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  1. I swear I thought the bottle on the thumbnail of the article is a speaker lol
  2. im so looking forward to going to Radiant Garden just by lookiing at the lab. With all these screenshots, somethings telling me that theres a trailer coming.
  3. Decided to play a bunch of RDR2, then most likely play AC Odyssey or get Black ops 4. Those two games should be good enough until KH3 is out. I'm a pretty hesistant on Fallout 76, i may get that when i hear reviews about it.
  4. Am I not the only one who thinks that the Heartless doll in the toy story world is creepy af. The 5 yr old me playing this would shit his pants if he saw that.

    1. KingdomHearts3


      Why do you think the boss music for that was Hunter of the Dark?

    2. Edmarius


      well the name suits it lol

    3. Merilly


      I hate dolls even now and all the horror games I've played certainly didn't help with that. Thankfully this one does not look nearly as creepy as my grandmother's.

  5. For me at least they got to have spiderman 1 and spiderman 2 enter electro, those were really good.
  6. There's a lot of ps1 games i never got a chance to play while it was around, i might wait on it for more info on what are the other games the ps classic has in store before making a decision.
  7. I got to say, the extended big hero 6 trailer is by far the best kingdom hearts trailer i've seen. I mean jesus we got to see so much in a span of 3 minutes and 43 seconds that once i saw roxas i lost my fookin mind. And don't get me started on the cover art oml

  8. I wanna keep my expectations low on how worlds there are and hope my vote is wrong lol.
  9. hmm everyone is predicting that its happening, this is almost too much! IM READY
  10. Huge fan of the series im pretty hyped for the new AC, was losing interest after Unity and syndicate. However this game looks massive hope the requirements aren't too strict for PC lul.
  11. Whats good everybody! I just signed up to the website from yesterday, heres a little bit about myself I am huge fan of the kh series back in the ps2 days, I'm looking forward towards whats in store in the future for next months kh3 trailer in D23! i'll be joining in the discussion forums for some interesting topics. Thank you guys and I hope to see you there!
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