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  1. The day the kh ost drops on streaming is the day my phone will run out of storage
  2. My big concern is the song count. Advertisements say there’s over 150, but the demo shows each song, including difficulty, as one number So I worry of square pulling a sneaky and there’s only like 50 songs but it’s labeled as over 150 bc of the difficulty levels
  3. I know I said I would wait for the price drop but idk... this demo is really fun World of Darkness is kicking my ass tho
  4. I tried one person co op again and my switch went full jet engine
  5. I did one person co op on Sinister Shadows (proud) and didn’t do that bad Got a B rank
  6. Well something happened and I cant play co op with my friend So Ill see if I get around to the single player mode of the demo
  7. If my base ps4 sounds like a jet engine when playing kh3, I cant imagine how it would run on the switch
  8. I get to play the demo with my friend tomorow We both have never played a rythm game
  9. Hmm. Yes the floor here is made of floor.
  10. Thanks for the bday wishes
  11. Probably the switch. I need more games for it lol Ive got like 2 games for the switch: FFVII and FFVIII
  12. Im gonna wait for the price drop Unless they have a pre-order thing that I absolutly cannot resist
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