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  1. getting good healer dps logs in ffxiv is so annoying. it only needs 2 ppl to fail to absolutely ruin your logs >: i should really join a static trying to get good parses is really hard in a pug
  2. yeah that basically confirms the situation in germany as well in germany, a lot of people got MoM early as well because retailers are afraid of the corona lockdown and sold them earlier
  3. can confirm they also drop while playing other jobs
  4. endgame in ffxiv is so well designed compared to WoW. In WoW you have 10k requirements and chores before you can play the content you would like to play. In ffxiv I just can play they content I want to without unnecessary requirements I don't even need the relic weapon. If I want I can also get the 500 weapon for tomes or the eden weapon. I love alternative gearing paths
  5. my fastest one so far was anti tower in 9 minutes but it requires good dps dunno about the wall
  6. the new area is so good. they did a lot of things right. the only thing that sucks is the timer for castrum I really like just farming fates
  7. can i farm the dungeons with my other jobs or do I need to be in the correct job because random dps sucks and without me as dps anti tower takes like 3 minutes longer
  8. oh and a question regarding the weapons
  9. I got the set :aeroHYPERS:
  10. This bad guy could be the fortune teller/the impostor I was memeing about this until ppl told me that there was a fortune teller
  11. In BotW there's apparently a fortune teller that told the king to get the sheikah weapons to fight ganon (which basically almost killed Link and destroyed Hyrule) and guess what astro's in ffxiv are 🙂
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