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  1. Okay. Good to know. Marvel doesn't surprise me, Star Wars kind of does since it seems Disney has the video game rights. Oh well, but that I wasn't the interview I was talking about nor was that the question I was curious about. I was just using them as examples because they are so popular. So any of their animated unreleased movies are still possible. Inside Out The Good Dinosaur Moana - her movie is slated so come out in late 2016. Just in time for the game if the theory is right. (Of course this is probably unlikely) Any unreleased Disney movie you think might make an appearance?
  2. Okay, I noticed that Nomura said something interesting during an interview, I think it was the Kingdom Hearts Event, during E3. He said that he talked to Disney about what worlds he could reveal. Since they officially announced Tangled and that was it, I wondered if maybe one reason they are being so quiet about the worlds was because a certain movie(s) hadn't come out yet. The first movie that came to my mind was Star Wars The Force Awakens since they are trying so hard to keep it from being spoiled. I know it's a theory that KH III is coming out in December of 2016. If that is true it will be coming out the same time as Star Wars Episode 8. Having a Star Wars world in the game can be very good publicity, especially if they are using the new characters. Like I said though Disney has a ton of movies coming out before December 2016. Several Marvel movies, In and Out, and numerous more... Any thoughts on this? Does anyone else think maybe a yet to be released Disney movie might be in the game?
  3. I don't think we'll see Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts. Disney hasn't had the rights for very long. I don't think they would have time to add a Star Wars world but then again who knows. As for Marvel. I could see them adding a world for that just because of how popular the movies are. They could think that it would sell more games. I don't want worlds of either but cameos could be fun. Kind of like they did with the Final Fantasy characters. Maybe Loki could show up in the Hercules world. Heck they could even tie it into the movies and make it where Loki went between Thor and The Avengers. That could work very well with them both being based on mythology. Or they could use an unreleased Marvel movie like Guardians of the Galaxy or one of the Star Wars origin stories Disney plans to make. It'd be fun to bump into a young Han Solo.
  4. Sora having the option to fight with two keyblades (not in a form) would be kind of fun. As for worlds. How about Once Upon a Time . Kidding, kidding. I think that many crossovers would make people's heads explode.
  5. I remember seeing this movie when it first came out in the theater. Now it might be considered so bad it's good but at the time <_< ...not so much. But I can see it being that way now. Haven't seen that movie since I was a kid.
  6. The Final Mix scenes have no sound except when Sora fights 'Unknown' and then it's only his and Goofy's voices that you hear.
  7. That's it. Me and my sister use to watch that show on Saturday Mornings. Only time we got cartoons! Well until Disney Afternoon.
  8. I thought the same thing when I was playing 3Ds. After Sora's battle with Xemans (one of 'them') I tend to get them all mixed up and when he was talking to young Xehanort before he fall falls asleep (Inceptions himself). He mentions something about dreaming about the outside world and how the idea got etched into his heart. Then Xehanort visited the island in BBS with Ven. The whole thing actually gives me a headache :huh: Anyway I think it's a possibility but I hope not.
  9. If anyone is really bored you could try and follow Christopher Lee (Ansem/Diz) and watch his many, many, movies. That should keep anyone busy for a very long time. Some of you are probably too young for his Hammer films though.
  10. And here I thought the Gummi ships were built by bouncing bears . I knew everything else though. After thought. There's a fun world for Kingdom Hearts. Then you can gain the ability Super High Jump! Just dated myself though. I use to watch that cartoon as a kid before it was on Cartoon Disney or whatever they call it. Back when cartoon stations didn't exist. Sigh. I'm old. <_<
  11. I actually wrote a paper on it too for a class. I could always dig it up and check it over. Give some specifics and I'll see if I have the info you need
  12. I thought that they would just add all of the cut scenes to the 2.5 version. It would be easy as the game is fully voiced and there is no bubble scenes/txt scenes where you have to read the dialogue so they don't have to go back and change or add anything like they did with 358/2. If you look at it that way it's like they almost planned it.
  13. I think the first one is interesting. I've watched that trailer quite a few times and never noticed it before. I don't think the heartless are necessarily talking to Sora. I think it's more a clue for the people watching the trailer. After all when Sora got turned into a heartless he still retained somewhat of who he was. Who to say there aren't others like him. Or maybe it's like the enemy of my enemy is my friend deal. As for Mickey being evil I like the idea. Never have been a Mickey fan. I was always more of a Donald kid when I was growing up.
  14. I am the opposite with The Black Caludron world. If the game has that world in it *shudders*. Yes I am a hater of the movie but I have a very good reason. First let me say that I loved the movie as a little kid I saw it in the theater and everything. But Disney never released it on video. Then when I got into middle school I found the book series. I vaguely remember the movie so I read them and they became my favorite books for the next several years. I read them countless times. When I saw the movie was coming out on DVD I was so excited. I got the movie the day it came out and stuck it in the DVD player and my disappointment began immediately. 1) The first two books in one movie. Let it slide because the books aren't that long and was already expecting it give the title of the moive as it's the title of the second book. 2) Cut out a favorite character. Let it slide because he was mostly a secondary character. 3) Changed the main villain to the Horned King - was wondering why but kept going 4) Had him looking for the Cauldron - pretty much gave up by this point. The Cauldron was already in use. 5) Cut out one of the main heroes - by now the movie was beyond hope 6) Changed Eilonwy into a wimp with blonde hair (okay I'll let the blonde hair go but in the book it constantly says she has red-golden hair). By this time I was beyond mad because she was my childhood hero and they ruined her. She is not the wimpy in the books! 7) Changed Doli into a fairy! In the books he is a dwarf and one of the main characters! By this point I was livid. Of course because they combined two books in one they had to dramatically change the end of the movie. That sacrifice is in the second book and how it comes about...well it isn't happy. Don't want to ruin it if anyone wants to give the books a try but the end of the movie diminishes what the characters went through in the second book. Sorry for the rant but the movie almost had me crying in disappointment. According to my dad that movie did so bad that Disney almost went under. If anyone wants to give the books a try They are called The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander. There are 5 books in the series and one book of short stories. Sorry for the rant. The movie just always upsets me. If someone wants to say why they like that movie so much and the world I would be curious to hear. Maybe it would make it easier for me to separate the books from that movie.
  15. Yes I feel old. 21 when I got Kingdom Hearts. Just legal (in the US). Now I don't get carded anymore. <_< I blame me looking so old on my niece and nephews.
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