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  1. I like it for the most part, except how...utterly rushed it feels. And Sora seemingly having the Keyblade on Destiny Islands beforehand was a choice, that's for sure. All in all, it was a fun watch, but I wouldn't want it to be the basis for a show today. There's too much that's happened since KH1 to go back now. Also just nitpicking, I know it was unfinished, but there are a LOT of horrible 'pause faces' in that short 😂
  2. Wandavision, 100%. I got so drawn into that show, and the whole 'every episode is a different sitcom genre' was really refreshing. I hope they keep on with this style for future shows, just making them fun romps that still connect to the main films. Loki was alright, but I mostly watched it for Tom Hiddleston eye candy. I haven't watched Hawkeye or Falcon. I probably should, though 😅
  3. Mickey Mouse and Cinderella > Whatever the heck Epcot is doing these days Plus Magic Kingdom still feels exciting, while Epcot gets stale. I've only been to Animal Kingdom once, a long time ago, so no comment.
  4. At least the PS3 collections never crashed... No offense to PC gamers, big respect to you, but I stay a console only gamer for a reason.
  5. There were a couple of 'damns' and one single 'hell' in the first run of Tokyopop KH manga, but the Yen Press editions seems to have a new translation. A lot of things were changed, like Kairi mentioning prayer, Riku Replica calling Larxene an 'Old hag', and Axel's infamous 'Hell of a show!' line. Long story short, yes and no. A few mild swears were edited.
  6. It's tempting.... But I must stay with my PS4 bundle. It's just too nice to ignore for a pc port (plus KH would probably make my modem explode... or have a mental break down).
  7. Literally forgot it was April Fool's until a friend fake emailed me with a screamer ?

  8. I'd buy it if I could, but my pc is "rhymes with bit" and couldn't play them without going into mass hysteria. On topic, if I was able to, I'd play the original, first, since it's been a couple years since I played it.
  9. Hate to say it, but I'd prefer more stuff like Backcover and Your Keyblade and You to tell this story rather than the app just lingering on and on Just put the story in a series of light novels, or tie it all up in a film, it'll still get the story done without the mess.
  10. I'll stick to the PS4 bundle, thanks ? KH on PC seems wrong to me, in a weird way; it's always going to be a console series in my eyes.
  11. 2021 can't possibly be as heinous as 2020 was.... right? ?

  12. Oh, I need to try this. My friends and I play this every other week, and they'd get a kick out of it
  13. I'm so terrible at the Memory of Melody demo...

    Nothing hits your confidence more than failing Welcome to Wonderland on Beginner ?

  14. I guess look for scratches or spots on the disc, but otherwise I don't know anything that could help. You can't clean PSP discs, so if the surface looks fine, it'll probably still play. That's what I do with mine. I hope this helped ?
  15. I keep winning the day for most liked content, and I'm rarely even posting anything of merit. Oh well ?

  16. I had no idea Dylan Sprouse did Yozora's voice 

    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      Me neither. His voice got super deep. Then again, I haven't seen him since he did Zack and Cody: The Sweet Life on Deck and I've never really watched anything of the things released in the past couple of years with Cole Sprouse in it.

    2. Heather Chandler

      Heather Chandler

      At least he's still acting.

      And since Yozora is probably going to be a major player in KH4 or whatever other installments come along, having a more or less known voice will help make the character a little more popular.

      Also another Disney Channel/Disney sequel star joins the KH cast.

  17. Visually, KH III, but, in my opinion, the little mini game on the GBA CoM of leading Pooh to find his friends perfectly captures that wholesome little escape the Hundred Acre Wood represents. I'm still not sure who the purple elephant in KH III's Acre Wood was, though...
  18. I think it was Xion, in her own way, protecting Roxas. Telling someone "Hey, you know, you're gonna sort of not exist and go back to the body you're stealing memories from" isn't exactly going to go over well, so Xion keeping this a secret from Roxas was her way of keeping him happy with everything going on, so he didn't feel doomed like she did. She couldn't prevent Axel from knowing, and she was being torn apart by it herself, so keeping Roxas ignorant until she couldn't anymore was, to her, the only choice. It's my take on it, anyway.
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