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  1. the merchant probably
  2. no QTEs thank firetrucking god
  3. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/436dce7bd078c914009957f2221c13e6a5cb497d I can't believe he wrote a post this size
  4. it has amazing controls I was honestly shocked how good they are If I wouldn't own a mmo mouse I would play with controller on pc it's really good
  5. the guy who leaked that is a firetrucking GIGACHAD we got so many new memes just because of this this shit wouldn't happen if the community would decide that people have to stream their prog and play on PS5/PS4 there's too many ways on pc to hide the use of third party tools
  6. turns out the people who got the world first firetrucking cheated
  7. JP cleared the new ultimate in FFXIV
  8. if this show should be successful the "death scene" of the ship will look ridiculous with this design ship goes down while Pogging
  9. the going merry still looks like it's high
  10. I hope this port is better than p3 because the p3 port is apparently absolute garbage atlus is taking massive L's recently
  11. I'm very happy that Maehiro is writing the story of XVI. he's very strong in terms of character writing
  12. Yoshi P said in an interview that there might be GoT references or similar story beats now it's time for the real work. I finally got a house in FFXIV. time to decorate
  13. I reached a new level of obsession with FFXVI. I bought all seasons of GoT just to do some research in case that XVI has references. It's my first time watching it I heard the final season sucks though
  14. best gym leader just because she's an average vileplume enjoyer. wigglytuff and vileplume are the best gen 1 pokemon I mean just look at it
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