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  1. this guide is firetrucking insane, they made an entire ability timeline
  2. OH MY firetruckING GOD the pepsi man music at the start is hilarious
  3. and one mistake and you start from zero again UWU UWU = ultimate weapon ultimate
  4. I did an entire shitpost powerpoint with 30 slides for a boss fight just to firetruck with them LMFAO
  5. right now is the best time because the MSQ is over and a lot of people are done with savage raids so you will find a lot of people that will help out for a lot of content or people who join practice groups because they want to try out new jobs my group is currently helping a lot of friends to get their ex trial kills and it's always wholesome when they get their firstkills "I can't believe I did that"
  6. for baldesion arsenal you need discord too but the people love to help newbies
  7. but you want to do that because everyone gets a ozma mount
  8. and for the last step it requires baldesion arsenal which is a raid in the final zone and it's as difficult as delubrum savage
  9. eureka turns into a lot of fate farming
  10. ARR is a piece of shit, HW is relatively easy and requires poetics and a lot of company seals, eureka is relatively easy now with the echo buff
  11. endwalker relic will be so easy next expansion. 7500 tomestones of poetic each step requires 1500
  12. and I have been playing this game since arr
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