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  1. Liftea

    Memes Chat

    why does the str/fth look like the cdi zelda games
  2. Final Fantasy fans will never beat the allegations that they have only played Final Fantasy games dude I wish FF16 or Rebirth would play like Monster Hunter or Souls games 😭
  3. scholar is super broken with this
  4. I hated this entire part of tartarus next one should be better in terms of visuals though
  5. did I also mention that Twilight Town is there too
  6. @raiden94 @Daz_4th please tell me that I am not crazythis is a mix of Xemnas and YX it starts at 0:20 this is a KH track 0:50 has literally darkness of the unknown in the background
  7. the world first race will explode in 2 weeks just because of this fight Twitch chat will go crazy People love her so much LMFAO I still can't believe this is real
  8. the entire first raid tier is basically like the pokemon gym's in sword and shield and it's amazing they cooked so hard the best raid tier they have ever made the bosses are insanely fun to play, the story pacing is great and the characters are likeable the moment you meet them
  9. I hope the next arc is meracydia
  10. no I can see why people like her it depends on whether you can deal with the fact that she's the main character
  11. I love how Honey Bee is now an idol of resistance for everyone that hates wuk lamat just because she prevents wuk from becoming a top 10 character
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