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  1. The fact that it's KHuX's design is absolutely terrible for me and i cannot be hyped by it. How are you supposed to tell a compelling story when the characters looks like a kid's drawing and every text bubble are merely ten words long ?
  2. It really saddens me a lot that we'll never go back to Traverse Town really. For me and for many fan who started right at the beginning, it's kinda the iconic KH world. And its soundtrack is always magical to listen to.
  3. This story made me remember that we never saw the keyblade war, when only the heroes and barely half of the villains have a keyblade, it's not a keyblade war
  4. Anti-Form was coherent in the lore, it was never really adressed but everyone knew where it was coming from. But Rage form ? What the hecc ? Since when Sora was known as an angsty dude ?
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