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  1. as some who cosplays I can dress like that an take myself seriously
  2. idk some kids drowned playing pokemon go
  3. Your honor that Jimmy was being controlled by the darkness I did what KH taught me to do
  4. Player: Officers I wasn't robbing the bank. A swarm of heartless were inside the vault
  5. O look, a Giant heartless in the middle of the lake Go for a swim get some ap
  6. Player: Mam I am sorry for breaking into your car but you had a heartless hiding inside. I had to destroy it to get rid of the darkness and gain AP
  7. if its supposed to be a little like pokemon go would you have to move around in order to complete out the story
  8. tbh Im not entirely a fan from what I seen so far I'll still play anyways but if rating Khux, Dr, and Missing link. So far Missing link is easily 3rd best imo maybe it'll change when we can actually play
  9. oh, well my dm's are open then if any1 spots something lol been surveying the net today trying to find some
  10. I assume someone will post the leaks here if they spot them
  11. woah look its the missing-link data sora beta test
  12. nope I sadly wasnt picked assuming Member numbers= applicants. We had a good 4million people enter it at minimum
  13. wonder if people who won got an email yet still nothing on mine
  14. I wasnt around for KHUX when it released intentionally regretted it years later tbh but I will around for missing link until it ends. Just like KHDR
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