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  1. Isn't type 0 the one with chocobos being killed?
  2. Aah, I missed it. Thank you. Now I can jam to someome having a seizure on the piano Imma pretend I was in the right channel
  3. Im not seeing any themes from x back cover Sad I wanted to jam to the MoMs theme
  4. Excuse the phone screenshot Its what we call, not on computer but shared the screenshot in another server so screenshotting over the screenshot is clearly the answer I dealt with a dungeon where the tank (whos in the same fc as me) was being a jerkface to the healer (first time in that dungeon). And the fc was on my side when I argued that being mad at the healer wasnt ok
  5. Emote suggestion: that
  6. As a dragoon main, I appreciate that tweet
  7. Donald always heals me 0.25 seconds after I heal myself
  8. Idk Maybe theres a whole army of shivas and the one is the lead in charge Or asthetics
  9. It is kinda wack (esp what she is wearing, or lack there of) but FFXV shivas movement was really cool
  10. Yeah, but still doesn’t mean that that’s the final look of the game
  11. Bc I know 1.0 used crystal tools and it didn’t really work out The lighting could just be an in progress thing
  12. I’ll place my bets on Unreal But apparently ff14 uses a custom engine Built specifically for the game
  13. I couldnt pass up the ffxiv vibes but maybe its bc thats one of the only games Ive played the last few months
  14. You can get endgame spells at the beginning of bbs
  15. Ill take my Oscar for best storytelling now
  16. His voice direction doesnt help the lacking, either
  17. Maybe it was like a slightly bigger earth, and when the worlds split, the new worlds became the size of what would be cities, or small countries. The one world could have split in to tiny orbs or smthn
  18. Colorado is also on fire but this snowstorm we just got helped Some days the mountains arent even visible with the smoke
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