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  1. Oh we going about shit customer service jobs? Im terrified to answer the phone because of how many times Ive been cursed out over the phone. I also run for the manager like a scared puppy when someone starts to get mad because of the anxiety. So no, I absolutly could not handle any online harassment, therfore I try to stay out of drama. Even reading some of the drama revolving in the kh fandom within the last day is enough to put me on edge
  2. People are uploading it to YouTube for us too broke to buy premium funimation
  3. This twewy stuff is some good firetrucking food
  4. Yoko Taro done out Nomurad Nomura
  5. it could also be that the x has four points petition to have this added as an emote
  6. I like looking at stuff like assets used, development stuff, and maybe unused stuff Though thats hard to come by
  7. Call me a purist but Im not really into those kinds of mods too, though I can appreciate the skill required to make them
  8. I can spaghetti code in python but they dont exactly use python for games
  9. Im ok with like, random goofy mods or exploring stuff mods but not really on the custom content mods
  10. Probably lol But Im personally not really into the kh modding scene tbh
  11. I think 13th vessel might have already imported 0.2 maps into kh3, actually
  12. The modding community is probably already on it
  13. I really only use mods in the sims, though extra accesories in 0.2 might be cool
  14. Idk if Ill mod tbh Maybe if it enhances gameplay or something But probably not anything aesthetic
  15. Imma wait out the pc release to see if the price drops and maybe a sale after the price drop Im not looking in to spending that much money for kh on pc
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