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  1. Not yet, I got some stuff to do today and tomorrow... But I'm excited to see it soon!
  2. I thought it was Vanitas Sora's Dark Pit, but I'm not mad if Yozora is the one
  3. Vani_

    Memes Chat

    from yano manes in a facebook group
  4. Vani_

    Fan Art Chat

    heart: broken too good
  5. maybe you just go there and make a digital replica in which you put the heart, but it's still digital so you can't get it out
  6. no I mean, imagine if they didn't have a replica and they really had to put roxas in data Twilight Town he couldn't leave, and people from the outside world shoud go there to stay with him
  7. maybe, but imagine how difficult it'd be for axel and xion to live a double life to stay both with roxas and Sora's gang in the real world hella complicated
  8. Vani_

    Fan Art Chat

    You're welcome!! Keep it up 😄
  9. I'm sure Roxas wouldn't have been so happy to live in a digital copy of twilight town though
  10. Vani_

    Fan Art Chat

    I can see some resemblances
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