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  1. I think my switch is gonna die PepeHands screen flickers sometimes funny thing is it's always in docked mode it's like the 4th time I'm playing handheld
  2. @GoldenDrummer730#4323 Happy Birthday
  3. Boss rush mode Oh shit
  4. in the end it depends on in which country you live. For example in the US I would be concerned because the regulations aren't that strict, but in countries like Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark or Japan you would be dead if you produce bad stuff like it could ruin your entire company tbh I had this topic as a case study during my bachelor. We had to invent a business model and plan for McDonalds that is about selling a lab grown burger
  5. it also has another advantage, farmers and companies might care more about producing high quality food to get a competitive advantage over companies who produce lab grown meat
  6. I honestly hope that one day we can fully replace meat to protect animals
  7. I think it's still too early for lab grown meat. The idea is pretty good because it has a lot of advantages like preventing intensive animal farming. but I think we should give this more time
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