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  1. I turn 21 in a January and I this series has been the one of the greatest I have played.
  2. So everyone may know, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX releases in a couple of days. I cannot believe the first game released back in 2002 and it is now 2013. Back then I was in elementary school, and when I was first exposed to the game, I yearned to play it. Now I am in college and I still get excited when I see Kingdom Hearts. So how old were you all when you started playing Kingdom Hearts? And are looking forward to playing the final game in Seeker of Darkness story arc, Kingdom Hearts III?
  3. I think it will get annouced shortly after the NA release and be released either next summer or next fall at the latest. I bet they still have the original data for BBSFM. It was released only 2 years ago.
  4. I have beaten them all one the hardest difficulty. I beat BBS on Critical when I first got it just to get the extra starting abilities. And it was tough. Re:coded was much harder. I rage quit a few times. KH3D was the hardest of them all. It is like trying to fight the Mysertious Figure at level 1 throughtout the whole game. The only easy part was the first boss. After that was pure hell. I bet critical in KHIII will be the worst. Constant dying I fear. But I say bring it on!
  5. The new renders for Sora, Donald, and Goofy look really good. It's because the games are made side by side and the way both projects are going, each a new game mechanic is added to one the other 1ups it so to speak.
  6. I hope that the combat system also includes Flowmotion and the Shotlock
  7. Ok guys and girls, there is a rumor going around that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released on PS4. I, however, say that this is a really big lie. Anyyone who has been reading Tetsuya Nomura's interviews, if you recall he stated that he wants to finish the Xehanort saga on this current generation consoles. I am really hoping that it does not get released on PS4. I mean I just bought my PS3 a few months ago. I would hate to have to spend more money for another system. So what do you all think about this?
  8. Im kinda stuck between Vanitas and Riku. If it were physically possible, I would love to fight as Vanitas cause he leaves after images and some of his attacks are very unpredictable. As for Riku, for him to able wield the darkness like he does and is able to deliver quick strikes, i would also like to fight like him. Idk which... Does Master Xehanort include Young Xehanort?
  9. You know.... Now that you mention it, that would have been a great line to add in. Great thought man
  10. Julius isnt that bad. Spamming ballon spells and having curas, one curaga, and elixirs make the fight real easy.
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