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  1. I liked the artwork more, but I don't really care so much. Although, Terra's art looked so bad (imo).
  2. They'd have to make Re:Coded from the ground up, too much time and money
  3. I'd really like to play 3D in HD, I wouldn't complain if it came packaged with KH3.
  4. A lot of people keep saying this? Why would you not expect it to be playable? PSP games are mad much the same way PS2 games are made, that's why PS2 to PSP ports used to be pretty common (albeit, with severely downgraded quality) It only makes sense that it's just as easy to remaster as Kingdom Hearts, plus it's an amazing game so, probably my favorite so far.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me... Thing is, I'd probably buy it too.
  6. This is only a very small trailer, I'm sure there will be heaps of improvements on the end product.
  7. Terra has obviously been working out for his role in 2.5.
  8. What do you guys think? Looks pretty crisp to me, what do you guys think?
  9. It was announced for PS4...? Wasn't it? I would really like to see a KH:DDD HD remaster, it was awesome. To me spending money on the games was worth it, I love looking at my collection.
  10. Try making sure everything is full upgraded on your PS3 (software updates), then try again. I never had any issues with my copy, I'm using a slim PS3 and everything is updated. Might just be some copies
  11. This wikia page is the biggest load of BS lol I love it when a game gets released and you go back and look at all the fan speculation and rumors, it's hilarious. People used to do this stuff with Kingdom Hearts 2
  12. >kotaku >2013 I doubt they will remake Final Fantasy VII any time soon, let alone for the iPad.
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