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  1. maybe someone should start a petition to get things moving faster if all those people can jump on the assassins creed petition maybe a fraction could get on the "square hurry up with ML". KH universe doesnt take its time neither should we
  2. well if not i suppose your just be having a missing link between them
  3. ah yes 2030. Kh4 is a past release, and were playing the recently released side story KH 3.8: Twilight Origin with Luxord as the main character. Watching yozora grow up from a kid to late teen, and how he connected between quadratum to KH world.
  4. kh4 starbucks reveal when
  5. https://tenor.com/view/puppet-red-ball-soon-gif-13188418 a day will come and waiting for KHML will be a distant memory. The new wave of players in 2026 starting late wont have to endure the hardships we had to waiting for beta, then pre reg
  6. i still hope missing link has some good p2w options like a weekly/monthly pass to help restore stuff faster, to remove the need of walking personally. I like to reverse my movement for meta quest 3
  7. https://tenor.com/view/dead-chat-gif-20784341
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