and sleep with the big dog tonight Let’s hope this doesn’t end with me on the floor and her on the bed
  5. Theres a firetruckton this year
  6. Yesterday a group of people used bottle rockets to set a car on fire
  7. Yup There is a story on the news
  8. My dogs are doing relatively fine
  9. Theyll stop when they run out Some of the ones people are shooting here are definitely extra illegal And some sound like gunshots
  10. Sounds like a warzone where I live But it looks like a very pretty lightshow
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