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  1. wonder if we'll see what leads luxu to eventually get bragi body in missing link or are we just kind of gonna always miss the piece of information
  2. just had an idea what if kh4 starts off showing a young sora on destiny islands go back to where it all began before moving forward
  3. Christmas in Agrabah sounds like a job for a genie
  4. eventually everything just gonna be bought by disney
  5. im curious where the parents of everyone are xehanort we get a bit of insight the rest eh
  6. i would assume they kinda sleep together guys get a guys room, girls get a girls room
  7. We will allow xbox platform as long as you provide the addresses of all players you come across https://tenor.com/view/contract-official-document-sign-signature-gif-10074618
  8. so does any1 think kh4 wont return to xbox or think kh3&MoM locked it into being a perm xbox game as well in reference to future titles
  9. I put the lime in the coconut AND DRINK IT ALL UP
  10. still surprised a lot of players started with kh3
  11. considering we did play as her a bit Could possibly get a 10min start before any type of tutortial her walking around speaking to Ansem or someone about riku going to quadratum they could have a special sequence to teleporting between realities. Riku may get a special journey thing we have to do for him to finish jumping to Quadratum potential reality guardian boss tutorial fight?
  12. it could be Riku/Kairi though Kairi finishing up after the story extension with KH MoM
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