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  1. I don’t actually use Steam so won’t be picking any of these up but typically when I’ve purchased the remasters/re-releases on other platforms I’ve had a tendency to go in release order, so it would have probably been KHFM.
  2. The only pricing info I was able to find was from the Japanese SE announcement post saying 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX and 2.8 will be ¥7,480 --> $47.73 USD KH3 + Re Mind for ¥9,680 --> $61.75 USD Integrum Masterpiece ¥17,160 --> 109.44 USD The actual list price might be a bit different but at least this provides some type of idea, hope that helps!
  3. The person wasn't actually looking to have an actual discussion about HP they just wanted money and copy+pasted someone else's old topic
  4. There was but I took down the topic on the site bc it was spam
  5. I think I'm partial to Dead of Night, I like the grayish/silver trim contrasted on the blueish tone. I don't have strong opinions on the variations of the Star Seeker Keyblade as well as the Elemental Encoder, and I feel like Advent Red looks a bit too busy for my liking.
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