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  1. So I'm going to assume if you're reading this you've seen the new KH3 trailer(If you haven't go do that now). So we now know that Pixar worlds can be in future Kingdom Hearts installments! It's definitely going to be fun exploring some classic worlds, however there's another benefit you might not know of. In the future, environments from Pixar movies could be taken and put straight into Kingdom Hearts! How would this possible? Pixar is a leader in technology for the animation industry, and one new piece of technology they've developed is Universal Scene Description. So what is USD? It's an open source file format for moving scenes between different 3D programs, since right now every program has its own format on how data is stored. So how does this relate to Kingdom Hearts? KH3 is being developed with Unreal Engine 4, and back in May Epic Games revealed that they are working on USD support for Unreal Engine. As a demo at GDC they showed off a scene from Finding Dory running in real time in Unreal 4. https://youtu.be/K6tRt7c2elU?t=1h8m25s So in the future it's possible we could play KH worlds with environments ripped straight out of the movies! Obviously these would have to be changed a bit to suit gameplay and such, however the potential still has me excited , regardless of how far off KH4 or whatever comes next is.
  2. big hero 6 IS in the comic universe, it's just not currently active.
  3. Come on, I need to see Max as a squire knight! And have him and goofy hug for some emotional reason that's going to make me cry.
  4. Lets see...aaannnnd....none I'm at the end of VII but I'm not going through the BS to get ribbons and ultimate weapons so I have a chance against sephiroth X I gave up on because I hate the leveling up system with a passion XIII got boring so I just stopped III I'm taking a break from but I've got no idea if I'll ever beat it and I'm almost at the end of IV but I'm on a break since I just got burned out getting that far.
  5. I thought the people in sorrow were the BBS trio,Eraqus Roxas and Xion?
  6. So I'm probably really late on this discussion, but I didn't see any threads already. We've all seen the E3 trailer and it's brief mention of "the lost masters", the ones who started the keyblade war trying to gain access to kingdom hearts. We all know the outcome of the war, world is consumed by darkness,the light in children's hearts saved it, enter KH BBS setting. But I just put something together. What If the lost masters are the foretellers in Kingdom Hearts Chi? We've already seen that Chirithy is a dream eater so I just came up with a theory. What if to save their world from being plunged into darkness, the lost masters sent it into the realm of dreams? And who are the most important people in Chi? The Foretellers. And now after the events of 3D, what if that world has come back again with the lost masters/foretellers?
  7. We've been inside a computer twice. I don't really see a problem with a modern setting, especially since we have twilight town and will probably get Shibuya at some point.
  8. they could just make star wars an alternate universe they visit. And for marvel they can just stick with the space stuff like GOTG or Asgard But I'm not sure Star wars would be possible since Disney(god knows why) gave EA exclusive rights on a star wars games for console.
  9. I wouldn't exactly call "lets mosey" a joke, nothing cloud said during the second half of the game really stood out to me as joking at all. Also I hardly see how Dissidia should cause concern for the remake when it wasn't directed or written by Nomura. Also from the stuff I've seen on youtube Cloud's brooding isn't that games only story problem.
  10. He was the way he was in advent children because he actually had to deal with guilt over Aerith dying. Those examples you mention like the golden saucer and The cross dressing, all happen BEFORE she died. And he didn't have any time to deal with it in 7 due to the fact that they needed to focus on saving the world. Not to mention he and a whole bunch of other people were dying from a disease with no cure and he couldn't do anything about. So yeah, I see no problem with his Advent Children interpretation.
  11. yeah, anyone else feel trolled by the way he described last guardian?
  12. they've been slowly porting over the FF series, KH3 is on Unreal 4 which has cross platform support. And they(japanese branch) recently did a DX12 tech demo with Microsoft and Nvidia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ldk_6CzFcgc
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